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Ryan: Kind of a quiet week, though he did go to two shows (The Like, Michael Runion and Gold Motel) and also was part of a band fieldtrip to the beach. Plus he complimented Z Berg on her skates, cut his hair (;CURLS;), and posted an oddly-lit picture of himself with a tagline that referenced a playground game (Red Rover). Honestly the most interesting thing this week was the "put my face on" bit. It's such a distinctly feminine, distinctly old-fashioned phrase. (It's the kind of thing I'd expect my mother to say, and she's nearly 70.)

Jon: Also went on the field-trip to the beach, quotes a line from a Beatles song (Because) and then apparently ate a lot of cereal, possibly announced his turn to vegetarianism (or at least a life lacking in cheeseburgers), and informed us he doesn't have a lot to say right now. All right then, Jon Walker.

Nick: Shared pictures of the beach, a cute dog, and, on two occasions, his sparkly, sparkly drums. The first one showed them ready to "hit the road", the second showed them set up for a last minute Black Apples show where there is evidently beer in the vending machines. Musical selections for the week included Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic sung by Sting but illustrated by Peanuts cartoons, and a recording of What A Way To Die by the Mummies, though in the blog entry that he linked to he mentioned the song was originally by The Pleasure Seekers. He also gave an inquiring fan life advice along the lines of, don't be on the computer too much, go outside, be open-minded and don't watch TV.

Andy: Tweeted once, to say "good morning"; no other substantive updates. Though, per Ryan, he did go to see The Like along with Michael Runion and Ryan. (He didn't mention it, so it is not on his list.)
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Ryan: A fairly musical week, between promoting shows for friends (Michael Runion, The Like, Gold Motel/Greta, The Black Apples), song mentions (Jumper, Third Eye Blind; two Metallica songs; and then at the end of the week he conflated CS&N's "Our House" with Madness' "Our House"), sharing Jon's joke about Ricky Martin, and concluding with something about a Dylan/Beatles show that I concluded had an implied "and then I woke up" at the end. There was also some discussion with Greenwald about some mysterious missing tapes that may hold TYV back from a record deal. He also noticed the Olympics were on, in the sense that he congratulated Team USA on beating Canada at hockey and made a crack about The Office being more interesting than ice dancing.

Other highlights: went to Universal Studios (I think? I don't know where else a replica of Whoville would be); threatened to cut his hair; shared an outtake from the first TYV photoshoot (I seriously am not sure if that was Andy or Jon in the picture) and also posted a picture of the tour poster. The tour poster featured a drawing of the lead singer of Foxy Shazam striking a "King Kong" pose on the top of the Empire State Building and catching a plane in his hand.

Jon: Another image heavy week, featuring a pictures of Ryan bowling and someone (probably Ryan) playing the guitar, one of a bonfire, one of a rain LA afternoon, and one of a dog. He also shared a picture of the tour poster, as described above; mentioned that Craig Ferguson is a genius; shared a link to a Jimi Hendrix song on YouTube; and quoted Ryan's end of their conversation about what various '90s pop stars are doing now.

Nick: Mentioned being excited to record new songs to Ryan (MORE new music??); went to a dinner party with some soul music; got stuck in traffic; shared a picture of a stuffed bear (as in taxidermy) wearing a Smokey The Bear hat, with a cigar in its mouth; referenced the CS&N "Our House", promoted the Gold Motel/Black Apples show; shared a link to a news story about a chimp who had to go to rehab; and noticed there are always a lot of expensive cars in the Taco Bell drive-in.

Andy: No substantive updates; tweeted once, to ask "you put that on twitski?" with no further context. I decided he was referring to the (possibly) lost tapes.
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SPECIAL NOTE: There will be no list posts next weekend as your humble scribe will be sailing in distant seas.

