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Ryan Ross: Supergrover

Z Berg: Sailor Moon

Brendon Urie & Spencer Smith: Hipster zombies or maybe something to do with Breaking Bad? A combination of Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead? I really couldn't tell.

Sarah O and Linda I (their ladyfriends): nurse!Joker and Harvey Dent

Jon Walker didn't post a Halloween costume picture this year as far as I know.
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I should maybe call this Today In: The Sphinx Speaks!

Ryan Ross sparked up last night and got really chatty with fans on Twitter and the following emerged:

- He's in a band! (name not given; "for now call it Something Else")
- With other people! (that he didn't name, but I have a feeling includes Greenwald)
- The kind of music they make is, variously, "Apocalypse Rock" "if LMFAO were bad dressers" and "the soundtrack for the end of the world".
- There will be music soon but not too soon.

He also noted that he needed a new nanny. I am assuming he meant for himself/it was just wry commentary.

In other news:

- Phantom Planet have reunited and are playing two shows in LA in June.
- Panic! has finished their UK tour and will be heading back into the studio.
- The Hush Sound have also gotten back together for at least one show
- JJAMZ is recording an album. (I thought they had done this last summer; Michael Runion mentioned sending something off to be mixed. Maybe they didn't like what they got back? IDK.)

quick notes

Jan. 4th, 2012 10:30 pm
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- JWalk - still in Costa Rica! Judging by their Tumblr, he and his wife seem to be having a good time there.

- Ryan Rossy - has suddenly sparked up in a way that is startling - in addition to his usual ebb and flow of general chatter, he's started actually replying to fans. (he's also confirmed he's currently making new music. WHEEEEEE!) I feel a bit like the Sphinx has stood up on its four paws, stretched its great back, and asked me for a cup of tea.

- Other canonical data points:

* Ryan seems to have spent most of this Christmas with Greenwald, Vicky-T, and, hilariously, Zooey Deschanel, though he did also pop up in the background of pictures taken at the JJAMZ Christmas show. He shared a bunch of pictures that were of himself, alone, or himself with Greenwald.

* Z seems to be the main user of the JJAMZ twitter; the second-to-last picture she shared was of herself "vibing with a dingo," in which she also seems to have brown hair. People do have pet dingos (yes, really, and the dog is on a leash) and the hair could be a trick of the light, but I've stuck a "did shit get real? did she dye her hair and fuck off to Australia?" pin in that situation just the same. (That said I'm presuming pet dingo and/or tricks of light until it is conclusively proved otherwise.) The last pictures she linked to were Cobrasnake pictures. (Her hair is blonde in those shots.)

* This is the period which we shall remember as That Time Brendon Was A Dick On Twitter. Here is hoping that it will be over soon.

* Sarah O., Brendon's fiancee', was mistaken for Katy Perry and thus her NYE with Brendon (& friends) was reported as being KP's NYE, much to Sarah O.'s rueful entertainment. (Context: KP announced her impending divorce not long before the holidays, and so there was some pearl-clutching in the press about her going out and having fun with a mystery man, etc etc, only, KP was actually Sarah O. and the "mystery man" was Brendon. KP herself was in Hawaii for the night. WHOOPS!)

Also, will there be a pop cultural singularity if somehow Sarah O., KP and Zooey Deschanel all end up in the same room at the same time? I feel like they could have some fun with that situation. I know I would. In fact my response would be DUDES! LET'S ALL SWITCH CLOTHES AND HAIRSTYLES AND SEE WHOSE PUBLICIST CRACKS FIRST!

(This is also known as, Why It's a Good Thing I'm Not Famous.)

(Also, they if they could wrangle Brendon, Darren Criss (or Rachel Maddow!), and Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge in there with them, they could attempt a six-way fake-out!)

* In other news, Keltie got engaged shortly before Christmas. Her ring is enormous.

* This is also the period we shall know as That Time Spencer Started Tweeting All of His Favorite Hip-Hop Lyrics Whenever He Felt Like It. Also, a friend of his who is a lady (who may or may not be his ladyfriend) gave him a full set of California Raisins (as in, Heard It Through The Grapevine) for Christmas. I am MAD JEALOUS, you guys. That is an epically awesome present.

