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Jon Walker has returned! Kind of. He's monosyllabically thanked everyone for their birthday wishes, changed his picture (to one of himself, sitting on a bench, a packed bag nearby, in what could be a backstage area) and adjusted his location to Chicago. He's still following no-one, however.
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Andy: A mixture of general "we're on the road" chatter/photographs and corny jokes; musical selection encompass Soul Asylum, Destiny's Child, Ween and a totally random Russian boyband. And he watched White Men Can't Jump.

Nick: Highlight: Evidently there is (or was) a musical movement called the Paisley Underground , and a band called Oh No Oh is part of the resurgence of that movement. Other notes: he seemed to enjoy SXSW, he really loves both spicy food and Montreal, the music at Stone Mountain (the "confederate theme park") got on his nerves, he wished everyone a Happy Easter with a link to a picspam of puppies eating ice cream, and if I'm interpreting correctly, they watched Fool's Gold three times in a few short span of days. There was also some general tour chatter and pictures of the "tour fox". Finally, he boycotts McDonalds.

Jon: Mostly general tour/promotional chatter, interspersed with pictures of his bandmates (mostly Ryan), his dog, and the view out the van window, and a few cryptic, elliptical comments. And at least one about the split that was not cryptic at all. (He also noted the MTV Musical March Madness Panic! v. TYV matchup; I inserted a tone of arch amusement, for that tweet.) Highlights from the tour chatter: they went to a German bakery and played some minigolf in Albany. (Interestingly, he didn't tweet about Stone Mountain.)

Ryan: Some general tour/promotional chatter, mixed in with pictures taken out the window of the van, pictures of random things encountered in his travels, and pictures of himself cuddling with one of the tour foxes; some discussion of MTV Musical March Madness; musical selections included the Beastie Boys, Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed and Elvis; and mentions of day-off activities including the German bakery, a petting zoo, a picture from Stone Mountain, and mini-golf in Albany. He wrapped up with a picture of his pajama-clad knees at breakfast (Super Mario Brother print! and slippers! who brings slippers on a van tour??) and rt'd a funny comment from the Bad Rabbits.
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Big picture note: Well! This was a busy week, what with new pictures, new MySpace design (everything is now pale green and gray/black, and they've changed the font on the header; also it looks like Nick M. may be in charge of web-related things), being signed by One Haven Music AND more or less officially adding a fifth member, keyboardist Nick White from Tilly and the Wall. Who does not appear to have a twitter, though it must be said I didn't spend more than 30 seconds looking to see if he had one. And they are playing their first show tonight, in Los Angeles, before heading out on tour next week.

Ryan Began with wishing he could be a T-Rex (*rawr* CHOMP), announced their first show, mentioned trying to start a night of "Classic Culkin" and that his blanket smelled like play-doh, made a sandwich and noted that he "eats like a nine year old", told Greenwald that Donnie Brasco was on TV again; shared pictures of a beat-to-shit truck with "Change" written on the back in red tape, a vintage amp, and the test pressing of Take a Vacation!; retweeted NickM's joke about Scientology and another friend's joke about Ke$ha; participated in the elliptical "nature" and "who knew?" discussion Jon seems to be having with himself; and tried (and failed) to make a trending topic out of a running in-joke with his friends. He finished up the week with changing his background to a picture in which he seems to be smoking and making a vaguely claw-like gesture with his other hand, and his icon to a picture which he appears only from the neck down, pointing at the infamous Sheriff badge on his guitar strap.

Oh, and, according to, LA division, he has recently bought a house. With a moat. And a drawbridge. &RYAN;

Jon: A fairly musical week, with selections from The Beatles, an episode of The Office, Loverboy and Empires. Also he was apparently busy discussing "nature, who knew?" with himself and googling random stuff (youngest beard and consortist), but I couldn't find anything for Fred Lynch, swamp expert. And of course he was promoting the TYV show.

Nick M. Lots of music this week -- apparently he's revisiting all of Blur's records, and also there was a link to video of a band called the Flat Duo Jets, a picture of the cover of a "kid soul" compilation record, he went to a Jail Weddings show, and played another show with the Black Apples. In other news, the Alice in Wonderland posters gave him bad vibes; Levi's used him in their in-store ad without his permission, he told a joke referencing Interpol and Scientology, and, based on some exchanges with fans, I think he may be in charge of TYV-related web stuff. Finally, he mentioned that there will be more than one TYV tour this year.

Andy: Got the internet back and proceeded to be pleased to see us, collectively; shared "relationship rules" that kind of made my head explode and a picture of himself in which he looks less like Jon Walker than he did before; expressed his appreciation for Cinnamon Toast Crunch; quoted Miley Cyrus (I mentally added a sarcastic inflection, but that may or may not be the case); and asked Ryan if he could eat the blanket that smells of play-doh. Musically, he referenced songs by The Cyrkle and The Beatles song, and his neighbor inflicted some Savage Garden upon him. Finally, he shares a birthday with Shaggy and Timothy Leary (Oct. 22), and thinks the "#thingsuglypeoplesay" topic is ridiculous, because he "wasn't aware we have our own language".
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A day early this week because my weekend is going to be . . . complicated:

Ryan: Too busy organizing a tour (yay!!!!) to do more than encourage us to buy Jason Boesel's new record Hustler's Son and quote a line from the classic screwball comedy film It Happened One Night (1934).

