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so . . . possibly shit did get real?


in other news:

* Ryan is apparently committed to replying to people on Twitter; so far he has admired some puppies, indicated he will be touring in his new record when it is finished (yay!!!) and that he doesn't much care for Skrillex.

* He also shared a picture of himself looking unfairly dignified while barefoot, wearing a skeleton print onesie (or else just pajamaas) and cuddling Hobo.

* Spencer does indeed have a new ladyfriend, and they have been together "about two months". (cf. the DecentlyFunny podcast yesterday.)
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status of video update nickel: lost the one on June 8; have put a fresh one on July 6, since that is the 1 year anniversary of the original split.

also, per Shane's and also their producer's Twitters, they have decamped to somewhere that might be Hawaii, but definitely includes a flower-fairy garden, in order to write songs.

Dallon has the most hilarious Twitter icon EVER, oh my god (a pastel unicorn-boy) and Spencer has changed his icon to a monkey that seems to be a reference to Bill Murray's character in Rushmore.

Finally, a Metromix interview with Greta Morgan , from which I was most intrigued by this nugget:

I kinda feel like the whole world that we were a part of, the Fall Out Boy emo-by-association kind of thing, was like being in a Disney movie. And now I’m growing up and I’m trying to become a real actress or whatever.

I am still turning over my reaction to that statement (beyond the original, spluttering What?) because that's . . . quite a bold comparison.
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Warning: Contains mentions of blood in a context that could be triggery for self-harm.

Author's note: I got almost 2K into this before I abruptly ran out of story. The premise: Brendon wakes up a cat boy, and does not enjoy the experience.

He was vibrating more than usual, fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes were a little too bright. )
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Hello Internets! I am done with my exams! I am mostly busy getting my house in order (literally), but I am taking a break in order to clear up some of my files, which brings me to: have some really, really old fic that I wrote last March. At one time I had a larger plan for this, but stuff happened and that went by the wayside. (NB: I'm going to be dumping more of these ancient WiPs over the next couple of days.)

In any case: fic! it's a snapshot of an evening on the bus, where Zack tells Spencer a story. [ profile] sinsense was kind enough to read it ages ago, but any mistakes remaining are all my fault.

900 words, give or take, rated at most PG )


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