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As I suspected, finishing BBB this year is just not going to happen for me. The 2nd wave deadline is a month away and, well, there is just no way I'm going to make it. I'm posting what I've written so far to essentially forcibly DQ myself, for the sake of my sanity and GPA.

It's just a hair under 4K, and includes some unsexy painful (but not bloody) vampire biting, and a good deal of bad language. Also a werewolf!Spencer, for those of you who are into that kind of thing. Final note: also contains Bob Bryar, and when (if) I ever do finish it, recent canonical events will be politely ignored.

the detective fairies story )

WiP update

Sep. 27th, 2009 08:26 pm
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okay, so, finishing any of these before the end of September: so not going to happen. Sometime this fall, though, now that's a possibility! Meanwhile, this is sort of a notes-to-self/milemarker post for these stories.

1. Tentacles!Ryan -- word count: 5,378, including the comment-fic that started it all and a couple of paragraphs of bracket-y chatficcing-with-self. I actually had a major breakthrough on this one recently, which was exciting. I think at this point I have shared all of it, but here's the last part I wrote, in case anyone missed it. NOTE: Cuts off suddenly, but I left in the bracket-y parts, for now.

in which they meet Amanda Palmer )

2. West Texas: word count - 3886, again including some bracket-y bits and chat-ficcing with self. Some extraordinarily gracious ladies have been helping me think through aspects of this one, so it's rolling faster than the word-count might suggest. I think the last thing I shared was from the Brendon/Spencer storyline; this is a scene from the Ryan/Greta, which is total, total porn. And yet still possibly ridiculous. Notes: orgasm denial/edging, and (I think) subtle (but SSC!) d/S themes. Also, have I mentioned, PORN. Right. Hiding now.

this may end up as a deleted scene. )

3. Puppies - word count: 2937, a significant chunk of which is bracket-y notes. This will probably end up being split into two stories. (Because apparently I can't write anything without creating a massive universe. Damn it.) This scene may or may not end up in the final product; I like it, but I'm not sure it takes the story (either of them) where I want it to go.

playtime on a rainy afternoon )

4. Random (terribly neglected) Brendon/Greta -- word count: 464; this poor little story is so neglected I don't even have bracket-y bits for it. So far it's just the two of them hanging out in Ryan's backyard, talking.

the entire story as it currently stands )
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Evidently I'm writing things more or less 1500 words at a time. This snippet is a hair short of 700, but that's because the other section I was working on, I am not so sure about. It is Ryan/Greta and the dynamic is . . . kind of weird. I may need to ponder on it some more, or I may need someone to read it and write "WHAT?" in the margins in red ink, I really can't decide. At the moment it's +-800 words of NC-17 with an "edging" theme, possible D/s undertones, and no dialogue. (Consent is clear, though.)

Anyway! To offset the sadness of the earlier snippet, I bring you some sleepy quasi-domestic snuggly kisses. Brendon/Spencer, probably PG-13.

Brendon is drifting off to an episode of Family Guy when he hears Spencer calling him from the hallway. )
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i broke off a tiny bit of my block, and 1564 words came out. This bit takes place post-funeral, and so is somewhat sad. But there are brighter things coming! (Very bright. Shiny. Fiery, even.)

tentacles snippet; g, but angsty )
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In honor of my caving and buying paid time for this journal, have 1400 words or so of puppy-play gen, starring Brendon, Ryan, Alex Greenwald, and poor long-suffering Spencer. It's a chunk of something that will be longer (I have all kinds of brackety scenes laid out!) but I don't know, I felt like sharing now.

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