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ETA2: Additional Troll bulletin below.

I find I can't even be mad. If I could have spent my late '20s lolling around the house with my cats, I would have.

And I can see why he wouldn't just say "fuck it" and release the music, because he really would have to tour to promote it, at this point, or else it won't sell, and if it won't sell, then that could fuck things up later.


ETA: There's no news. The Troll was fucking with us. Again. Now I'm annoyed that I fell for it AND irritated that he's such a tool.

From The Troll, today:


I am trying really hard to care about this, and not quite getting there.

Is it true? Maybe. Who knows? I maintain if Ryan wanted us to know about his music, he would tell us. If he hadn't told us, he doesn't want us to know.

I suppose I could be angry and take that as a blatant "fuck you" and/or rejection of us, as a fanbase, but I kind of sympathize - recovering from being a (failed) teen idol is hard, and burning everything down and starting over might be the only way out of that hole - and I kind of don't care.

Like, either the tides of the Internet will bring it to me, or they won't. I'm idly curious, enough to google "cornelius daffodil bluesfont" and see if any music turns up - it doesn't - but not enough to sit around and try and figure out whatever new pseudonym he's using.

(Tumblr's reaction to all of this is basically "yeah whatever" and "uh huh sure he did, I mean, really, clearly we should believe you, you've never fed us stories before . . . OH, WAIT" and also "WONDER SEARCH POWERS, ACTIVATE" which I find kind of funny. Congratulations, you guys, the one large group of people that were likely to be receptive to his new sound are cranky, wary, distrustful and aware you are fucking with them.)

I do kind of wonder, though, at what point teenage girls start to qualify as people, in the music business. What is the magic age, when our love becomes good enough?

Date: 2013-08-10 09:02 pm (UTC)
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I can sympathize if he wants to know if he really has it in him, and knows that his success is not a fluke and if he finds secret success as a songwriter, then good for him. Like you, I hope the internet will eventually lead me to his new music and if it's good, then I'll support him. If he finds that he needs someone to back him up and help him blossom, then I hope he finds that too. It's rare enough, but the reunion of FOB in terms of finding people you trust and can work with and make the best music you can gives me hope that it's possble. I"m not saying I want PATD to follow the same course, I just want him to find what he needs.

Also, I wouldn't have known about JK Rowling if not for the internet but then I bought The Cuckoo's Calling and totally loved it, as a mysteries-reading person. It's too early to tell if I would have discovered it regardless; but I hope she pursues it and I would be looking forward to the series.


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