Apr. 29th, 2012

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The bandmate's name is Danny Fujikawa, and he is formerly of Chief, an indie-pop band from Southern California that went kersplitzky last June due to "personal and musical differences." He was in that band with one of his brothers and two other dudes. I listened to their one record and while it was ok it did not light up my world. (There was one song I really liked and several I wouldn't mind listening to while waiting for another act to come on. They got as far as "not a terrible way to spend half an hour.")

(He is also apparently Ryan's roommate.)

He also has written a song with Ryan before, for TYV, which was Young Veins (Die Tonight), which I rather liked, so that's also promising.

And yes he did also have a hand in "Light Brown," which for those of you who missed it when it surfaced a week or so ago, is less of a song and more of a "hey, let's dick around with a synthesizer and a microphone and make the internets lose their minds!"

Light Brown feat Ryan Ross and Danny Fujikawa by DJShaneMorris

Meanwhile, Danny was on twitter at @gymcarrey and has so far been a very good sport about, uh, everything. And by "good sport" I mean, has already used Twitter to flirt with Ryan, followed two fans, and rolled with the inevitable queries about if he's dating Ryan. (Answer: No.) (Dear fandom: please don't ruin it. okay? please? xo sailor)

He has even uploaded one of his own songs so we can listen to it. THIS I'm totally digging. (Note: The synths are echoey and choppy on purpose.)

We Aren't We In Love by DannyFujikawa

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