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Title: Drowning Lessons

Author: [ profile] sailorstkwrning

Length: 33,060

Characters: MCR (incl Bob), P@TD/TYV, Korse, extended cameos by Maja Ivarsson, Travie McCoy, Cobra Starship, Lyn-Z and Chantal Euringer, mention of various others.

Warnings: Indentured servants; physical restraint (boys briefly in a bridle and also a cage); mention of past physical abuse; implied past sexual trauma; an attempt to exchange sex for protection/favors; voluntary cross-dressing; and a non-fatal duel.

Beta: [ profile] egelantier, [ profile] arsenicjade , [ profile] corvide, and also my sister. Any remaining mistakes, gross historical inaccuracies, or flagrant ridiculousness are entirely my fault.

Author's notes: This story would not exist without [ profile] egelantier and [ profile] arsenicjade; it began life as chat-fic passed between us in email over the course of a year, which they have graciously allowed me to expand and contract, prune and flesh out, to make what you are about to read today. This story also owes a considerable and significant debt to the work of Patrick O'Brian; most notably, the trope of house-as-ship originates with him.


Bonus Material: FANMIX by [ profile] prettykitty_aya

Part 1 )

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[ profile] psuedo_catalyst asked for: In the Pool, Late at Night 'verse "first time insecure-about-having-tentacles sex."

1,847 words later, here it is. (side note: Oh man, do I ever fail at drabbles.)

Rating: NC-17, because there is sex.

Warnings: Tentacles. Lots and LOTS of tentacles, and other alien features. Mention of tentacle injuries and Ryan being mistreated/bullied because of the tentacles. (It is a TENTACLEPALOOZA, is what I'm saying here.) Teenage sex, though everyone is over 18.

What Spencer is less sure of is at what point things got weird. )
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Yeah. SEVEN MONTHS LATER. Sorry, y'all. ([ profile] psuedo_catalyst: I haven't forgotten you, just ran out of time tonight!)

[ profile] egelantier asked for: not!fairytale , ten years after.

352 words; includes possibly horribly fractured Latin.

When he reaches them they are practically dancing in place with eagerness to get away. )

[ profile] arsenicjade asked for: the guys finding out Brendon's in the hospital, from before the start of You Could Always Sell Any Dream To Me , aka The Highly Unlikely Warped Tour fic, the story that gets more probable and works better the more it gets jossed!

Word count: 1,229. (oops.) (note: Brendon is totally alive and well right now! the double pneumonia is invented from whole cloth!)

Spencer rolls his eyes, but pulls his phone out anyway. )
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Title: Naptime
Author: [ profile] sailorstkwrning
Characters: P@TD (Brent-era), various others.
Length: 377 words
Rating: G for Gen!
Prompt: tentacles (comforting)
Warnings: Tentacles, people being photographed while asleep.
A/N: Because it had to be done. Also, this is what happens when I try to write drabbles. Unbeta'd, all mistakes definitely mine.
Summary: A scene from the tentacles 'verse, in which Panic! at the Disco have finished their first video, and they are very sleepy.

click for fic! )
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Fics (including WiPs) are here .

Give me a 'verse and a moment, and I will give you at least 100 words.
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Title: Up All Night, Sleep All Day
Rating: PG
Prompt: 5: Brendon, Ryan, Spencer, Jon - talk show host AU! (gen or slash -- whatever)
Warnings: None
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] no_tags. With grateful thanks to my [ profile] egelantier, who was once again very patient with me. All remaining mistakes are my own.

Spencer finished his email to the venue coordinator in the next town before he looked up. )
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Title: At Least I'm Waking Up
Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mentions of violence, vampires and cross-dressing.
Word count: 3,186
Summary: Originally written for [ profile] bandomstuffsit 2010. A seasonal story of supernatural detectives, in which Ryan Ross makes a lucky escape, and Brendon Urie makes a surprising discovery.
Author's note: With thanks to [ profile] egelantier for hand-holding and beta-reading as this story evolved. Any remaining mistakes are my own.

Brendon was on the couch, Spencer whuffling softly next to him, half-watching <I>Family Guy</I> and half- reviewing his notes for the case they'd been handed that morning when he heard loud knocking on the front door. )
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Author: [ profile] sailorstkwrning
Pairing: Ryan Ross and Alex Greenwald (gen)
Length: 757 words
Title: Only A Dream
Prompt: crucifixion
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Detailed description of crucifixion, but no-one is actually injured.
Summary: Ryan has had a very bad dream.
Disclaimer: FICTION!
Author's note: With thanks to [ profile] egelantier for reading it over; all remaining mistakes are my own.

Alex tried to combine waking up and figuring out where he was (home; Los Angeles), what day it was (possibly Tuesday?) and reaching for a weapon, but it didn't work. He fell off the bed, tangled in covers and clutching the neck of his acoustic. )
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i feel like I should award this story some sort of special prize for getting jossed twice, and the first jossing making it more plausible, not less. It's another one I started last winter, showed to [ profile] sinsense, and then put aside, possibly due to school.

Then Panic split. This actually made it make sense, as it was a band-reuniting fic, with some bonus h/c thrown in. (The working title was, for a time, "Highly Unlikely Warped Tour".) So, meanwhile, life goes on, stuff happens, etc etc, and then Bob departs from MCR, jossing me again, and also creating a (possibly minor) problem. In the sense that a Bob + Brendon friendship was supposed to be a key subplot. I gave serious thought to using it for BBB, but then I decided canon was too unsettled and also there was just too much potential for sad.

