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Appreciated a song called "I'm stalkin' you", probably by Dante vs Zombies; was excited about a Nerves Tribute release party; wished a friend in Abe Vigoda (band, not dude) a happy birthday; watched Investigations into an Invisible World, noted even the president of Iceland believes in elves; noted that there was a lot of discussion of planetary alignment/2012 doomsday scenarios going around his work, and that he's really into "space emo" (WHAT?); was excited about a Black Apples CD review; various gig annoucements, one with Devon Williams one with the Black Apples one house party in a barn, band unknown; wished for booze while getting a haircut; congratulated a friend on being on TV; wondered why everyone he knows has a "shit ton" of cats in one household (Has Ryan become a cat farmer now too??); asked the universe to grant him an apartment he wanted; said "one thing at a time"; and then noted he didn't understand album leaks and he didn't remember TYV record ever leaking. (Oh, Nikolai, there's a reason for that . . .)
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Oh dear, I have neglected him, haven't I? Well, here it is, since Dec. 1:

Rt'd a friend talking about Men in Black; watched the Monsters are Due on Maple Street episode of the Twilight Zone; shared a link about radiation in Fallujah that has since gone defunct; visited San Francisco for Slumberland Records birthday and played "twee pop covers" with Devon Williams at Amnesia (bar) and later was keen to get home to hide under his covers and also grumpy about smashing sticks as they are $9 a pair (!); took in a Part Time Punks/ The Mantles/Catwalk show; rt'd a link to the Syd Barrett coloring book (apparently part of a "doomed poet" series that includes Ian Curtis from Joy Division, all I can say is ERGH);

really, really tl;dr )

Phew. Goodness. Now here's hoping he'll share more about these "other projects" that the members of TYV are working on . . .
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1. Nick Murray posted to his personal Tumblr confirming the hiatus (I keep wanting to type "split" there) on Friday night, but so far no comments has appeared on any offical TYV spaces, and Ryan has not yet directly acknowledged anything unusual is going on. He did go to a hockey game, though, and also mentioned Blood Ninja, who it turns out was an old-school IRC prankster who used to have epically faily cyber-sex with people and then share the transcripts. Also, at some point in the last week or two, Ryan broke one of his fingers, which may or may not have anything to do with his relative Twitter silence.

2. And because I got a question about this one this morning - Ryan said: "Jesus I'm gonna next some People I follow real soon this is bullshit lately."

It looks like gibberish, but it isn't. "Next"-ing people comes from speed-dating, wherein you meet with prospective partners for 3 minutes each. The implied "joke" is about someone hollering "NEXT!" when they encounter someone they know they don't like in the first 30 seconds. It's also a Chat Roulette reference.

3. Jon's comment about going to a mountain is probably about skiing, which is something he's tweeted about before. Also he's changed his icon again, and is now using the same one as is on his Facebook page.
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NOTE: I'll edit Ryan and The Like into this post tomorrow!

Andy: Lost his Spinal Tap VHS tape (?!); attended a Republic of Lights record release show, where Suns were also playing (RoL is his old band, Suns are apparently friends) and had a rough day, got a cold and needed soup.

Nick: You know what Nick Murray loves? HALLOWEEN. Also, Halloween and horror movies and videos. Mentioned or linked: Tim Curry in The Worst Witch (YouTube); Halloween Punch (YouTube); Joe Dante's MANT! part 1 (YouTube); The Curse of the Werewolf; 100 kills / final destination 2; Night of the Creeps, Monster Squad, Black Sunday, Night of the Living Dead; and also Footloose (1984) Kevin Bacon dance in the fast food with shalamar (YouTube) in the context of hoping his Halloween would be like that just with more werewolf masks, booze and fog machines, and finally, Oh My God! Dogs in Halloween Costumes. Get Your Puppy Website (YouTube). Also, he wants to bring back late-night horror TV complete with hosts, he bought a fog machine on the grounds he'd re-use it, re-uploaded his most excellent Halloween mix a couple of times, William Castle and Mario Bava gave him insomnia; and thinks Halloween should be a national holiday. Nick Murray is DEDICATED to sp00ky, creepy, slimy and scary motion, you guys. And I totally, totally love him for it.

