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Since May 29:

Noted that time wounds all heels, which may or may not have been a comment on Brendon's injury (and if it was, I'm not sure if that's snark, or a byproduct of his tendency to reverse things for humor value); thanked everyone who voted for him for "best of Twitter" and promised to keep up the nonsense on finding out he had made it to #7; had a dream about writing a song with Terrel Owens (he may have meant Terrell Owens, Bengals wide receiver and reality TV star) and Elton John; appreciated an episode of Tosh.0;

asked if anyone else noticed that Daniel and Henrik Sedin (winger and centre/captain for the Vancouver Canucks, respectively) looked like Peter Saarsgard in the Green Lantern [well, maybe, if you squint]; teased More Amor about making a late announcement about an appearance of one of their songs on Sports Center; shared a picture of Hobo; said "You had me at "heavy metal"" (Internet: WHAT?);

more hockey chatter, and also more idle chatter with Stuart Zender; commented that a picture of a friend of his in 1998 looked like himself in 2006 (again, maybe if you squint); noted he had been having a great dream about sleeping and then "@Vinnawinna happened" which I take to mean he was awakened by a furiously buzzing phone; and then noted that he was having a rough morning.

In possibly related news, Game Six of the Stanley Cup is tomorrow. Go Bruins go!
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- the band twitter ( ILoveTheLike ), which is presumably now under Z's sole control since Tennessee has her own, sparked up briefly this week to both promote Tennessee's personal twitter and also share a picture of a funny dressing room sign (The word "Like" in a circle with a red arrow through it.) Aside from that, however, I have seen no other recent sign of Z.

- Tennessee was busy being fabulous (and ill, poor thing :() with Alexa Chung in an undisclosed tropical location; mentioned she had interviewed someone for Lula magazine (hxxp://; eventually returned to NYC to be fabulous there; and dropped a tantalizing but now deleted hint that she was recording something with a band called The Nectarines. Also she noted that she was "Only interested in making music with surf guitar and/or sixties organ at this point."

- Laena played a bunch of shows, had an entertaining time on the Lost Boys pier in Santa Cruz, and made some home-made CD cases/covers.
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I've arbitrarily decided I'm not recapping his tweets unless something scandalous occurs, but I will note milestones / significant events, just to keep his record updated.

To that end: he's recently given his FB fanpage a good scrubbing. It's understandable, since there was a lot of noise getting in the way of his signal - and by noise I mean teenies haranguing him about going back to Panic - but nonetheless kind it's kind of startling to find it down to just two entries and the most recent one is from the end of May.

He's also updated his picture to a more recent performance shot.
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Since 5/19:

Noted that Tom Conrad had entered the world decades ago and that coffee makes him (JWalk) go; shared a link to his interview with Heave Media (there wasn't anything new or all that interesting); shared a picture of his dog in a field and of the poster for his show with Empires; was quiet for a week; and then mentioned Cosmos by Carl Sagan. It's not clear if he's reading it or just happened to walk past it in his travels or what.

Also during this time: the JBTV interview / performance videos FINALLY surfaced: hxxp://


Ok y'all. Talk to me. Is anyone out there still interested in the ongoing adventures of Jon Walker, solo artist? I'm not so keen on what he has out right now, but I'm holding off on a decision until he releases some more new songs.
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since 5/19:

He extended his period of radio silence for almost a full two weeks before he sparked back up to talk to Samantha Ronson; announced his favorite Thai dish is lemonade, that he had lost the keys to a song, and shared a picture of Alex Greenwald working on something in a messy room; accidentally tweeted a text that was meant for parties unknown and then noted that that was just dumb; shared a picture of himself with Greenwald's blood on his face; RT'd something about recycling from the Old Man Search twitter; noted that the "shin" had just hit the fan right as TAI . . . made their announcement that Butcher and Chizzy were leaving (though it could be he just barked his shin on an actual fan);

commented he felt like he was trying to eat soup with his fingers; shared another picture of Greenwald playing guitar; had the epic back-and-forth with Brendon about the perils of playing basketball on carpeted surfaces that eventually degenerated into innuendo; agreed with Will Noon that Knives > Ramona (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World reference); posted a picture of a sleeping Stuart Zender (bassist for Jamiroquai, Mark Ronson & The Business); decamped to Vegas; got very excited about Chiclets; asked Stuart Zender if "The Chiclets" was going to be the name of "our" group.