* Brendon got his tattoos touched up, so his flowers really pop now.
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maybe i should just do a monthly "notes for the record" post? idk.


so, Panic! is headed home from tour. This is the era we shall look back on as "that time Brendon was bizarrely over-sharing about his Mom at every opportunity", "the time Dallon trolled someone in the airport into thinking he was a member of Kings of Leon" and, last but not least, "the time Spencer played a show in his underpants and it was glorious."

They are now (according to their show calendar on their website) home until after the holidays, when they will do a lightening-fast UK tour before, allegedly and per Zack talking to fans, be heading back into the studio for Album #4.

other things that have happened:

- Didier Wampas' solo record (aka Ryan's French musical adventure) ALSO came out, and it is DELICIOUS. Ryan sings on a couple of songs, mostly background woah-woahs and similar, but he does sing a word (only one, but still!) in French on one song (Eternellement). Songs he is on: Eternellement, Chanteur de droite and Les framboises dorées.

- Jon Walker put out a record and on the whole it honestly made me want to claw my face off. I am, therefore, not going to say anything else, as everything I have to say is catty, mean, or both. That said: a close reading of his lyrics may be illuminating re: the collapse of TYV. Since releasing the record, he RT'd a bunch of (positive) fan commentary and then seems to have settled down to non-sequitours and monosyllables. He may or may not have been a hesher / Wayne Campbell for Halloween, I couldn't really tell from the picture he tweeted.

- Ryan was the Fantastic Mr. Fox, evidently a last-minute choice enabled by how, I quote, "I dress like that already anyway."

- Z was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She did tweet a picture of herself planting a kiss on an un-named, masked Jack Skellington, followed (the next day) by one of herself standing next to Ryan. A random Jack and spontaneous pose? A new gentleman friend? I don't know. (People Jack is not: Greenwald (he went as a pot plant); Runion (he's too scruffy right now, and Jack was cleanshaven under his mask); or Jason Boesel (also bearded at the moment).) I am, for right now, chalking it up to a random Jack and moving on.

- Panic! costumes: Brendon - Jesus; Spencer - Ron Burgundy (complete with brandy!); Dallon - Eric Nally; Ian - Hit Girl.

- Post- Halloween, Ryan shared a song: Val Stoecklein- French Girl Affair, and also appreciated Tom Waits' new record. He also RT'd JWalk's album announcement; shared a weird video that involved someone vacuuming up a snake; and continues to be really, REALLY into hockey.

- Z is apparently tweeting for JJAMZ at @jjamzmusic. Latest comment: ""Ruth's Chris" is the opposite of "cellar door"" All I can tell you is Ruth's Chris is a fancy-ass steakhouse with multiple locations, and so is indeed quite unlike a cellar, just in general. IDK if she had a specific cellar in mind or what.

- Ryan has apparently been working in music with both Greenwald and another friend, called Trucifer. It is not clear if said music is Greenwald's, Ryan's, or for another project entirely.
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Changed my mind, Ryan Rossy gets his own post.

So, he: shared an actually terrifying video that Vicky-T inflicted upon him; had some conversations with Brendon; also did some Halloween stuff (haunted Hayride in Griffith Park, with Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings, of all people); either expressed his cluelessness about pussywillows or heard someone else doing so; washed his hair with bubblebath; was Atreyu (Neverending Story) for Halloween (Z was The Childlike Empress!); later informed the internet that his plans for the day were "I'm gonna feed you, rip off those jeans, and take you to the hospital" (?!); was possibly sarcastic being interested in the fortunes of the (I'm assuming, since he didn't specify)) San Francisco Giants (baseball); asked Greenwald if he (Greenwald) thought it was weird that he (Greenwald) sang like the guy from Spin Doctors (no he does not, Ryan); appreciated Michael Ian Black's tweets about George Lopez; hung out with the Bad Rabbits;

announced that from now on he would go by "Dingus Khan", a nickname bestowed by a friend who I think might be also known as Benjamin Font; shared a picture of a "remix" knob; RT'd Nick Murray promoting the Black Apples; told a different friend he (Ryan) wished he (the friend) would wear bell bottoms all the time; discovered he loved reality TV; rediscovered his love for hockey; told Benjamin Font to stop being emo it was making him sad (STILL HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS, YOU GUYS); clarified that by "reality tv" he meant Billy the Exterminator and Ancient Aliens; commiserated with HarMarSuperStar about daylight savings time totally eliminating sunlight from his day; apparently researched the secret photos of serial killers;

