Jul. 31st, 2013

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- Panic's new guitarist is: Kenneth Harris (The Films), former bandmate of one of their producers.

- Spencer posted this yesterday: http://www.panicatthedisco.com/post/56931913734/a-message-from-spencer

To which all I have is holy shit, dude and also that I am really, really glad he got help and is still alive. I'm still processing this news and how it may or may not change some of the ways i understand the split and Panic's subsequent trajectory.

It definitely does change the context of Brendon being more in the media eye for this album cycle. I'm sure he really does like all the attention, but I can also see how him taking the brunt of the glare might be to give Spencer some breathing room.
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ETA2: Additional Troll bulletin below.

I find I can't even be mad. If I could have spent my late '20s lolling around the house with my cats, I would have.

And I can see why he wouldn't just say "fuck it" and release the music, because he really would have to tour to promote it, at this point, or else it won't sell, and if it won't sell, then that could fuck things up later.
troll bulletin: ryan likes resting, also, his cat )
ETA: There's no news. The Troll was fucking with us. Again. Now I'm annoyed that I fell for it AND irritated that he's such a tool.
in which I fell for the troll's bait. again. )


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