(Ed note: I am taking that "our" to encompass Ryan, Greenwald and Stuart Zender. Holy pop cultural mash-ups, Batman, is all I can say.)
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There's been some FB activity:
- Laena left a keysmash-y comment on the hiatus announcement with the account for her new Band (Raw Geronimo)

- Tennessee commented to say "Thank you all for all of your support!!!! Wish this weren't the case!! :-( Xxxx Tennessee"

Other notes:

- Tennessee has her own Twitter now, at tennesseebunny , in which she notes, among other things, that she's been playing with Jenny and Johnny.

- Laena has done an interview about her new band: hxxp://
in which she mentions The Like decided to "take a break" at New Years and she decided to start Raw Geronimo AFTER they made that decision.

- Annie seems to be in London with James D. Kelly being fabulous (and writing music!): hxxp://

- The last thing I've seen from Z is the Altru Apparel video earlier this month. Also, going by the video, Z has style-shifted and now has a more '70s beachy vibe going. I've seen rumblings of a JJAMZ record being on the horizon, so hopefully they'll do some press for that, too.

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Since 4/10:

Asked who has a pool; quoted a line about cats from The Office; shared a picture of his cats; started and kept up a steady support for Empires' bid to get on the cover of Rolling Stone; did his first solo show and an interview on, which STILL hasn't surfaced on the internet, though fan reports were made; encouraged us (well, those of us aged 18-35) to sign a petition to make our voices heard about legalizing pot and gay marriage; was pleased with his JBTV show;

noted that he loved recording during storms, though he was afraid he would miss a tornado siren if he wore his headphones; posted a picture of Marley with a ball; annonced he was recording with Empires; shared a picture of himself playing drums; shared an MLK JR quote in response to the death of Osama Bin Laden; referenced No Surprises by Radiohead;

drove through a suburb of Chicago and commented on the local election signs; shared a picture of all of his animals looking out a window; promoted his upcoming show with Empires in Chicago; and finally, asked us to vote for his friends The Handsome Bandit to be on a movie soundtrack.
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Since 4/10:

Agreed with Will Noon that he missed The Young Veins - this is the first comment he's made since Decmeber on the subject - and then made plans to go to Coachella with Alex Greenwald and Stuart Zender (bassist for Jamiroquai (!) , also playing for Mark Ronson); first "someone" lost his car keys, then he apparently misplaced Alex and Stuart individually an collectively while at Coachella, made a joke about being in a casino, and went off in search of food; was excited about the LA Kings winning games, shared a picture of himself at a game with a commemorative towel;

was (kind of hilariously) irritated by people telling 4/20 jokes; made a puzzling comment about "ghost trash" that Google suggests might related to an suite of icons; noted that he loved movies; appreciated Alex Greenwald's creepy Easter artwork; modified some common sayings in ways that suggest he might have been having a rough day ("if life hands you lemons, eat them" and "it really is a frog eat frog world"); was grumpy about the Kings losing; RT'd Alex Greenwald saying he looked like Encino Man (movie in which Brendan Fraser was a caveman transported to modern times and had a scraggly beard and disasterous hair the whole time, c. 1992 or so);

asked why he was still wearing a hair shirt, normally a sign of penitence; noted the cops had been calling the police all night; gloated at a friend of his when his substitute hockey team had a triumphant run of several wins; shared the video with the "talking" dog (YouTube); was mildly snarky with Greta about her mother's conservative (and very good!) advice, then softened it by saying he loved the '50s; allowed he couldn't think of anything worse to do than watching Lady GaGa on tv;

mangled the Infinite Monkey Theorem; quoted and agreed with someone as saying "if your brain's in the way you can't ride bulls"; and finally shared another video, this time of a small child rapping about God.