discussed malls with a friend; quoted Z comparing herself to Tupac; was surprised he was a trending topic, shared a picture of himself and a friend in hockey gear; expressed his distaste for the Facebook sound; appreciated apple juice; sneezed so hard he lost his sunglasses; was excited about the Beatles being on iTunes and "boomshakalaka" being a trending topic; appreciated Shane and Dallon's Doritos commercial; reposted the Daytrotter link; combined a reference to Saber Toothed cats and (I'm guessing) Tish Cyrus (as in, the ultimate cougar, maybe? It was around the time the news of her possible affair with Bret Michaels was in the headlines);

waffled about ordering pizza the day before Thanksgiving; was pleased the Deluxe Package postcards were getting to people; had a great many FEELINGS about soup, sandwiches and fast food (he doesn't like Subway, or McDonalds); invited a friend to join himself and Greenwald in having soup & sandwiches and watching TV in bed (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, Y'ALL); said something about not doing shots and compared a girl to Brendon Fraser in Encino Man; narrowly avoided spoiling his dinner with pretzels; and was kind of grumpy about other people not appreciating Change.

Also happening during this period: Keltie's book came out.
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Brendon: Would love to believe in life on Mars, and so maybe he will; also he is looking forward to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Spencer: Has no thoughts that he wishes to share with the Internets at this time.

The Young Veins:

Jon goes first this week, since he has the most exciting news! I (and the rest of the Internet) am taking that "engaged!" to mean "to be married." Woooo! Congratulations, Mr. Walker. He also noted the 5 year anniversary of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, though, strangely, not the release of the video for Take a Vacation. Further Twitter-related data points: both MTV Buzzworthy and OneHaven tweeted video-related news solely to Ryan and the band twitter; I have a suspicion that the band twitter is run by Nick Murray.

Ryan on the other hand, made no mention of Fever at all, but did RT the band twitter and MTV's tweets about the video and (as it turned out) his solo appearance on Subterranean. Also noted that having an immortal enemy was way worse than having a mortal enemy; complained about the long lasting effects of Tylenol PM; recommended Who is Harry Nilsson? (movie); noted that the B-52s sang the theme song for Rocko's Modern Life (Nickelodean cartoon, 1993-1996); asked the internet what constituted a "floppy appearance", but didn't specify what it was that was supposed to appear floppy; RT'd a comment from Ponytail Groovin' about them both being from the same part of the wrong side of the tracks (so maybe PG isn't Greenwald?); shared that his iPhone corrects "bonehead" to "vinegars" and was possibly puzzled that it was vinegars, plural;

shared a picture of the beach followed by a RT of CNN's story about LA's record high temperature; was puzzled by the popularity of the martini glass on the grounds that it looks like a plate (what martini glasses have you been drinking out of, Ryan??); bit a baby on the head (the following exchange with a friend suggests baby = puppy, in this case, which may or may not be related to the "floppy appearance" query); wished people only had 140 characters in real life; wasn't sure if he'd rather go to a The Like show or watch a new episode of Tosh.0 (he later showed up in the picture TL shared from the casino); had some beef jerky in Baker; and narrowly missed rescuing Shane Valdes from waiting by the side of the road for a towtruck. The tow truck discussion included a reference to Adventures in Babysitting by Shane and the hook-hand killer urban legend by Ryan.

Andy: Went out Trick or Treating (already?) and asked the internet what curfew was supposed to be while noting that he knew he had to be home by the time the street lights were on.

Nick: Wished another fan a happy birthday; offered to trade a present to whoever could get him into Knott's Scary Farm for free; was possibly mildly annoyed that he's been into alien disclosures lately; saw Pavement and Sonic Youth and remembered why he grew out of Pavement at 17 but felt Sonic Youth's set was too short; rt'd his other band's (Black Apples) appearance in a Pepsi commercial though he had to work the morning it was shot; and finally wanted to beat the heat by sitting in a nice cold air conditioned theater and watching horror movies.