Also discussed the general decline of Western civilization; that "Social services, dmv, and cubicles, these are not places human beings are meant to spend time in"; looked for cheap/free things to do in LA; had a moment of clarity at very early in the morning; various promotional tweets for the new Black Apples record and some shows; shared the TYV Daytrotter link; supported the movement to save CA's state parks; quoted a reality TV line about needing sleep; shared a link to This Is How Michael Caine Speaks - The Trip - BBC Two (YouTube) and also La Sera - Never Come Around (YouTube);

wanted to be underwater; was unimpressed with The Beatles iTunes debut; encouraged us to opt-out of the new airport scanners; was sick and annoyed by construction; lost his voice and was subjected to Chris Cornell's new record as a result; conducted a Food Experiment and made a magnificent Thanksgiving Cake out of mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, turkey, sweet potatoes and stuffing; and thoroughly enjoyed his birthday (Nov. 29).
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Panic! at the Disco

Spencer remains a sexy sphinx; Brendon noted his 100,000+ followers (a huge jump from where he was earlier this summer!); may possibly have had to look up "incorrigible" (he didn't quite use it properly in context); seemed to be pleased it was raining; and his best girl beat him at Wii bowling, which he attributed to her wearing bowling shoes while playing. (They are so ridiculous and adorable. ♥Brendon & Sarah♥)

The Like

Went out on their West Coast mini-tour - in addition to various show announcements, there was some wordplay with fans and also Hunter Burgan of AFI (!), a note about listening to the Beach Boys, a comment about being able to fry an egg in the van, and finally a tweet about Annie learning French and Z sleeping while the others drove/DJ'd that later got deleted. They also shared a picture of some fans; asked for shopping advice in Portland; shared three videos from their ICA (London) performance; wished both John Lennon and Alex Greenwald a happy birthday; shared a picture from a Kate Spade party they apparently went to/played at; departed on their mini-European tour; shared a blog post full of pictures from the Paris show; rode in a water taxi in Rotterdam & have video to prove it (Z's expression at the end is really funny); hung out with an elephant in Hamburg; someone's (Z's?) inner 12 yr old was ecstatic to be at at Nickleodeon with slime and later playing a show with Jamiroquai; shared a Kate Spade video; and finally noted the passing of Ari Up (The Slits) with sadness.

NB: There was also tweet with a link to blog post I think from Brussels, that was in French, which they seem to have since deleted. When I read it, the review was positive towards them but - and this is based on a somewhat fractured Google translation - did seem to have a kind of strange, gross undertone of "if you don't like them you must be gay" which may or may not be why they deleted it.

The Young Veins )
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Brendon: Would love to believe in life on Mars, and so maybe he will; also he is looking forward to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Spencer: Has no thoughts that he wishes to share with the Internets at this time.

The Young Veins:

Jon goes first this week, since he has the most exciting news! I (and the rest of the Internet) am taking that "engaged!" to mean "to be married." Woooo! Congratulations, Mr. Walker. He also noted the 5 year anniversary of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, though, strangely, not the release of the video for Take a Vacation. Further Twitter-related data points: both MTV Buzzworthy and OneHaven tweeted video-related news solely to Ryan and the band twitter; I have a suspicion that the band twitter is run by Nick Murray.

Ryan on the other hand, made no mention of Fever at all, but did RT the band twitter and MTV's tweets about the video and (as it turned out) his solo appearance on Subterranean. Also noted that having an immortal enemy was way worse than having a mortal enemy; complained about the long lasting effects of Tylenol PM; recommended Who is Harry Nilsson? (movie); noted that the B-52s sang the theme song for Rocko's Modern Life (Nickelodean cartoon, 1993-1996); asked the internet what constituted a "floppy appearance", but didn't specify what it was that was supposed to appear floppy; RT'd a comment from Ponytail Groovin' about them both being from the same part of the wrong side of the tracks (so maybe PG isn't Greenwald?); shared that his iPhone corrects "bonehead" to "vinegars" and was possibly puzzled that it was vinegars, plural;

shared a picture of the beach followed by a RT of CNN's story about LA's record high temperature; was puzzled by the popularity of the martini glass on the grounds that it looks like a plate (what martini glasses have you been drinking out of, Ryan??); bit a baby on the head (the following exchange with a friend suggests baby = puppy, in this case, which may or may not be related to the "floppy appearance" query); wished people only had 140 characters in real life; wasn't sure if he'd rather go to a The Like show or watch a new episode of Tosh.0 (he later showed up in the picture TL shared from the casino); had some beef jerky in Baker; and narrowly missed rescuing Shane Valdes from waiting by the side of the road for a towtruck. The tow truck discussion included a reference to Adventures in Babysitting by Shane and the hook-hand killer urban legend by Ryan.

Andy: Went out Trick or Treating (already?) and asked the internet what curfew was supposed to be while noting that he knew he had to be home by the time the street lights were on.