As of this writing he's been quiet for about a week.
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A more complete accounting:

Since 3/12:

Noted that it's impossible to go through a drive-in or eat french fries on a motorcycle; tweeted his area code (311), probably by accident; wished that good shows like Dinosaurs were still on the air; RT'd a hockey player doing a followers-for-donations-to-Japan exchange; also encouraged us to follow one of the dudes in More Amore; was unimpressed with the Situation's attempt at roasting Donald Trump; entertained himself (and us) with some fancy Noam Chomsky-inspired wordplay, trolling us a little bit, I suspect, for all of the people who tell him he never makes any sense;

was sad to be going to Paris alone but noted he'd be close to the Supermoon (The Internet: WHAT? PARIS? WHAT?); was sarcastic about standing in line; noted that Tosh.o doesn't give a fuck and he (Ryan) hasn't been giving a fuck since '92 or '93; had a day off in Paris followed by a high-speed train to Belgium to do some work (Internet: BELGIUM? Work? Belgium? WORK? WHAT.); posted a studio picture from Day 2 of Didier Chapedelaine's solo record; noted he could almost see his face in Will Noon's shiny shoes; grumbled a little bit about speaking Mumble (perhaps having trouble with heavy Parisian drawls?); spouted a bunch of stuff about Christmas trees and unicorns and leprechauns that was probably related to/inspired by the video for the song Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown?" from On Her Majesty's Secret Service that he posted later;

either had or overheard a conversation about The Cowsills (family group on which the Partridge family was based); announced he wanted to wake up every morning to Are You Ready For This? from Space Jam and fall asleep to We Have All the Time In the World by Louie Armstrong; noted that Swedish was insane; posted a picture of Nic Johns of Les Wampas sleeping and managed to misspell "asleep"; posted a truly terrifying video about a yoga farmer (srsly WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, free nightmares is RIGHT); mentioned "tragic magic", which could be either a now-defunct source of house music, two different books (one of them is a scrapbooking mystery!) or an instrumental song by Steve Winwood, and really, your guess is as good as mine, here;

noted that 12 songs in was a perfectly good time to get their surf rock on; posted the Boom Boom Boom Way Ho! girl video (YouTube); encouraged everyone to vote for Panic in MTV March Madness, with some help from Shakesperian insults; told Dan Snowfreak that Belgium was rainy and he was tired but not cranky; noted that the studio they were in was the same one where Technotronic made Body to Body, with such hits as Move That Body and Move This; had a discussion about house music with Will Noon;

asked if Fidel Castro had died or if that was an April Fool's Joke (Castro is not dead, as far as I know); made a terrible pun about jumping off bridges in Paris making you in Seine; noted that Belgium loves Batman; told another terribly punny joke about a small fortuneteller escaping from prison; compared Didier Chapedelaine to Clint Eastwood and John Wayne; asked how long one could survive on ketchup sandwiches "for a friend"; RT'd more LA Kings stuff, this one for a blood drive; took the train back to Paris with people who looked like spies, and got his spy music on; was excited about the Kings clinching a playoffs berth, and since then has been silent.

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I'm putting him by himself now, since he's having a solo career.

Since 3/12:

Made some stew, apparently discovering the joys of a potato peeler for the first time (?!); reminded us carrot and potato skin were good for us, if washed well; noted that neither green beer nor corned beef and cabbage had anything to do with Ireland but that the latter was tasty; reminded us about the Supermoon; was quiet for a good two weeks, then surfaced in New York, and after that almost all of his comments have been one word, accompanied by a picture. To date he has shared: himself, in New York; a puppy (not Marley), presumably also in New York; Than Liu, on what might be the Brooklyn Promenade; a snapshot of a party at what might be a wine bar; a picture of the Beatles; two studio-like shots, one of which was a screen shot from a video that was just him playing the guitar; a street scene that might be in Chicago; an Elmo birthday cake for a small child that I'm assuming is his nephew; and an enormous sub.

Outside of the monosyllabic commentary, there were also a shots of Marley plus all of the garbage Jon picked up in his neighborhood in 45 minutes; an announcement of a show in Chicago in May (he's opening for Empires); an announcement of a live taping on something called JBTV in Chicago (local access? internet TV?); he asked us if we thought John Boehner might actually be evil, then deleted it and (clumsily) tried to act like he'd been talking about John Stamos being handsome (Jon Walker, please don't insult our intelligence that way again) and also noted that "the guy sure is tan" though I don't know which guy he meant; and he quoted lyrics from a Steve Earle song, "Lonely are the Free." Finally he thanked Bob Morris for appreciating "Alone" and suggested they play together some time.