(re: BBB, for those of you as may be wondering: the detective fairies, along with tentacles, puppies and West Texas, is on my list to write this summer.)

In any case, here's some bits and pieces from what has now been re-titled You Could Always Sell Any Dream To Me:

the beginning )

Bob and Brendon have a conversation )

Ryan and Brendon have a moment in the middle of the night )

a drum circle, a walk back to the bus, scraped knees and sleepy boys )
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Okay. So, as all y'all may have noticed, my favorite genre to write in is crack. I started this one in January of last year, then somewhere around May I got distracted by tentacles. (Which, by the way, is languishing at just under 6K, but I'm finishing that one, come hell or high water.) Anyway, [ profile] sinsense also bravely read this one and said many useful things; I've tinkered with it quite extensively as a result, and any errors are entirely my fault.

Summary: LOL HONEY I SHRUNK (MOST OF) THE BAND. Yeah. Just under 4K of P!aTD go on vacation and all of them except for Brendon get accidentally tiny-sized. As far as I am aware there should be no triggery content.

Brendon frowned at the row of spices, tapping his fingers at the edge of the label marked 'ground cloves.' )
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Warning: Contains mentions of blood in a context that could be triggery for self-harm.

Author's note: I got almost 2K into this before I abruptly ran out of story. The premise: Brendon wakes up a cat boy, and does not enjoy the experience.

He was vibrating more than usual, fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes were a little too bright. )
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Hello Internets! I am done with my exams! I am mostly busy getting my house in order (literally), but I am taking a break in order to clear up some of my files, which brings me to: have some really, really old fic that I wrote last March. At one time I had a larger plan for this, but stuff happened and that went by the wayside. (NB: I'm going to be dumping more of these ancient WiPs over the next couple of days.)

In any case: fic! it's a snapshot of an evening on the bus, where Zack tells Spencer a story. [ profile] sinsense was kind enough to read it ages ago, but any mistakes remaining are all my fault.

900 words, give or take, rated at most PG )
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As I suspected, finishing BBB this year is just not going to happen for me. The 2nd wave deadline is a month away and, well, there is just no way I'm going to make it. I'm posting what I've written so far to essentially forcibly DQ myself, for the sake of my sanity and GPA.

It's just a hair under 4K, and includes some unsexy painful (but not bloody) vampire biting, and a good deal of bad language. Also a werewolf!Spencer, for those of you who are into that kind of thing. Final note: also contains Bob Bryar, and when (if) I ever do finish it, recent canonical events will be politely ignored.

the detective fairies story )
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Title: Baby It's Just You I'm Dreaming Of
Pairing/Prompt: 56: Brendon/Spencer, accidental marriage shenanigans
Disclaimer: Complete and utter falsehoods from start to finish.
Rating: PG
Warning: (skip) The accidental marriage shenanigans occur while Spencer is essentially sleepwalking due to an Ambien freak-out, so he is impaired while Brendon is not.

Notes: With many thanks to my beta, [ profile] egelantier, who suggested the ending.

Lets walk up to the preacher, and let us say I do )
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Title: A Not-Fairytale
Characters: Featuring Panic!, The Young Veins, MCR and cameos by other bandom people.
Rating: PG-13 for offscreen violence, non-life-threatening injuries to characters, Ryan Ross in a cage, hangovers and an instance of bloody medieval warfare.
Wordcount: 5,071 9,391 words
A/N: Yet more comment fic that got out of hand, lightly edited for continuity. Fake as fake can be!

Once upon a time, in an amorphous medieval era, the countryside is awash in reivers and raiders, and Ryan Ross is a plucky orphan who has been put in charge of the laird's pigs. His friend Jon Walker is in charge of the sheep. )

Part 2

WiP update

Sep. 27th, 2009 08:26 pm
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okay, so, finishing any of these before the end of September: so not going to happen. Sometime this fall, though, now that's a possibility! Meanwhile, this is sort of a notes-to-self/milemarker post for these stories.

1. Tentacles!Ryan -- word count: 5,378, including the comment-fic that started it all and a couple of paragraphs of bracket-y chatficcing-with-self. I actually had a major breakthrough on this one recently, which was exciting. I think at this point I have shared all of it, but here's the last part I wrote, in case anyone missed it. NOTE: Cuts off suddenly, but I left in the bracket-y parts, for now.

in which they meet Amanda Palmer )

2. West Texas: word count - 3886, again including some bracket-y bits and chat-ficcing with self. Some extraordinarily gracious ladies have been helping me think through aspects of this one, so it's rolling faster than the word-count might suggest. I think the last thing I shared was from the Brendon/Spencer storyline; this is a scene from the Ryan/Greta, which is total, total porn. And yet still possibly ridiculous. Notes: orgasm denial/edging, and (I think) subtle (but SSC!) d/S themes. Also, have I mentioned, PORN. Right. Hiding now.

this may end up as a deleted scene. )

3. Puppies - word count: 2937, a significant chunk of which is bracket-y notes. This will probably end up being split into two stories. (Because apparently I can't write anything without creating a massive universe. Damn it.) This scene may or may not end up in the final product; I like it, but I'm not sure it takes the story (either of them) where I want it to go.

playtime on a rainy afternoon )

4. Random (terribly neglected) Brendon/Greta -- word count: 464; this poor little story is so neglected I don't even have bracket-y bits for it. So far it's just the two of them hanging out in Ryan's backyard, talking.

the entire story as it currently stands )


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