Nick: Wished another fan a happy birthday; offered to trade a present to whoever could get him into Knott's Scary Farm for free; was possibly mildly annoyed that he's been into alien disclosures lately; saw Pavement and Sonic Youth and remembered why he grew out of Pavement at 17 but felt Sonic Youth's set was too short; rt'd his other band's (Black Apples) appearance in a Pepsi commercial though he had to work the morning it was shot; and finally wanted to beat the heat by sitting in a nice cold air conditioned theater and watching horror movies.

The Like: Took in a Daria (cartoon, MTV, 1997-2002) marathon on the Logo network; Z got her stitches out at her pediatrician's office; various West Coast tour related announcements; shared a link to their interview with Nemone at BBC6; also rt'd the CNN headline about the heatwave; RT'd comic Jordan Rubin's comment about Mad Men, 1980s-style; drove through the Mojave listening to Bowie; Annie got 21 at blackjack her first time in Vegas, ; Wishing He Was Dead appeared in the 9/30 episode of Gray's Anatomy; and finally RT'd two pieces of fan art which were renditions of themselves as The Beatles.
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Panic!: Brendon was very excited about football; Spencer continues his Silent Bob impression.

Related news: Per Zack's twitter, the three of them apparently had dinner with Ryan!! We were not, however, granted a reprise of The Picture (Now With Spencer). The picture we did get was of a horribly tacky novelty item involving a pun on the name of Martin Luther King Jr. I am unsure what, if any, information should be inferred from it. I'm currently leaning towards "none, also, ew."

the young veins )

The Like: Played the Inverted World and the the Old Queen's Head, and then Z concluded the tour by falling down some stairs and cutting her chin open, needing seven (!) stitches. She shared pictures of the stitching process AND the final closed cut which, YIKES, and also wryly noted her eye make-up had survived the escapade intact. Someone heard "Walk of Shame" in TopShop; they shared a before-fall picture of Z with a stylized cartoon of, I think, Twiggy, and Z rt'd a fan drawing of a stylized "baby" Z with a big bow on her head, noting that it was awesome but the artist had forgotten to include her injured chin.
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Brendon: Thanked Polish fans for their video "thank you" to the band for playing at Coke Fest and rt'd Dallon sharing a link to an Inception-themed cat video. I haven't seen the movie so I have no idea what any of it is supposed to mean. But there's a comically wide-eyed cat and dramatic music, so it's not a painful two minutes, or whatever.

Spencer: Completed two full months of radio silence.

the young veins )

The Like: Assorted promotional and show related chatter, including a reminder that the Birmingham show was cancelled; shared links to their Reading/Leeds interview and live conversation on BBC 6Music (today). The biggest news was probably that the opener for their Brighton show was Johnny Borrell of Razorlight's new band. They didn't give a name, and the one show report I read said 1) the name isn't known, 2) the new band sounds like "Americana with Beck influences" and finally 3) the band members who were not Johnny Borrell came out in vests and cowboy hats. All I can wonder is if "He's Not a Boy" is actually about Borrell and if so, if it was at all awkward playing it with him right there.
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ETA: Re: latest LJ shenanigans, please don't cross-post anything here (content or comments) to Twitter or Facebook. Thanks! - sailor

Okay, so the last update was only five days ago, but I'm trying to get everyone (or rather, me) back on a regular schedule. or something. I think going forward update day will be either Sunday or Wednesday, depending on how much school is eating my head on any given week.

Panic: Brendon rt'd the link to the page with the song he did with Dallon and Ian, Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors; Spencer continues radio silence.

The Young Veins: Ryan encountered a "smiling" jalapeno and had a good "sadurday" [sic]; Nick thought being in the studio with Art Garfunkel must have been a pain and offered between-take studio chatter video as evidence, watched Into The Wormhole and joked about learning time travel to go back and get their gear, was amused by "hungover" owls, warned us all about DUI checkpoints, was sad to miss Davilla 666 (band, not girl!) but glad to see San Francisco just the same, and was generally in favor of having a good time all the time; and Jon and Andy continued radio silence.

The Like: Note: As far as I know there are two of them actually tweeting: Z and Tennessee. A very long time ago they told us tweets with "oh my lord" or "OML" were Tennessee, but either they've abandoned that one or she isn't tweeting at all. At the moment I'm operating under the assumption that anything ending in one or more "x's" is Tennessee and everything else is Z. And that at the moment Tennessee is doing the bulk of the tweeting.