Also he's changed his profile picture back to a shot of his face, though he's creepily over-smiling in this one.

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Since 2/24

Ryan: Has been remarkably quiet, for him. He shared a picture of himself and Tom Oakes from More Amor in vintage LA Kings hockey jerseys, on their way to Legends night; was grumpy about skunks (or "skunks") using up all of his hot water and ketchup; shared a picture of himself pretending to hug an inflatable crawfish (apparently it is outside of Origami Vinyl); quoted part of a conversation in which someone described themselves as a "Twihard Belieber" (auuuuuuuuugh); retweeted Daniel Tosh talking about his (Tosh's) new show, and announced it was a good thing he (Ryan) didn't own a guillotine.

Jon: Reminded us that there is only one Bambi; shared the word "history"; asked the internet for Netflix recs for movies to fall asleep to; replied to the creator of Heroes, who had commented about appreciating JWalk's solo record; shared a link to Empires with Ryan Fallon (YouTube), which was Ryan Luciani channeling Jimmy Fallon; a fan mistagged him in a request for more Panic! shows in the UK and he replied with "What do you want me to do about it?";

got a little bit cranky with a fan who asked if he was still vanity-searching Wikipedia; shared a link to Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1st Of Tha Month (YouTube); shared a picture of his home studio (?) and noted that it was a mess; repeated two headlines, one about zombie fungi, another about a dog eating his master's toes while he slept; got married!!; thanked the internet for their well-wishes; shared a picture of the post-wedding party, to which he brought his guitar; and finally urged us to read and share a Huffington Post article about the perils of cheap gasoline.
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Appreciated a song called "I'm stalkin' you", probably by Dante vs Zombies; was excited about a Nerves Tribute release party; wished a friend in Abe Vigoda (band, not dude) a happy birthday; watched Investigations into an Invisible World, noted even the president of Iceland believes in elves; noted that there was a lot of discussion of planetary alignment/2012 doomsday scenarios going around his work, and that he's really into "space emo" (WHAT?); was excited about a Black Apples CD review; various gig annoucements, one with Devon Williams one with the Black Apples one house party in a barn, band unknown; wished for booze while getting a haircut; congratulated a friend on being on TV; wondered why everyone he knows has a "shit ton" of cats in one household (Has Ryan become a cat farmer now too??); asked the universe to grant him an apartment he wanted; said "one thing at a time"; and then noted he didn't understand album leaks and he didn't remember TYV record ever leaking. (Oh, Nikolai, there's a reason for that . . .)
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Ryan: Watched the Super Bowl, while engaging in whatever shenanigans "Phoenix afterparty" are code for, though he sounded irritated about it, so it may not be shenanigans he enjoyed; wrote a "victory song" for the Packers with Michael Runion and Alex Greenwald, aka RAM; RT'd JMont declaring the song "montage ready"; threw the making of the video for the song open to his followers; had a brief conversation with Jon Walker about the song, in which he said if it made Jon run faster it had served it's purpose; RT'd More Amore's mixtape annoucement, indicated they're old (a geriatric 25) and also old friends; did the dishes in shitkickers (cowboy boots with heels and pointy toes); wished a friend a happy birthday; Super Bowl Hero went on iTunes; and in his latest tweet (2/17), told someone "call him now, a points a point!"

As of today (2/24) he's been silent for an entire week.

