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Have I really not updated this since October? oops. (For good or for ill, most of my fannish blogging has been at Tumblr.)

There has been more new music, which you can find at Ryan's Soundcloud.

Pictures, reactions to music, other odds and ends are in Tumblr posts about Ryan Ross.

There has also of course been more drama (*sigh*) by which I mean Trollykins (aka Ryan's manager) has been up to his usual hijinks. There's way too much to go through all of it again. Scroll through my tumblr posts about the Troll for details.

Brief special notes: there is now an "official" FB page for Ryan; that page IS RUN BY THE TROLL. Ryan has nothing to do with it. There was also an "official" tumblr for Ryan, but when the Troll deleted his tumblr recently (for the 5th time!) he also took "Ryan's" out, because (DUN DUN DUN) he was running it, too.

Right now I'd say we're in a weird holding pattern, waiting to see if there will be more music, what will happen due to the Troll's latest bender/meltdown, etc.
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They are only demos, and there only two; one is instrumental. The second one is this:

Official download link.

They emerged by accident - they were on his friend's phone, which was lost/(stolen?) - and whoever found the phone posted them. Shane tried to scrub them off the internet and when that didn't work, they cleaned them up and posted them officially.
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I mentioned this on Tumblr but forgot to crosspost it here (sorry!):

Basically, as of a month ago (and also when I checked this morning) Ryan's name has vanished from the Music In the Middle line-up. So either he's not playing it any more or his name was traded out for his band name.

At this point, I have a feeling there is no band, and he's not playing.

(Backstory: about a week or so before I checked back in Sept., Shane Morris dramatically exited the music business, and from what I could gather, effectively severed all connections with the festival. Shane's back in the game now, of course, but doesn't appear to have reconnected with the festival.)

So yeah. I hope no-one was planning on going just to see Ryan.
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It's partially fannish stuff and partially me reblogging cat pictures and so on.

highlights thus far:

Ryan Ross primers

pt. 1

pt. 2
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Since July 30th:

promoted Z's solo show; promoted GoldBoot's new EP; promoted Brie Larson's new movie.

And that is it, for Twitter.

On Instagram:

Capt. Knots with new toy; Capt. Knots with Jeremy Burke's dog, Lucy (2); Dan Keyes eating a sandwich; puppy getting a bath (not his); photobooth montage (him, Dan Keyes, Z, Vincent Perini); Capt Knots asleep; mysterious bloody finger incident (2); himself reading at Echo Park lake (taken from Z); Jeremy and himself in scary masks, holding their respective pets; Capt Knots and a scary mask; brunch plates with Crime and Punishment; himself looking irritated.

Other news:

- Keltie got married.

- Greenwald has went on a variety show and played Balisong which is allegedly from his solo record, and the performance has been recorded.

- The Troll is with Ryan now in LA for the next several weeks, allegedly to finish his (Ryan's) record. I am cautiously optimistic but will also believe this when I can add the files to my iTunes and not one minute before.
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ETA2: Additional Troll bulletin below.

I find I can't even be mad. If I could have spent my late '20s lolling around the house with my cats, I would have.

And I can see why he wouldn't just say "fuck it" and release the music, because he really would have to tour to promote it, at this point, or else it won't sell, and if it won't sell, then that could fuck things up later.
troll bulletin: ryan likes resting, also, his cat )
ETA: There's no news. The Troll was fucking with us. Again. Now I'm annoyed that I fell for it AND irritated that he's such a tool.
in which I fell for the troll's bait. again. )
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- Panic's new guitarist is: Kenneth Harris (The Films), former bandmate of one of their producers.

- Spencer posted this yesterday:

To which all I have is holy shit, dude and also that I am really, really glad he got help and is still alive. I'm still processing this news and how it may or may not change some of the ways i understand the split and Panic's subsequent trajectory.

It definitely does change the context of Brendon being more in the media eye for this album cycle. I'm sure he really does like all the attention, but I can also see how him taking the brunt of the glare might be to give Spencer some breathing room.
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Per Dallon, they have a guitarist.

No name released yet, though.

I've seen at least one Tumblr post inviting us to contemplate the magic of Kevin Jonas in the role. Now that line of speculation isn't new, but it nonetheless amuses me.

Kevin Jonas.

It kind of makes me giggle hysterically.

I mean it really would be funny. Can you imagine? Adding a Jonas brother to the existing circus? COMPLETE CHAOS.

(I have no thoughts on who it might actually be; I presume some young talented but until now relatively unknown will have won the lottery, as it were, and have to tell all of his friends and family to brace themselves because he's part of a pop juggarnaut now.)

Panic! is kind of at an interesting place in their development. Eight years (counting from AFYCSO) as a band feels like a long time, now. Nine years if you count from the very beginning.

To give you an idea: After 8 or 9 years together, Mötley Crüe made Dr. Feelgood. Coldplay made X&Y. (And on the other end of the scale, Pearl Jam made Binaural and Poison put out a greatest hits album.)