Onwards to the notes: Played shows in Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham; noted that the New York Dolls were in the audience in Newcastle with what I am choosing to read as a "HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE??" tone despite the implied eyeroll of "whatever"; were sad to cancel three shows due to a family emergency on the part of one of them (:(); rt'd some fan chatter, one about going to a show, one sharing a picture of their single being featured in the paper in the UK; quoted Z a possibly hungover Z asking how old Edie Sedgwick was when she died (28); posted a picture of the front of a TGI Fridays with the slogan misspelled to say "in her . . . it's always Friday" and were apparently also glad to see the TGI Fridays (caption was "thank you universe"); and also posted a picture of Z posing with an "&" symbol.
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Well. TYV had a bit of a rough week. Here's hoping things get better going forward!

Ryan: Kicked off with The Picture, then slowed with exchanges with Greenwald about dominos [pizza] is not bullshit (yes it is, Ryan; I mean I'll eat it if there isn't anything else, but surely you can do better in Los Angeles?), Vincent Perini (formerly of Soft (band), also Greenwald's housemate) about dressing like a cowboy as a child and, if I'm reading right, a difference of opinion about Stevie Ray Vaughn (Vincent: likes him; Ryan: may not), and also an Orgeon-trail flavored exchange with Nick Murray, followed by an observation that life is just a pizza party. And then (cue dramatic music) their trailer and all of their equipment got stolen from outside Ryan's house. I'm interpreting the tweets that follow to mean he and Greenwald went driving around looking for it and found it at the gas station. The next day was his birthday; he appreciated the happy birthday tweets and then had to go talk to the police. He had also tweeted the link to the FB post with the list of gear, but it's gone now. Also, his last comment was, in total: "It's the end of an error."

Jon: Has completed 2nd week of radio silence.

Nick Murray: Puzzling exchange with Ryan about "put a bonnet on it" which I suspect is some Oregon Trail-influenced injoke related to "put a ring on it"; shared a link to a Black Apples show; was pleased with his cheap but delicious Indian food veggie dinner; rec'd some bands to a fan (see his Tumblr for details); agreed to make a special ring tone for Will Noon (himself going "heh heh heh"); fed horses at 2AM and got bitten by barbed wire for his trouble; tweeted the FB link to the post about their stolen gear, but later deleted it after Ryan tweeted it; shared a picture of a pretty sunset and a link to making yourself into a vinyl record after you die; was unhappy with LA public transportation; was grumpy about LA smog (also later deleted); wished a fan a happy birthday and thanked another one for a record store rec; was distressed that California didn't okay the plastic bag ban; and posted a link to a John Lennon/Van Halen Imagine/Jump! mash-up that is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

Andy: Only one update, and that not of significance.
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but first, a special note about The Picture: OMG YOU GUYS. I had to blink at it very sleepily for a good 30 second before my brain parsed that that was Ryan sitting next to Brendon. And that it wasn't 'shopped. ♥♥♥♥!

But onwards to the main show:

Nick Murray: I think I've been spoiled by other people's (relative) radio silence, because now when I get to him I'm kind of like, WOAH, CHATTYPANTS. But at least he has interesting things to say. )

Andy: Was also Mr. Chattypants on tour, but has been quiet(er) now that he's back in Chicago. I don't have much, here, just that he seems to echo their general collective affection for Hooters and he really, REALLY likes the White Sox.

the expanded version )
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Ryan A certain amount of general tour and promotional chatter (highlights from tour: he and nick m got chucked out of a bar; he mistook a keyboard for a power bar (?!); and apparently he gets dressed in parking lots); grumbled a little bit about comments he must have received on the record about the songs being boring; compared Chuck Berry to Babe Ruth; expressed his appreciation for America's Funniest Home Videos and The Office and his lack of appreciation for Oasis, Nirvana and Lost; attended a The Like show and got kicked in the face in the pit (his response: ?!?!); observed Mother's Day; played in a The Like show when Z Berg's arm was injured (according to him it was injured by him, but he didn't say how it came to happen); was baffled by the Irish section of a karaoke menu; had a nightmare starring Stewie from Family Guy; told a "dad joke"; joined Alex Greenwald in a celebration of Bob Dylan's birthday; and, finally, he was awarded a "Boyfriend of the Year" trophy by Z Berg. Also, when they came back from tour he changed his background from himself smoking to a concert shot of himself playing guitar.

Jon: For a while his icon was Desmond, from Lost, but then he changed it to a surprisingly nice picture of his face. Musical selections included Edwin Starr, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and then for a refreshing change of pace, MC Hammer. Also he quoted his own lyrics. There were as usual lots of pictures -- of his pets, of Ryan, of his Scrabble games, of a quote from Miss Piggy -- and also he shared a link to a video of a TYV performanc, told two Chuck Norris jokes, and observed Mother's Day. Finally, he trolled Ryan a little bit (I think) by suggesting Joe Jonas would be at one of their shows.

