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Okay. So, as all y'all may have noticed, my favorite genre to write in is crack. I started this one in January of last year, then somewhere around May I got distracted by tentacles. (Which, by the way, is languishing at just under 6K, but I'm finishing that one, come hell or high water.) Anyway, [ profile] sinsense also bravely read this one and said many useful things; I've tinkered with it quite extensively as a result, and any errors are entirely my fault.

Summary: LOL HONEY I SHRUNK (MOST OF) THE BAND. Yeah. Just under 4K of P!aTD go on vacation and all of them except for Brendon get accidentally tiny-sized. As far as I am aware there should be no triggery content.

Brendon frowned at the row of spices, tapping his fingers at the edge of the label marked 'ground cloves.' )
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Warning: Contains mentions of blood in a context that could be triggery for self-harm.

Author's note: I got almost 2K into this before I abruptly ran out of story. The premise: Brendon wakes up a cat boy, and does not enjoy the experience.

He was vibrating more than usual, fists clenched at his sides, and his eyes were a little too bright. )
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Hello Internets! I am done with my exams! I am mostly busy getting my house in order (literally), but I am taking a break in order to clear up some of my files, which brings me to: have some really, really old fic that I wrote last March. At one time I had a larger plan for this, but stuff happened and that went by the wayside. (NB: I'm going to be dumping more of these ancient WiPs over the next couple of days.)

In any case: fic! it's a snapshot of an evening on the bus, where Zack tells Spencer a story. [ profile] sinsense was kind enough to read it ages ago, but any mistakes remaining are all my fault.

900 words, give or take, rated at most PG )


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