Jon: Informed us the Clover is a Mighty, Mighty Hunter and Sister Act is his favorite musical; quoted American Pie 2 (I'm taking it as him telling us about tour in his own elliptical, non-sequitor, opaque fashion); and asked the internet about both Farmville and Facebook.

Nick: Told us about tour in clear and mostly-precise terms; encouraged everyone to donate to the Red Cross/others to help earthquake victims in Haiti; was surprised by the death of Jay Reatard; discussed a song with Jail Weddings (band) and the Conan/Leno thing with a friend, and also shared a link to a Corey Haim video that is a really amazing trainwreck from sometime in the 1990s. (Haim rambles on many subjects, including kissing. I had to turn it off.)

Andy: No really substantive updates; he did have a couple of exchanges with fans, expressed happiness to be going out on tour and promised to use Twitter more. I decided the "night on the town" tweet was to vague to qualify as a specific reference, though I suppose he could also have been talking about tour.
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Special note: Nick and Andy are now listed on TYV MySpace page as official members of the group.

ETA because I forgot: I think Ringo the cat, who showed up in one of Ryan's pictures this summer, is Z Berg's cat, or she has/knows one that looks a lot like him.

Ryan: A video-heavy week, starting with one about 3-D glasses, followed by a reference to a recording of an all-girl Juggalo mosh pit originally mentioned by Michael Runion, before wrapping up with mentions of the frozen iguanas falling out of trees on CNN, James Lipton's ant-sexting PSAs, and an echo of the sport fishing bloopers. He also pocket-tweeted then apologized for it; shared something he overheard in a bar; told us he was "depraved" as a child (I'm pretty sure he meant deprived); and joked with Greenwald about playing harmonica in Greenwald's new "band", Spooky Freckle.

Jon: As previously noted, changed his icon twice, from the distorted fun-house face picture to Megaman to a non-distorted picture of his face. He also noted that words are weird; shared a picture of his cat; mentioned he watches Roseanne and that he tried to shave but "his face said it was too cold"; quoted an episode of the Office; puzzlingly apologized for "mistweeting" someone, called "BS" on something unknown, and wished us all a Merry Christmas, though the latter one was on Epiphany, which is, in fact, Christmas in the Armenian church and is therefore possibly not all that puzzling. Anyway. He finished up with a comment about being anxious for a busy 2010.

Andy: No updates this week.

Nick: Earned himself a permanent place in my heart by quoting one of my favorite Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers songs (The Waiting); also mentioned another song by The Horrors (Scarlet Fields) and Fleetwood Mac's Tusk; mentioned a "record club" which might be a place, or, given his further conversation with someone else, might be related to Beck's music re-recording/sharing project of the same name, or some combination of those things; had some stolen 45s returned to him; and told a fan he was going to soon find out when Take a Vacation will be released. Between that and Jon Walker's "busy 2010," I'm hoping this means more music soon.
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I started this project at least in part because of the number of times I read a tweet from one of them and say What? out-loud to my screen. The last six months have, if nothing else, been a crash-course in current pop-culture, or at least, certain parts of it. The following are some general observations, an attempt at synthesis and discussion of things I have learned from annotating their public personas.

1. Film/TV

Ryan is really, really not a film snob. He does tend to be attracted to cult-favorite directors, like Woody Allan, Wes Anderson, Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton, but he's also enjoys things like Big Daddy. His favorite tv show is America's Funnies Home Videos, which, really now, that's nothing but visual comfort food. Brendon will apparently watch anything on tv, but he seems to generally appreciate musicals (Golden age and current) and comedies, with the occasional horror movie thrown in for spice. He also gravitates towards cult-favorite directors, but less so than Ryan. Spencer seems to align with Brendon (and did before the divorce, as well) in the sense that while he's clearly the resident horror movie buff, he also seems to enjoy some truly god-awful movies, I'm assuming for comedy value. (Which I say as a fan of really terrible films, by the way.) Jon has mentioned significantly fewer films than the other three, and what he has mentioned, with a few exceptions (Mall Rats and Office Space) the only word I can think of to describe them is bland.

2. Music

Shortly after the divorce due to "musical differences", I looked at Ryan's and Brendon's lists, and saw that indeed they were like opposing bell curves, Ryan almost entirely focused on music made between 1968 and 1972 with periodic excursions into the present, and Brendon lodged firmly between about 1993 and the present, with excursions into the 1970s. That trend has largely continued. Spencer and Jon both have significantly shorter musical lists, but Spencer does seem to again align with Brendon, though with a more even mix of the 1970s and the present. For a while there it felt like Jon was All Beatles, All The Time, but they've been absent recently. I have noticed his commentary-via-music seems to be more, shall we say, direct than some of the others, but, still: It's Twitter, you can't take it too seriously. That said, his latest Alkaline Trio/Built to Spill run did cause me to frown thoughtfully at the screen.

3. General/Current Events/Internet/Other

Brendon watches a metric fuck-ton of YouTube and other videos. He and Spencer also seem to watch the news with some regularity, whereas Ryan, unsurprisingly, floats along in his own little world. (I wonder sometimes if his life is like being on vacation somewhere and trying to figure out what's going on the world by watching the TV over the bar, which is on mute, or perhaps an endless series of airport channels. You get the general highlights, but no depth.) Jon is largely a series of seasonal nonsequiturs and science and/or historical facts.


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