Nick Murray A lot of music (he goes to a LOT of shows), and a lot of video, including a REALLY FUCKING CREEPY clip from a documentary about Tiffany's stalkers. Oh my god, just five minutes seriously gave me the howling fantods. Anyway. Moving on. He also shared links to a bunch of news stories about, variously, California's budget woes, the oil spill, and Arizona threatening to cut off California's power over a proposed boycott of the state over the immigration law. Nick Murray: lives in the real world. It's kind of refreshing. He also kept up steady communications with fans, and answerd a question about presents with "yes! socks, bracelets, drawings, polaroids of landscapes, soul/surf 45s, bananas, pre-stamped blank postcards..." I am now envisioning their merch table piled high with bananas.

Andy Still not particularly chatty, though when he does spark up he talks a lot about food -- hamburgers and tacos -- as well as some general chatter with fans. He also shared a picture of a book about NASA conspiracy theories and, briefly, The Young Veins writing a song. Which he then took down because OOPS, there was his email on the Internet.
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Andy: A mixture of general "we're on the road" chatter/photographs and corny jokes; musical selection encompass Soul Asylum, Destiny's Child, Ween and a totally random Russian boyband. And he watched White Men Can't Jump.

Nick: Highlight: Evidently there is (or was) a musical movement called the Paisley Underground , and a band called Oh No Oh is part of the resurgence of that movement. Other notes: he seemed to enjoy SXSW, he really loves both spicy food and Montreal, the music at Stone Mountain (the "confederate theme park") got on his nerves, he wished everyone a Happy Easter with a link to a picspam of puppies eating ice cream, and if I'm interpreting correctly, they watched Fool's Gold three times in a few short span of days. There was also some general tour chatter and pictures of the "tour fox". Finally, he boycotts McDonalds.

Jon: Mostly general tour/promotional chatter, interspersed with pictures of his bandmates (mostly Ryan), his dog, and the view out the van window, and a few cryptic, elliptical comments. And at least one about the split that was not cryptic at all. (He also noted the MTV Musical March Madness Panic! v. TYV matchup; I inserted a tone of arch amusement, for that tweet.) Highlights from the tour chatter: they went to a German bakery and played some minigolf in Albany. (Interestingly, he didn't tweet about Stone Mountain.)

Ryan: Some general tour/promotional chatter, mixed in with pictures taken out the window of the van, pictures of random things encountered in his travels, and pictures of himself cuddling with one of the tour foxes; some discussion of MTV Musical March Madness; musical selections included the Beastie Boys, Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed and Elvis; and mentions of day-off activities including the German bakery, a petting zoo, a picture from Stone Mountain, and mini-golf in Albany. He wrapped up with a picture of his pajama-clad knees at breakfast (Super Mario Brother print! and slippers! who brings slippers on a van tour??) and rt'd a funny comment from the Bad Rabbits.
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Big picture note: Well! This was a busy week, what with new pictures, new MySpace design (everything is now pale green and gray/black, and they've changed the font on the header; also it looks like Nick M. may be in charge of web-related things), being signed by One Haven Music AND more or less officially adding a fifth member, keyboardist Nick White from Tilly and the Wall. Who does not appear to have a twitter, though it must be said I didn't spend more than 30 seconds looking to see if he had one. And they are playing their first show tonight, in Los Angeles, before heading out on tour next week.

Ryan Began with wishing he could be a T-Rex (*rawr* CHOMP), announced their first show, mentioned trying to start a night of "Classic Culkin" and that his blanket smelled like play-doh, made a sandwich and noted that he "eats like a nine year old", told Greenwald that Donnie Brasco was on TV again; shared pictures of a beat-to-shit truck with "Change" written on the back in red tape, a vintage amp, and the test pressing of Take a Vacation!; retweeted NickM's joke about Scientology and another friend's joke about Ke$ha; participated in the elliptical "nature" and "who knew?" discussion Jon seems to be having with himself; and tried (and failed) to make a trending topic out of a running in-joke with his friends. He finished up the week with changing his background to a picture in which he seems to be smoking and making a vaguely claw-like gesture with his other hand, and his icon to a picture which he appears only from the neck down, pointing at the infamous Sheriff badge on his guitar strap.