They've certainly been on a roller-coaster: backwater baby band who hadn't played a single show to superfamous practically overnight, line-up changes, a steep drop in popularity, the split, the triumphant (kind of) return, more line-up changes. And they did all of that while living on internet time.

Now here they are again, new line-up, new sound, new public presentation, i.e. Brendon Urie's ongoing transition to dramatic, dynamic frontman.

(Oh he was always dramatic and dynamic, I know, but this seems like . . . a new level of positioning. Like he's stepping up his game. Or else his PR people are.)

I'm excited to see what's going to happen. Bring it, gentlemen.
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I'm not going to try and itemize everything that's happened since I was updating regularly, but here's some of the more important highlights:

- Brendon and Sarah got married!

- Ryan Ross might actually be playing a show! He is currently in the line-up for the Music in the Middle Festival in Tennessee in October. It is currently unknown what songs he will be playing or for that matter who he will be playing with, and Ryan himself has not yet made any comment on the festival. The announcement comes from his manager.

Additional details as I have them . . .

Festival Poster )
- JWalk is going to be a daddy! Picture below fished out of his public Facebook.
photo evidence )
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- Brendon and Dallon have Vines, now, and are both using them to be completely ridiculous.

- Spencer has a Vine as well but hasn't posted anything. Spencer is, generally speaking, Sphinx-like again.

- Panic is recording - still? again? - but there's been no hard news re: new record.

- Ryan has a Vine and is using it to post videos of his cat, and sometimes also his face. He posts the occasional studio picture - he seems to be working with Dan Keyes and Tom Oakes, but IDK if it is on their stuff or his. Again, no hard news re: record.

- I have no idea what JWalk is doing when he isn't nostalgia-trolling us because I've unsubscribed from his Twitter. (I fished the images in the previous post out of Tumblr in order to make a note for the record.)

I'm going to try and do weekly updates on everyone that isn't Jon now that I have free time again. (Kind of.) Are any of y'all still interested? Should I make a Tumblr and cross-post?
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So today JWalk tweeted this:
picture )
That is a line from TYV's song Defiance; my reaction was mostly "oh, they were talking about a REAL BRIDGE?" followed by "ok, but where IS that real bridge?"

And then the TYV FB account (which I am presuming is . . . also Jon Walker, because it has been promoting Jon Walker's solo career lately) sprang to life after four months dormant and posted this:
second picture )
That is a line from TYV's song Dangerous Blues.

The dates, as presented, suggest the pictures were taken during the last Panic! tour before the split.

WTF, Jon Walker??

I mean I know the obvious answer is JWalk had a burst of nostalgia but . . . IDK the lyric choices seem especially pointed.

admin note

Mar. 10th, 2013 06:42 pm
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I have moved nearly all of the fic that is here over to AO3:

By "nearly all" I mean I have moved things that are complete. The exception is one drabble that is a timestamp to a fic I haven't actually finished yet. Contemplating moving the abandoned WiPs that I've posted, but . . . I'm not sure if that's mean, adding my unfinished stories to the collective library.

Also, tentacles!bigbang didn't happen mainly because life got in the way. :(
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About a week ago now, Ryan adopted a Bengal kitten:

picture under here )

He named this precious ball of fluff "Captain Knots".

It turns out Captain Knots is an actual person with his own fandom / Tumblr tag, which is now overrun with Ryan and his kitten. And they are not impressed.

As best I can tell, Captain Knots has something to do with ImmortalHD, which I think is related to a game called League of Legends. I am not quite sure how it all ties together because I'm an old person and can't figure out what Captain Knots actually does besides streaming content of some kind and writing songs.

Anyway, tl;dr, Ryan Rossy has maybe named his cat a complicated internet/gaming in-joke.

More pictures of Ryan and the Captain:
pixors )
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Ryan Ross: Supergrover

Z Berg: Sailor Moon

Brendon Urie & Spencer Smith: Hipster zombies or maybe something to do with Breaking Bad? A combination of Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead? I really couldn't tell.

Sarah O and Linda I (their ladyfriends): nurse!Joker and Harvey Dent

Jon Walker didn't post a Halloween costume picture this year as far as I know.
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He's changed his Twitter background - for the first time since TYV broke up - from a picture of him performing with TYV to a picture of the Lovers of Valdaro, aka the hugging skeletons.

(He's also started following, among other entities, the Forever Alone twitter.)

Also notable from today is #ryanrosscathat which was where - prodded by one of Ryan's friends - the Internets gleefully 'shooped pictures of cats onto Ryan's head in order to try and persuade him to adopt a cat that has apparently already adopted him. So if you are wondering why your Tumblr dash is full of pictures of Ryan Ross with feline chapeaus, that is why.
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Discussion post for the stats table. (Or anything else bandom-related on your mind, really.)

Thing I thought was notable: Greatest number of followers (individual), in order of high -> low: Travie, Pete, Gerard, Mikey, Gabe, Brendon, Frank and Ray.
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all together in one post!

table )
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Culled from assorted public instagrams:
what ryan looks like these days )


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