Ryan: This week seemed to be in-joke week. Or perhaps "razz Alex Greenwald about being unwashed and/or ridiculous" week. (Side note: Flamin' Hot Cheetos & pizza sandwich should be nicknamed "indigestion on a plate". My tastebuds are recoiling in fear just thinking about it. Also, I saw a Smart Car on the street here and damn those things are TINY. Greenwald probably didn't drive it because he doesn't enjoy navigating with his knees literally up his nose.) Aside from that, Ryan had a fleetingly good hair day, encouraged us to follow another friend of his on Twitter, and, I'm inferring, went to the "secret" The Like show.

Jon: Posted a picture of some trees, participated in "razz Alex Greenwald" week, informed us that his favorite actor is John Goodman, referenced a Frank Sinatra song, and told us that he and Silent Bob Andy will be "setting sail" for California soon, to meet up with Ryan, Nick and "keyboard man". (I'm guessing that keyboard man is NOT Erick, since probably would have just said Erick, if that was who he meant.) Also: this confirms my suspicion that Andy is based out of Chicago.

Nick: Was busy recording drums for nine hours (!) and later admiring a golden moon, then apparently de-cluttered his life in preparation for couch-surfing; answered Michael Runion's trivia question; mentioned a bunch of music (Yes, Montell Jordan, Black Apples, Abe Vigoda (band), High Places); reassured some fans that tour dates are coming soon and also there will be multiple tours; mulled the wisdom of letting Levi's pay him a relatively tiny amount of money to use a picture of him dancing in their store window; and finally played a show with The Black Apples.

Andy: Had quite a chatty week, in which he went to the sushi market; discussed being Very Serious About His Waffles; told a fan the tour would go at least near Little Rock, AR; apparently ran into difficulties at the passport agency (is this a sign that they may be going to Canada, too?) and made a comment to Jon Walker re: the usefulness of maps.
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Ryan Somebody (possibly a member of The Like) finally taught him how to use a DVR; he used his powers to record episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played a short round of Twitpic tag with Greenwald, informed us that someone has recently compared him to Benjamin Button (!), quoted Thomas Jefferson, failed to see Daybreakers, commented on Zack's puzzling Hannah Montana reference with "at least we did it first", lost his glasses, was disingenuously baffled as to how he might have gotten one of his friends more followers (and then later, for added hilarity, made a Follow Friday out of a different friend), proposed a new but apparently short drinking game to play with the movie Taken, and shared pictures of a bottle of vodka with his name on it (the date on the label suggests it was birthday vodka) and the full moon. Other things he didn't do this week: Tape the pilot of Michael Runion's talk show. The reason for this is as yet unknown.

Jon: Shared a picture of himself and his gf; told Black Gold to have fun in Australia; posted a link to a Built to Spill song; finally shared tour/cd release news (or, rather, news of impending news) in clear and specific language; told us about two books, one about cat-watching (oh, LOL, Jon Walker; also, reading the Amazon description, the cats in the book all seem to come to violent ends -- I'm a LOL sensitive cat owner so I won't be reading that one, though the title IS intriguing) and another about competitive Scrabble; photographed his beer, quoted a song (The Fool on the Hill) that seems to have been done by multiple people - I put down the Beatles version as it seems the most likely; got trapped in a conversation with an old person, and finally possibly mentioned a song by The Romantic Tragedy (Seven Days Make One Weak). Then again it might just be a bad pun. Also, while the continued presence of the Beatles seems to indicate the planet is rotating on its axis as it should, the appearance of Built to Spill causes me to make a contemplative face at my monitor.

Nick: A lot of music again this week (Elvis, the Growlers, The Black Apples, Derek Martin) and two live shows (Lucky Dragons, the Runion Birthday Extravaganza -- he later deleted the tweet from the latter), and one YouTube clip of a cat being "moved" by a ghost. Also he wants to see The Tooth Fairy, the dog in his icon is a girl dog and her name is Lola, his favorite coffee shop is apparently full of professors, and his car is not a piece of junk, it's just special! Finally, he admired the wolf moon, and Mars next to it.