The Like: Took in a Daria (cartoon, MTV, 1997-2002) marathon on the Logo network; Z got her stitches out at her pediatrician's office; various West Coast tour related announcements; shared a link to their interview with Nemone at BBC6; also rt'd the CNN headline about the heatwave; RT'd comic Jordan Rubin's comment about Mad Men, 1980s-style; drove through the Mojave listening to Bowie; Annie got 21 at blackjack her first time in Vegas, ; Wishing He Was Dead appeared in the 9/30 episode of Gray's Anatomy; and finally RT'd two pieces of fan art which were renditions of themselves as The Beatles.
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Panic!: Brendon was very excited about football; Spencer continues his Silent Bob impression.

Related news: Per Zack's twitter, the three of them apparently had dinner with Ryan!! We were not, however, granted a reprise of The Picture (Now With Spencer). The picture we did get was of a horribly tacky novelty item involving a pun on the name of Martin Luther King Jr. I am unsure what, if any, information should be inferred from it. I'm currently leaning towards "none, also, ew."

the young veins )

The Like: Played the Inverted World and the the Old Queen's Head, and then Z concluded the tour by falling down some stairs and cutting her chin open, needing seven (!) stitches. She shared pictures of the stitching process AND the final closed cut which, YIKES, and also wryly noted her eye make-up had survived the escapade intact. Someone heard "Walk of Shame" in TopShop; they shared a before-fall picture of Z with a stylized cartoon of, I think, Twiggy, and Z rt'd a fan drawing of a stylized "baby" Z with a big bow on her head, noting that it was awesome but the artist had forgotten to include her injured chin.
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ETA: Re: latest LJ shenanigans, please don't cross-post anything here (content or comments) to Twitter or Facebook. Thanks! - sailor

Okay, so the last update was only five days ago, but I'm trying to get everyone (or rather, me) back on a regular schedule. or something. I think going forward update day will be either Sunday or Wednesday, depending on how much school is eating my head on any given week.

Panic: Brendon rt'd the link to the page with the song he did with Dallon and Ian, Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors; Spencer continues radio silence.

The Young Veins: Ryan encountered a "smiling" jalapeno and had a good "sadurday" [sic]; Nick thought being in the studio with Art Garfunkel must have been a pain and offered between-take studio chatter video as evidence, watched Into The Wormhole and joked about learning time travel to go back and get their gear, was amused by "hungover" owls, warned us all about DUI checkpoints, was sad to miss Davilla 666 (band, not girl!) but glad to see San Francisco just the same, and was generally in favor of having a good time all the time; and Jon and Andy continued radio silence.

The Like: Note: As far as I know there are two of them actually tweeting: Z and Tennessee. A very long time ago they told us tweets with "oh my lord" or "OML" were Tennessee, but either they've abandoned that one or she isn't tweeting at all. At the moment I'm operating under the assumption that anything ending in one or more "x's" is Tennessee and everything else is Z. And that at the moment Tennessee is doing the bulk of the tweeting.

Onwards to the notes: Played shows in Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham; noted that the New York Dolls were in the audience in Newcastle with what I am choosing to read as a "HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE??" tone despite the implied eyeroll of "whatever"; were sad to cancel three shows due to a family emergency on the part of one of them (:(); rt'd some fan chatter, one about going to a show, one sharing a picture of their single being featured in the paper in the UK; quoted Z a possibly hungover Z asking how old Edie Sedgwick was when she died (28); posted a picture of the front of a TGI Fridays with the slogan misspelled to say "in her . . . it's always Friday" and were apparently also glad to see the TGI Fridays (caption was "thank you universe"); and also posted a picture of Z posing with an "&" symbol.
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Ryan: Kind of a quiet week, though he did go to two shows (The Like, Michael Runion and Gold Motel) and also was part of a band fieldtrip to the beach. Plus he complimented Z Berg on her skates, cut his hair (;CURLS;), and posted an oddly-lit picture of himself with a tagline that referenced a playground game (Red Rover). Honestly the most interesting thing this week was the "put my face on" bit. It's such a distinctly feminine, distinctly old-fashioned phrase. (It's the kind of thing I'd expect my mother to say, and she's nearly 70.)

Jon: Also went on the field-trip to the beach, quotes a line from a Beatles song (Because) and then apparently ate a lot of cereal, possibly announced his turn to vegetarianism (or at least a life lacking in cheeseburgers), and informed us he doesn't have a lot to say right now. All right then, Jon Walker.