Oh, and, according to, LA division, he has recently bought a house. With a moat. And a drawbridge. &RYAN;

Jon: A fairly musical week, with selections from The Beatles, an episode of The Office, Loverboy and Empires. Also he was apparently busy discussing "nature, who knew?" with himself and googling random stuff (youngest beard and consortist), but I couldn't find anything for Fred Lynch, swamp expert. And of course he was promoting the TYV show.

Nick M. Lots of music this week -- apparently he's revisiting all of Blur's records, and also there was a link to video of a band called the Flat Duo Jets, a picture of the cover of a "kid soul" compilation record, he went to a Jail Weddings show, and played another show with the Black Apples. In other news, the Alice in Wonderland posters gave him bad vibes; Levi's used him in their in-store ad without his permission, he told a joke referencing Interpol and Scientology, and, based on some exchanges with fans, I think he may be in charge of TYV-related web stuff. Finally, he mentioned that there will be more than one TYV tour this year.

Andy: Got the internet back and proceeded to be pleased to see us, collectively; shared "relationship rules" that kind of made my head explode and a picture of himself in which he looks less like Jon Walker than he did before; expressed his appreciation for Cinnamon Toast Crunch; quoted Miley Cyrus (I mentally added a sarcastic inflection, but that may or may not be the case); and asked Ryan if he could eat the blanket that smells of play-doh. Musically, he referenced songs by The Cyrkle and The Beatles song, and his neighbor inflicted some Savage Garden upon him. Finally, he shares a birthday with Shaggy and Timothy Leary (Oct. 22), and thinks the "#thingsuglypeoplesay" topic is ridiculous, because he "wasn't aware we have our own language".
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Ryan: A fairly musical week, between promoting shows for friends (Michael Runion, The Like, Gold Motel/Greta, The Black Apples), song mentions (Jumper, Third Eye Blind; two Metallica songs; and then at the end of the week he conflated CS&N's "Our House" with Madness' "Our House"), sharing Jon's joke about Ricky Martin, and concluding with something about a Dylan/Beatles show that I concluded had an implied "and then I woke up" at the end. There was also some discussion with Greenwald about some mysterious missing tapes that may hold TYV back from a record deal. He also noticed the Olympics were on, in the sense that he congratulated Team USA on beating Canada at hockey and made a crack about The Office being more interesting than ice dancing.

Other highlights: went to Universal Studios (I think? I don't know where else a replica of Whoville would be); threatened to cut his hair; shared an outtake from the first TYV photoshoot (I seriously am not sure if that was Andy or Jon in the picture) and also posted a picture of the tour poster. The tour poster featured a drawing of the lead singer of Foxy Shazam striking a "King Kong" pose on the top of the Empire State Building and catching a plane in his hand.

Jon: Another image heavy week, featuring a pictures of Ryan bowling and someone (probably Ryan) playing the guitar, one of a bonfire, one of a rain LA afternoon, and one of a dog. He also shared a picture of the tour poster, as described above; mentioned that Craig Ferguson is a genius; shared a link to a Jimi Hendrix song on YouTube; and quoted Ryan's end of their conversation about what various '90s pop stars are doing now.

Nick: Mentioned being excited to record new songs to Ryan (MORE new music??); went to a dinner party with some soul music; got stuck in traffic; shared a picture of a stuffed bear (as in taxidermy) wearing a Smokey The Bear hat, with a cigar in its mouth; referenced the CS&N "Our House", promoted the Gold Motel/Black Apples show; shared a link to a news story about a chimp who had to go to rehab; and noticed there are always a lot of expensive cars in the Taco Bell drive-in.

Andy: No substantive updates; tweeted once, to ask "you put that on twitski?" with no further context. I decided he was referring to the (possibly) lost tapes.
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Ryan Hung out with Alex Greenwald and pointedly did not watch the SuperBowl; exchanged Winnebago Man quotes with a friend and wished that the Winnebago Man had a Twitter; shared a link to some photographs of a friend of his [NB: Many of the pictures are NSFW] and also a truly hilarious blog of puppies dressed as hipsters; picked out colors for tour clothes; finally announced tour dates [nb: all references to SXSW have vanished from their MySpace, and they aren't on the SXSW page of band schedules either, the last I looked]; joined Greta in renaming Valentine's Day "Partner-in-Crime" Day; grumbled a little about his iPhone Old English-ifying his texts; and took some teasing about looking like Johnny Weir with good humor.

(Interesting that Michael Ian Black made a general sort of crack about it, not specifying which member of PaTD Weir looked like, and nearly every last one of Ryan's friends (that I'm subscribed to, anyway) took it to mean him. Wear that diva tiara with pride, bb!)

