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Fics (including WiPs) are here .

Give me a 'verse and a moment, and I will give you at least 100 words.
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1. runs in the family, for [ profile] egelantier

Brendon looks down at the shopping list one more time. )

2. so wait for the stone on your window (i'll shout my love to the stars) for [ profile] loreleilynn

It's late. The house is quiet. Spencer is violently awake and watching a stupid horror movie on his laptop, hoping maybe it will bore him to sleep. It takes him a while to realize the muffled clink clink he's hearing isn't part of the awesomely ridiculous soundtrack. He takes his earbuds out and walks toward the window. Somehow he doesn't think burglars would bother throwing pebbles at his window. When he pulls back the curtain, he sees Ryan squinting up at him from the lawn. He's wearing a black trenchcoat, a stupid hat, and has a boombox on his shoulder. When Spencer opens the window, Ryan presses a button and the opening chords of All the Small Things ripple out into the night.

"Oh my god," Spencer says. "Turn that the fuck off and get in here, you asshole."

Ryan grins broadly and, for once, does as he's told.

3. weapon and the wound for [ profile] shinshan

Spencer can remember the first moment Pete put a sword in his hand. It was a heavy thing, awkwardly balanced, and battle-scarred. The grip bit at the soft flesh of his fingers, streaking his palm with blood every time he touched it. Later Pete had given him a better, lighter blade that slid easily out of its scabbard and sliced cleanly through fabric and flesh. That blade Spencer wears on his hip. The first one Spencer keeps in his rooms, on a shelf near his bed. He practices with it daily, barehanded. When the water in the wash basin turns pink, he knows honor has been satisfied.
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This meme went around HP at one point (and probably elsewhere as well), and I always enjoyed it.

Here is how to play:

1. You give me a title for a story.

2. I will come up with 100 words of either story summary or drabble-sized story to go with your title.



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