Nick: Shared pictures of the beach, a cute dog, and, on two occasions, his sparkly, sparkly drums. The first one showed them ready to "hit the road", the second showed them set up for a last minute Black Apples show where there is evidently beer in the vending machines. Musical selections for the week included Everything Little Thing She Does Is Magic sung by Sting but illustrated by Peanuts cartoons, and a recording of What A Way To Die by the Mummies, though in the blog entry that he linked to he mentioned the song was originally by The Pleasure Seekers. He also gave an inquiring fan life advice along the lines of, don't be on the computer too much, go outside, be open-minded and don't watch TV.

Andy: Tweeted once, to say "good morning"; no other substantive updates. Though, per Ryan, he did go to see The Like along with Michael Runion and Ryan. (He didn't mention it, so it is not on his list.)
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Ryan: Following some prodding from a friend, resumed more or less regular service. And then proceeded to tweet about food (Little Caesers, Thai) and suspicious apple soda (Manzanita Sol is delicius Mexican soda, Ryan, just drink it!), promote a Michael Runion/Jason Boesel/Z Berg show in LA next week, and, this is the best part, he (Ryan) is going to be a guest on the pilot of Runion's talk show. Which is taping next week and will allegedly someday be available on the internets for everyone to see. I, personally, cannot wait. Also he retweeted Z Berg's picture of himself and Greenwald, which she captioned "Lovers reunited". Though it must be said he did grumble a little bit about the caption. Finally, he told us he (or rather, "Boy Orbison" which LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL okay, Ryan Rossy) wasn't feeling well and asked if we had ever wished we had sharper teeth.

Jon: Finally had his wisdom teeth out, and was anxious before and unsurprisingly sore afterwards. Nonetheless he was soon quoting Singing in the Rain and also Home Alone; a John Lennon quote and a Beatles song (I'm So Tired) also made appearances this week. (I feel like should add "and finally all is right with the world" to that sentence.) And there was a nod to the ongoing Leno/Conan kerfluffle and something about underestimating a pear. Finally, how could I forget, he also retweeted the "Lovers reunited" photograph, and has apparently re-subscribed to Brendon and Spencer, though not Zack, and his icon still looks like Prince Valiant.

Nick Received a surprise visit from a turtle (tortoise?); mentioned a whole bunch of music/music-related items, including a Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel song, some African blues, Huey "Piano" Smith, retweeting a link to a blog dedicated to garage rock originating from Spanish-speaking countries (, and mentioning that someone had put "Danger Zone" and "We Will Rock You" on the Friday playlist where he works. He also gently reassured us that tour info is coming soon, really and truly, wished The Smell (?!) a happy birthday, and had some car-related adventures (broken windsheild wipers, overheating).

Andy Evidently watched a lot of movies; he doesn't mention which ones, so . . . no substantive update for him this week.

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Ryan: Saw New Moon, but no commentary on what he thought about it (I read "funny" as being about the situation, though I suppose it could be about the movie), retweeted a Happy Gilmore quote from Jon, complained about Thanksgiving traffic, listed things he was thankful for ("my grumpy hat, wearing it backwards, waffles, carpool lanes, dogs, foxes, and you" and also Halloween), discussed Thanksgiving foods with Z Berg, told Alex Greenwald that he (Ryan) also needed a haircut (ED: NOOOOOO, NOT THE CURLS!!), asked whatever happened to Joaquin Phoenix being a crazypants rapper, and had some discussion with a friend who was apparently shopping for office supplies in France. As you do.

Brendon Kicked off the week on a somewhat down note (and with whisky sours) but seemed to be restored to good spirits by an ELO record, Grand Theft Auto 4, 24 Hour Party People and the prospect of epic amounts of food. Referenced "So Cold In the D" for the third time, continued the overall Adam Sandler theme for the week with a mention of the Thanksgiving song, quoted Land of the Lost then, in conversation with Ian, jumped to a bunch of songs of or related to the cartoon Doug. Finally he mentioned he was reading a David Sedaris book (though not which one) and quoted Keith Buckley, lead singer of Every Time I Die. Icon note: His "Grin" icon has vanished (Twitter bug or his intent, I'm not sure) and been replaced by a generic Twitter bird.