Also told Jason Boesel that his "JB" heraldry looked like the Jonas Brother crest (I'm honestly not sure if the bit about the Jonai being a favorite of his was sarcasm or not); moved out of his house and into a new one, along with his band, and shared a picture of his 8 bajillion guitars and also a lizard, in the process; and closed with a statement of a need for jackets. (Tour jackets? It isn't clear.)

Jon: Communicated almost entirely in pictures, many of which were of animals (he met a cat and a dog), though Ryan, Nick's bloody fingers, the inside of Ryan's now-empty house, and some other interiors did also appear. He also shared a link to the tour dates and a very short blog update, and apparently watched both Titanic and the short film Brendon et al did for Butch Walker, who does in fact look like a serial killer for real; finally, his comment on Valentine's Day was "love everyday."

Nick Ah-hah, "record club" is an actual event every week at El Prado, put on by Origami Vinyl! In other news: only one song this week (Werewolf, by the Frantics), but he did also urge LA people to go and see Sherman Alexie's documentary The Exiles, shared the link for tour dates and thanked us for being patient [nb: a fan sent him a link to the [ profile] young_veins DIY tour date list post, so he, at least, is theoretically aware that community exists], shared a link to the hipster puppies blog, learned how to play guitar, shared a picture from a smoggy hike, and mentioned recording new songs.

Andy: Shared a couple of pictures in which he looks really quite startlingly like Jon Walker plus one of a combination guitar-coat rack, referenced The Notebook (in disgust, on Valentine's Day) and a Blind Melon song, and went for a walk.
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SPECIAL NOTE: There will be no list posts next weekend as your humble scribe will be sailing in distant seas.

Ryan: This week seemed to be in-joke week. Or perhaps "razz Alex Greenwald about being unwashed and/or ridiculous" week. (Side note: Flamin' Hot Cheetos & pizza sandwich should be nicknamed "indigestion on a plate". My tastebuds are recoiling in fear just thinking about it. Also, I saw a Smart Car on the street here and damn those things are TINY. Greenwald probably didn't drive it because he doesn't enjoy navigating with his knees literally up his nose.) Aside from that, Ryan had a fleetingly good hair day, encouraged us to follow another friend of his on Twitter, and, I'm inferring, went to the "secret" The Like show.

Jon: Posted a picture of some trees, participated in "razz Alex Greenwald" week, informed us that his favorite actor is John Goodman, referenced a Frank Sinatra song, and told us that he and Silent Bob Andy will be "setting sail" for California soon, to meet up with Ryan, Nick and "keyboard man". (I'm guessing that keyboard man is NOT Erick, since probably would have just said Erick, if that was who he meant.) Also: this confirms my suspicion that Andy is based out of Chicago.

Nick: Was busy recording drums for nine hours (!) and later admiring a golden moon, then apparently de-cluttered his life in preparation for couch-surfing; answered Michael Runion's trivia question; mentioned a bunch of music (Yes, Montell Jordan, Black Apples, Abe Vigoda (band), High Places); reassured some fans that tour dates are coming soon and also there will be multiple tours; mulled the wisdom of letting Levi's pay him a relatively tiny amount of money to use a picture of him dancing in their store window; and finally played a show with The Black Apples.

Andy: Had quite a chatty week, in which he went to the sushi market; discussed being Very Serious About His Waffles; told a fan the tour would go at least near Little Rock, AR; apparently ran into difficulties at the passport agency (is this a sign that they may be going to Canada, too?) and made a comment to Jon Walker re: the usefulness of maps.
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Ryan Somebody (possibly a member of The Like) finally taught him how to use a DVR; he used his powers to record episodes of America's Funniest Home Videos and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also played a short round of Twitpic tag with Greenwald, informed us that someone has recently compared him to Benjamin Button (!), quoted Thomas Jefferson, failed to see Daybreakers, commented on Zack's puzzling Hannah Montana reference with "at least we did it first", lost his glasses, was disingenuously baffled as to how he might have gotten one of his friends more followers (and then later, for added hilarity, made a Follow Friday out of a different friend), proposed a new but apparently short drinking game to play with the movie Taken, and shared pictures of a bottle of vodka with his name on it (the date on the label suggests it was birthday vodka) and the full moon. Other things he didn't do this week: Tape the pilot of Michael Runion's talk show. The reason for this is as yet unknown.

