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Per Dallon, they have a guitarist.

No name released yet, though.

I've seen at least one Tumblr post inviting us to contemplate the magic of Kevin Jonas in the role. Now that line of speculation isn't new, but it nonetheless amuses me.

Kevin Jonas.

It kind of makes me giggle hysterically.

I mean it really would be funny. Can you imagine? Adding a Jonas brother to the existing circus? COMPLETE CHAOS.

(I have no thoughts on who it might actually be; I presume some young talented but until now relatively unknown will have won the lottery, as it were, and have to tell all of his friends and family to brace themselves because he's part of a pop juggarnaut now.)

Panic! is kind of at an interesting place in their development. Eight years (counting from AFYCSO) as a band feels like a long time, now. Nine years if you count from the very beginning.

To give you an idea: After 8 or 9 years together, Mötley Crüe made Dr. Feelgood. Coldplay made X&Y. (And on the other end of the scale, Pearl Jam made Binaural and Poison put out a greatest hits album.)

They've certainly been on a roller-coaster: backwater baby band who hadn't played a single show to superfamous practically overnight, line-up changes, a steep drop in popularity, the split, the triumphant (kind of) return, more line-up changes. And they did all of that while living on internet time.

Now here they are again, new line-up, new sound, new public presentation, i.e. Brendon Urie's ongoing transition to dramatic, dynamic frontman.

(Oh he was always dramatic and dynamic, I know, but this seems like . . . a new level of positioning. Like he's stepping up his game. Or else his PR people are.)

I'm excited to see what's going to happen. Bring it, gentlemen.


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