Andy: No updates this week.
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Ryan: Following some prodding from a friend, resumed more or less regular service. And then proceeded to tweet about food (Little Caesers, Thai) and suspicious apple soda (Manzanita Sol is delicius Mexican soda, Ryan, just drink it!), promote a Michael Runion/Jason Boesel/Z Berg show in LA next week, and, this is the best part, he (Ryan) is going to be a guest on the pilot of Runion's talk show. Which is taping next week and will allegedly someday be available on the internets for everyone to see. I, personally, cannot wait. Also he retweeted Z Berg's picture of himself and Greenwald, which she captioned "Lovers reunited". Though it must be said he did grumble a little bit about the caption. Finally, he told us he (or rather, "Boy Orbison" which LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL okay, Ryan Rossy) wasn't feeling well and asked if we had ever wished we had sharper teeth.

Jon: Finally had his wisdom teeth out, and was anxious before and unsurprisingly sore afterwards. Nonetheless he was soon quoting Singing in the Rain and also Home Alone; a John Lennon quote and a Beatles song (I'm So Tired) also made appearances this week. (I feel like should add "and finally all is right with the world" to that sentence.) And there was a nod to the ongoing Leno/Conan kerfluffle and something about underestimating a pear. Finally, how could I forget, he also retweeted the "Lovers reunited" photograph, and has apparently re-subscribed to Brendon and Spencer, though not Zack, and his icon still looks like Prince Valiant.

Nick Received a surprise visit from a turtle (tortoise?); mentioned a whole bunch of music/music-related items, including a Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel song, some African blues, Huey "Piano" Smith, retweeting a link to a blog dedicated to garage rock originating from Spanish-speaking countries (, and mentioning that someone had put "Danger Zone" and "We Will Rock You" on the Friday playlist where he works. He also gently reassured us that tour info is coming soon, really and truly, wished The Smell (?!) a happy birthday, and had some car-related adventures (broken windsheild wipers, overheating).

Andy Evidently watched a lot of movies; he doesn't mention which ones, so . . . no substantive update for him this week.

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Special note: Nick and Andy are now listed on TYV MySpace page as official members of the group.

ETA because I forgot: I think Ringo the cat, who showed up in one of Ryan's pictures this summer, is Z Berg's cat, or she has/knows one that looks a lot like him.

Ryan: A video-heavy week, starting with one about 3-D glasses, followed by a reference to a recording of an all-girl Juggalo mosh pit originally mentioned by Michael Runion, before wrapping up with mentions of the frozen iguanas falling out of trees on CNN, James Lipton's ant-sexting PSAs, and an echo of the sport fishing bloopers. He also pocket-tweeted then apologized for it; shared something he overheard in a bar; told us he was "depraved" as a child (I'm pretty sure he meant deprived); and joked with Greenwald about playing harmonica in Greenwald's new "band", Spooky Freckle.

Jon: As previously noted, changed his icon twice, from the distorted fun-house face picture to Megaman to a non-distorted picture of his face. He also noted that words are weird; shared a picture of his cat; mentioned he watches Roseanne and that he tried to shave but "his face said it was too cold"; quoted an episode of the Office; puzzlingly apologized for "mistweeting" someone, called "BS" on something unknown, and wished us all a Merry Christmas, though the latter one was on Epiphany, which is, in fact, Christmas in the Armenian church and is therefore possibly not all that puzzling. Anyway. He finished up with a comment about being anxious for a busy 2010.

Andy: No updates this week.

Nick: Earned himself a permanent place in my heart by quoting one of my favorite Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers songs (The Waiting); also mentioned another song by The Horrors (Scarlet Fields) and Fleetwood Mac's Tusk; mentioned a "record club" which might be a place, or, given his further conversation with someone else, might be related to Beck's music re-recording/sharing project of the same name, or some combination of those things; had some stolen 45s returned to him; and told a fan he was going to soon find out when Take a Vacation will be released. Between that and Jon Walker's "busy 2010," I'm hoping this means more music soon.


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