Spencer Suddenly chatty after weeks of silence/near-silence, he referenced the "So Cold in the 'Bu" parody, shared two songs (one Lou Reed, one Say Anything), discussed some Things To Do With Google When You're Bored, mentioned searching Ebay for some piece of equipment that will help them fake Eddie Vedder's voice for some mysterious and/or nefarious purpose, and also noted he was about to watch Kazaam. There was also a conversation with a friend about something (videos?) to do with famous musicians, but I couldn't find the start of the thread (it may have been deleted), so I have no idea what that's about.

Jon Went to another show, but didn't say which band; quoted Happy Gilmore once and one episode of Family Guy twice; his list of things he is thankful for included Rock Band: The Beatles, and specifically, the drums; shared an 11:11 moment with us; made a bro-date (or perhaps a double regular date?) with Tom Conrad to possibly watch The Last Waltz; and possibly made a Spinal Tap related quote. The possible ST quote I couldn't find it anywhere so I can't be sure, and thus is it not included on his list. Finally, he always recycles. Icon note: He's changed to a black and white image of Young Frankenstein.
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Ryan: Does seem to maybe be drifting a little towards the alt-country/modern folk corner of the musical world; this week he was at a wedding with the Dave Rawlings of the Dave Rawlings Machine, who some of you may know better as Gillian Welch's long-time musical partner. I note this as the alt-country people are a very different kettle of friends than his current collection of socialites. Tangentially, the lightbulb joke Ryan repeated came from Rory Guiness, who is indeed one of those Guinesses. He is, as it happens, also a musician, and, with his sister Rebecca (writer for Vanity Fair), step-child of J.P. Donleavy, author of (among other things) The Ginger Man, which Ryan appears to have read back in the spring.

Following the wedding there was some getting lost and some buying sweater vests, then some shenanigans with Z, and then a diverse (if not dizzying) collection of films: Pippi Longstocking, the Crips and Bloods documentary, and Big Daddy. Musically he made a reference to "Sex On Fire" by Kings of Leon and also re-tweeted a link in support of Jason Boesel's new record. (Boesel is also part of the alt-country/modern folk crew, having previously been affiliated with Rilo Kiley, The Elected and various Conor Oberst ventures.) Finally, he was pleased that the Shit My Dad Says twitter is going to be made into a TV show, wished Dan Angel Snow Freak a happy birthday and congratulated him on sharing it with Lou Ferrigno, and bantered about his "munchkin fashion sense" with a friend.

Brendon: Went to Brazil and Chile, and discovered that sometimes terrible television is better in Spanish. Also combined references to "It's So Cold in the D" (song) and The 'BU (OC parody show by Lonely Island crew set in Malibu) in one tweet, and traded Back to the Future allusions with Dallon. There were also a couple of tweets about what is clearly the best breakfast of all time, a pancake-hashbrown-sausage sandwich, followed by an introduction to Hawaiian slang. (Broke da mouf and ono-licious are both indicators of tasty food.) Finally, he also wished Dan Angel Snow Freak a happy birthday.

Spencer: Discovered that good tv is still good in Spanish, but bad tv in English is still bad, was symapthetic (and a little sarcastic) at Haley about the cancellation of Dollhouse, and shared a picture of a tarantula. (It's kind of cute, actually, but arachnaphobes, be warned.) He also wished Dan Angel Snow Freak a happy birthday.

Jon: Has changed his profile picture again! His face continues to be undistorted, and it looks like he may have cut his hair, or at least done something with it. To me he looks a little thinner, though that might just be the camera angle and the refracted effect of the big sad eyes. I also thought maybe he'd gone back to the eyeliner, but on closer inspection that was wrong.