Jon: Noted that dark matter is everywhere; posted a picture of himself shirtless in the ocean which later became his profile pic; shared a link to the Super Bowl Hero song with comments that it makes him run way faster and that he wished it was the Chicago Bears; shared a picture of his lunch; promoted Empires' new video and their bid for the cover of Rolling Stone; quoted Mark Twain on the subject of the world not owing anyone a living; wished us a Happy Valentine's Day with a link to the B-52s Rock Lobster on YouTube; asked what dreams are; canceled his television service (not going to lie, I made a small concerned noise when that one came up, even though I don't even WATCH tv); RT'd someone being snide about his reasons for doing so (apparently he thought it was funny, and that they had forgotten he takes pictures of dogs as well as cats); shared pictures of a darkened chess game and Marley with a ball; made a video in support of Empires, also featuring Marley; and finally made stew while listening to Brahms.
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Oh dear, I have neglected him, haven't I? Well, here it is, since Dec. 1:

Rt'd a friend talking about Men in Black; watched the Monsters are Due on Maple Street episode of the Twilight Zone; shared a link about radiation in Fallujah that has since gone defunct; visited San Francisco for Slumberland Records birthday and played "twee pop covers" with Devon Williams at Amnesia (bar) and later was keen to get home to hide under his covers and also grumpy about smashing sticks as they are $9 a pair (!); took in a Part Time Punks/ The Mantles/Catwalk show; rt'd a link to the Syd Barrett coloring book (apparently part of a "doomed poet" series that includes Ian Curtis from Joy Division, all I can say is ERGH);

really, really tl;dr )

Phew. Goodness. Now here's hoping he'll share more about these "other projects" that the members of TYV are working on . . .
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Since Jan. 16:

Ryan Was excited to attend a Lakers' game in Adam Levine's place; was shopping in the Vegas/West Coast equivalent of KMart (Mervyn's) on a Friday night; may have had a charleyhorse (muscle spasm); the phrase "Space Ham" appeared, which could be a) a play on Space Jam or b) a reference to an episode of Timon and Pumbaa (Disney cartoon) which was actually entitled Space Ham, or, and this is a stretch, c) be about Ham the Chimp astronaut from 1951; noted that nothing rhymes with vampire except maybe hampire, then later rejected all of Samantha Ronson's suggestions, including hampshire, liar and fire; wished Dan Keyes a happy birthday and shared a hilarious picture of Dan Keyes pouting while wearing bunny ears; "crack into the world, get your birth on!" - I got nothing. Unless it was someone else's birthday?;

quoted someone saying "Eat? I'll eat when I'm dead. Wait that's not how that goes" which I'm taking as a variation on "I'll sleep when I'm dead" and a reference to songs of the same title by either The Cure, Warren Zevon or Bon Jovi; participated in the awful cereal Twitter meme with "rosted mini meats. Honey bunches of toads? (with almonds)"; expressed his appreciation for The Cheesecake Factory and noted that they had tweeted him once; commiserated with Greta regarding their mutual despair at the survival of pop-punk (brb LOLING FOREVER); appreciated a piece of fan-made TYV merch; appreciated the score to You Only Live Twice, by John Barry, and finally, made the following comment on the appearance of nudes/wank tape stills purporting to be of him: "I couldn't afford to wear suits before I had tattoos. come on, you guys are better than that".

Jon Was silent for a while, then made a meta-tweet about thinking about tweeting and not getting around to it (cue me rolling my eyes); announced he was getting of this "big island"; quoted the "players only love you when they're playing" line from Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (there's a hip-hop song by Crazy Town with that title, but I'm assuming Fleetwood Mac until proven otherwise); went quiet again for a while, then sparked up to RT a fan comment about cats and beards reminding her of him, and also to share pictures from a sunny tropical locations of a sunset on the beach, a sunset on the water, and a stretch of coast that he has declared his "spot."
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Ok. So I guess we have to discuss the whole "hiatus" situation. This is how it stands currently:

1) Jon has announced it on his personal Twitter
2) Nick M. has confirmed it on his personal Tumblr
3) Ryan has said nothing, and no specific comment has been posted on any "official" band sites (FB, band Twitter, MySpace, band Tumblr) that I've seen.
4) Someone from the band (probably Nick) did, however, post a link to Jon's solo record on the TYV facebook wall on 1/6.

So I guess technically, or at least officially, we're in "hiatus? what hiatus?" territory, but I am nonetheless inclined to conclude that what we have is a) as much information as we will ever have and b) that information is as official as it is ever going to get and also c) if they aren't done, they are at least done for now. (Though, personal opinion, reading Jon's lyrics: I think he's done for good.)