Jon: Shared a picture of himself and his gf; told Black Gold to have fun in Australia; posted a link to a Built to Spill song; finally shared tour/cd release news (or, rather, news of impending news) in clear and specific language; told us about two books, one about cat-watching (oh, LOL, Jon Walker; also, reading the Amazon description, the cats in the book all seem to come to violent ends -- I'm a LOL sensitive cat owner so I won't be reading that one, though the title IS intriguing) and another about competitive Scrabble; photographed his beer, quoted a song (The Fool on the Hill) that seems to have been done by multiple people - I put down the Beatles version as it seems the most likely; got trapped in a conversation with an old person, and finally possibly mentioned a song by The Romantic Tragedy (Seven Days Make One Weak). Then again it might just be a bad pun. Also, while the continued presence of the Beatles seems to indicate the planet is rotating on its axis as it should, the appearance of Built to Spill causes me to make a contemplative face at my monitor.

Nick: A lot of music again this week (Elvis, the Growlers, The Black Apples, Derek Martin) and two live shows (Lucky Dragons, the Runion Birthday Extravaganza -- he later deleted the tweet from the latter), and one YouTube clip of a cat being "moved" by a ghost. Also he wants to see The Tooth Fairy, the dog in his icon is a girl dog and her name is Lola, his favorite coffee shop is apparently full of professors, and his car is not a piece of junk, it's just special! Finally, he admired the wolf moon, and Mars next to it.

Andy: No updates this week.
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Ryan: Following some prodding from a friend, resumed more or less regular service. And then proceeded to tweet about food (Little Caesers, Thai) and suspicious apple soda (Manzanita Sol is delicius Mexican soda, Ryan, just drink it!), promote a Michael Runion/Jason Boesel/Z Berg show in LA next week, and, this is the best part, he (Ryan) is going to be a guest on the pilot of Runion's talk show. Which is taping next week and will allegedly someday be available on the internets for everyone to see. I, personally, cannot wait. Also he retweeted Z Berg's picture of himself and Greenwald, which she captioned "Lovers reunited". Though it must be said he did grumble a little bit about the caption. Finally, he told us he (or rather, "Boy Orbison" which LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL okay, Ryan Rossy) wasn't feeling well and asked if we had ever wished we had sharper teeth.

Jon: Finally had his wisdom teeth out, and was anxious before and unsurprisingly sore afterwards. Nonetheless he was soon quoting Singing in the Rain and also Home Alone; a John Lennon quote and a Beatles song (I'm So Tired) also made appearances this week. (I feel like should add "and finally all is right with the world" to that sentence.) And there was a nod to the ongoing Leno/Conan kerfluffle and something about underestimating a pear. Finally, how could I forget, he also retweeted the "Lovers reunited" photograph, and has apparently re-subscribed to Brendon and Spencer, though not Zack, and his icon still looks like Prince Valiant.

Nick Received a surprise visit from a turtle (tortoise?); mentioned a whole bunch of music/music-related items, including a Kate Bush/Peter Gabriel song, some African blues, Huey "Piano" Smith, retweeting a link to a blog dedicated to garage rock originating from Spanish-speaking countries (, and mentioning that someone had put "Danger Zone" and "We Will Rock You" on the Friday playlist where he works. He also gently reassured us that tour info is coming soon, really and truly, wished The Smell (?!) a happy birthday, and had some car-related adventures (broken windsheild wipers, overheating).

Andy Evidently watched a lot of movies; he doesn't mention which ones, so . . . no substantive update for him this week.

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A day early this week because my weekend is going to be . . . complicated:

Ryan: Too busy organizing a tour (yay!!!!) to do more than encourage us to buy Jason Boesel's new record Hustler's Son and quote a line from the classic screwball comedy film It Happened One Night (1934).

Jon: Informed us the Clover is a Mighty, Mighty Hunter and Sister Act is his favorite musical; quoted American Pie 2 (I'm taking it as him telling us about tour in his own elliptical, non-sequitor, opaque fashion); and asked the internet about both Farmville and Facebook.

Nick: Told us about tour in clear and mostly-precise terms; encouraged everyone to donate to the Red Cross/others to help earthquake victims in Haiti; was surprised by the death of Jay Reatard; discussed a song with Jail Weddings (band) and the Conan/Leno thing with a friend, and also shared a link to a Corey Haim video that is a really amazing trainwreck from sometime in the 1990s. (Haim rambles on many subjects, including kissing. I had to turn it off.)

Andy: No really substantive updates; he did have a couple of exchanges with fans, expressed happiness to be going out on tour and promised to use Twitter more. I decided the "night on the town" tweet was to vague to qualify as a specific reference, though I suppose he could also have been talking about tour.


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