In other news, he also won his game of Star Wars Monopoly before kicking off a very interesting week, cultural reference-wise. He mangled some quotes from War and Peace and Victor Hugo, joked about working on Thanksgiving and Christmas records (I have totally had to sing Thanksgiving songs; anything he came up with would surely be an improvement), quote a line of Do You Hear What I Hear followed by a cold-weather play on "It's Getting Hot in Here" by Nelly and then was evidently swarmed by ladybugs. He also told someone (or a collection of someones) to write their own songs; the "I take it back" that followed may or may not be related.
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Ryan: The first music-heavy week for a while, including mentions of Weird Owl (Brooklyn-based modern psychadelia, though this might also be about the odd pictures of owls Chad Crews keeps sending him), followed by an actual song link ("Moulty", by The Barbarians), followed by boomeranging back to the present with taking in a Black Gold/Pixies show, and a brief discussion of the ruinative powers of bad ska with Mark Ronson. Then at the end of the week he (and Z) apparently ran into B.B. King in a bar (possibly in Vegas) and Mr. King implied Ryan could teach him something about selling records. Ryan: bzuh?, which was my response, too. Speaking of Chad Crews and stupid animal tricks, Ryan also shared a picture of Chad watching a squirrel on skateboard in his (Chad's) apartment. A different picture of the same squirrel with a bottle of tequila produced the Gremlins reference.

Brendon: A relatively quiet week; he mentioned Kenny vs Spenny (and teased us with the possibility of a Brenny vs. Spenny version), noticed Google's special 40th Anniversary of Sesame Street features, shared a picture of Ian eating a giant hamburger, and oh yes, went to Brazil. I'm hoping for many more pictures of their adventures in the next week.

Spencer: Only just barely qualified as having a substantive update this week; he shared a picture of Zack in blond wig, which was possibly some sort of visual joke I didn't understand. (I thought maybe it might be a Wayne's World reference, or a Ras Trent referece, but I wasn't sure, so I left it off his list.) In any case, there were Bart and Kenny dolls in the background, which is what I added. I've noticed he seems to tweet more when they're on tour, hopefully that will happen again this week.

Jon: Kicked off the week bantering with Ryan, then made some lists, some song references -- two Alkaline Trio, one Built to Spill -- and played a game of Star Wars Monopoly. He also wished his mother a happy birthday and declared himself "uncle fun." It turns out there's a store in Chicago called "Uncle Fun" which I didn't put on his list but which I am including here for entertainment value.
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Ryan: Returned to LA, extracted his car from the parking lot, and commenced shenanigating with Z Berg. Together, they found a hippie bus and attended a Michael Runion show; Ryan also mentioned thinking about going to Disneyland, but that doesn't seem to have happened.

Halloween observations were a major feature. Ryan shared several pictures of himself trying on a variety of Halloween costume-y hats, and according to Z's twitter, they also went back to the Velvet Margarita Cantina and then took in a showing of Nightmare Before Christmas at El Capitan. (Ryan didn't mention any of that, so it isn't on his list. Nor were there any pictures of Z in silly hats, more's the pity.) In the end they apparently settled on being Mod Burglars, and decamped for Chicago to crash Jon Walker's party. Best part: they wore their costumes on the plane and got some poor soul in coach to take their picture.

In non-Halloween-y news, one of Ryan's friends sent him an animated gif of a jumping fox that was adorable and hypnotizing, and someone else sent one of the "owl in box" pictures that was on Boing Boing earlier in October. Both of these things were almost totally absent context, though they may have been related to costume ideas. There was also some discussion of children with cellphones, the final departure of the hornet from Greenwald's hair, and two mentions of Phoenix afterparties, which I am starting to think is a code for something else.

Conclusion: Happy Goth Christmas, Ryan!

Brendon: Two video clips early on (breakdancing, Family Guy sequence), followed by a mention of Logic Studio and Garageband, leading me to suspect he was busy working on songs while Spencer and Zack were emptying the storage units. There was also some baseball (he's watching the World Series) and, of course, some Halloween-related chatter, including a reference to a horror movie marathon. He also had something of a puzzling conversation with Pete about Point Break (there is no Jimmy Carter character in that movie).

Spencer: No new tweets; his list wasn't updated. The news of the emptying of the storage unit was via Zack's twitter.

Jon: Changed his profile picture again, to another non-distorted (but still sort of sad-looking) picture of his face. He may or may not have cut his hair. This seems to have been the week he did actually get his wisdom teeth out, though. His commentary was a mixture of Halloween and pet pics, a little bit of snark about Ryan's progress getting a record deal, two song references, one of which was the Beatles, and one of which was either one of three songs or, possibly, a video game. Or, you know, meant nothing at all, as he reminded us as well. He also shared an evil laugh and referenced the swine flu vaccine shortage. Finally, either he's petsitting for Halloween or has acquired another cat.


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