I am, however, going to continue to keep up with them. And by "them" I mean, Ryan, Jon and Nick, but not Andy, because he gets on my very last nerve. If any of you are especially attached to him and would like the occasional report, comment now or forever hold your peace.

Since the last update (1/4)

Ryan: Commisserated with Will Noon about the problem of finding your glasses when you are not wearing them, and thus can't see; posted a picture of himself on a burro on a Mexican beach, captioned "Moving to Mexico I think"; otherwise, radio silence.

Jon: Shared a link to the video for Another Day, by Pomplamoose (YouTube); as discussed earlier, released his solo record on bandcamp; shared pictures of: his dog (outside and under the table); a house plant; an unfinished puzzle; and his drum set; and confirmed he's growing a beard. Also changed his Twitter icon to a black and white photo of himself giving the camera an, I don't know, an affectionate look? Maybe? Less subdued than his last picture, anyway.

I have more to catch up on w/ Nick, so I'll get to him later.
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misc updates:

- Benjamin Font's audiobook thing has been fully funded.

- Jon Walker will be releasing his Home Recordings soon; appreciates Chuck Klosterman; and has announced "manscaping" as Term of the Day for 1/4/11 (I'm kind of dizzy with tired right now and find this hilarious, and also am wondering if he was watching Keltie on The Bachelor; another contestant who is a professional aesthetician brought it up (and brought her waxing tools to the first night!); and "online baby rumor" as a Phrase of the Day for 1/3. (Am now also wondering if someone has told him about the Spencer's Secret Baby thing? STOP GOOGLING YOUR (FORMER) BANDMATES, JWALK.)

- also, y'all, can I just tell you that The Bachelor makes my skin crawl? Because it does. DEAR EVERYONE INVOLVED: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO FIND A SPOUSE IN EIGHT WEEKS AS PART OF A TELEVISION CONTEST. The whole thing is just so revolting and weird and reinforces terrible behaviors, mainly in-fighting between the ladies over the man.

Keltie gets a little bit of that, actually, towards the end; she's being her usual ridiculous/awkward self and teaching him Rockette kicks and meanwhile a brace of other contestants are making disapproving faces and quasi-snide commentary and pretty clearly judging her kind of hard, and I am all >>>>>>>>>>>>:( because while I will acknowledge she's awkward, what she's doing isn't inappropriate at all.

(and now all of you can LOL DEFENSIVE KELTIE-WIFE at me. I know, I know, I just think the whole genre of spouse-contest reality shows are unpleasant and reward a kind of feminine submissiveness that I find deeply disquieting.)

- Meanwhile, in other news, Ryan surfaced after a long silence to share a picture of his face with a big red kissy-lips on his cheek; was excited that the Space Jam website still exists, untouched, after 15 years (holding it down Geocities style, too, it is AMAZING, and you know what, THE WHOLE INTERNET USED TO LOOK LIKE THAT. ON PURPOSE); and also had conversation with a friend / made a tweet suggesting that he (Ryan) was bitten by a "poisonous" feral cat. Dear Ryan Ross: perhaps your New Year's resolution should be: Avoid further serious injury?
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1. Nick Murray posted to his personal Tumblr confirming the hiatus (I keep wanting to type "split" there) on Friday night, but so far no comments has appeared on any offical TYV spaces, and Ryan has not yet directly acknowledged anything unusual is going on. He did go to a hockey game, though, and also mentioned Blood Ninja, who it turns out was an old-school IRC prankster who used to have epically faily cyber-sex with people and then share the transcripts. Also, at some point in the last week or two, Ryan broke one of his fingers, which may or may not have anything to do with his relative Twitter silence.

2. And because I got a question about this one this morning - Ryan said: "Jesus I'm gonna next some People I follow real soon this is bullshit lately."

It looks like gibberish, but it isn't. "Next"-ing people comes from speed-dating, wherein you meet with prospective partners for 3 minutes each. The implied "joke" is about someone hollering "NEXT!" when they encounter someone they know they don't like in the first 30 seconds. It's also a Chat Roulette reference.

3. Jon's comment about going to a mountain is probably about skiing, which is something he's tweeted about before. Also he's changed his icon again, and is now using the same one as is on his Facebook page.


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