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I should maybe call this Today In: The Sphinx Speaks!

Ryan Ross sparked up last night and got really chatty with fans on Twitter and the following emerged:

- He's in a band! (name not given; "for now call it Something Else")
- With other people! (that he didn't name, but I have a feeling includes Greenwald)
- The kind of music they make is, variously, "Apocalypse Rock" "if LMFAO were bad dressers" and "the soundtrack for the end of the world".
- There will be music soon but not too soon.

He also noted that he needed a new nanny. I am assuming he meant for himself/it was just wry commentary.

In other news:

- Phantom Planet have reunited and are playing two shows in LA in June.
- Panic! has finished their UK tour and will be heading back into the studio.
- The Hush Sound have also gotten back together for at least one show
- JJAMZ is recording an album. (I thought they had done this last summer; Michael Runion mentioned sending something off to be mixed. Maybe they didn't like what they got back? IDK.)
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so . . . possibly shit did get real?


in other news:

* Ryan is apparently committed to replying to people on Twitter; so far he has admired some puppies, indicated he will be touring in his new record when it is finished (yay!!!) and that he doesn't much care for Skrillex.

* He also shared a picture of himself looking unfairly dignified while barefoot, wearing a skeleton print onesie (or else just pajamaas) and cuddling Hobo.

* Spencer does indeed have a new ladyfriend, and they have been together "about two months". (cf. the DecentlyFunny podcast yesterday.)
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maybe i should just do a monthly "notes for the record" post? idk.


so, Panic! is headed home from tour. This is the era we shall look back on as "that time Brendon was bizarrely over-sharing about his Mom at every opportunity", "the time Dallon trolled someone in the airport into thinking he was a member of Kings of Leon" and, last but not least, "the time Spencer played a show in his underpants and it was glorious."

They are now (according to their show calendar on their website) home until after the holidays, when they will do a lightening-fast UK tour before, allegedly and per Zack talking to fans, be heading back into the studio for Album #4.

other things that have happened:

- Didier Wampas' solo record (aka Ryan's French musical adventure) ALSO came out, and it is DELICIOUS. Ryan sings on a couple of songs, mostly background woah-woahs and similar, but he does sing a word (only one, but still!) in French on one song (Eternellement). Songs he is on: Eternellement, Chanteur de droite and Les framboises dorées.

- Jon Walker put out a record and on the whole it honestly made me want to claw my face off. I am, therefore, not going to say anything else, as everything I have to say is catty, mean, or both. That said: a close reading of his lyrics may be illuminating re: the collapse of TYV. Since releasing the record, he RT'd a bunch of (positive) fan commentary and then seems to have settled down to non-sequitours and monosyllables. He may or may not have been a hesher / Wayne Campbell for Halloween, I couldn't really tell from the picture he tweeted.

- Ryan was the Fantastic Mr. Fox, evidently a last-minute choice enabled by how, I quote, "I dress like that already anyway."

- Z was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She did tweet a picture of herself planting a kiss on an un-named, masked Jack Skellington, followed (the next day) by one of herself standing next to Ryan. A random Jack and spontaneous pose? A new gentleman friend? I don't know. (People Jack is not: Greenwald (he went as a pot plant); Runion (he's too scruffy right now, and Jack was cleanshaven under his mask); or Jason Boesel (also bearded at the moment).) I am, for right now, chalking it up to a random Jack and moving on.

- Panic! costumes: Brendon - Jesus; Spencer - Ron Burgundy (complete with brandy!); Dallon - Eric Nally; Ian - Hit Girl.

- Post- Halloween, Ryan shared a song: Val Stoecklein- French Girl Affair, and also appreciated Tom Waits' new record. He also RT'd JWalk's album announcement; shared a weird video that involved someone vacuuming up a snake; and continues to be really, REALLY into hockey.

- Z is apparently tweeting for JJAMZ at @jjamzmusic. Latest comment: ""Ruth's Chris" is the opposite of "cellar door"" All I can tell you is Ruth's Chris is a fancy-ass steakhouse with multiple locations, and so is indeed quite unlike a cellar, just in general. IDK if she had a specific cellar in mind or what.

- Ryan has apparently been working in music with both Greenwald and another friend, called Trucifer. It is not clear if said music is Greenwald's, Ryan's, or for another project entirely.
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still not a proper update, but, some highlights noted for the record:

* There was a brief period last weekend when we thought Brendon might have gotten malaria in Indonesia, but, luckily he didn't.

* Greenwald has finished his solo record; he and Ryan Ross continue to be working on songs (per Ryan), but it isn't clear if they are his songs, or Ryan's songs, or what is going on.

* On a related note, Ryan mentioned he was looking up the word 'Rapscallion" in the context of choosing a band name. The definition is "a disreputable person; rascal or rogue" (c. the Free Dictionary).

* One of the songs they were working on apparently sounds like they're "going to face the boss." (Not The Boss, Ryan explained. More like Bowzer or Dr. Robotnik. So, no Springsteen, rather, a the dude from Sha Na Na or a cartoon mad scientist. I'm deeply intrigued already!)

* Didier Wampas, who Ryan worked with on HIS (Didier's) solo project, is putting the record out on Oct. 25. In France. But the singles are available on American iTunes, so maybe we'll get the record too. Also, he (Didier) will be touring on the record in November, again, wait for it, in France. Ryan Ross may or may not be with him. French internet, we rely on you for a full report! (And pictures!)
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1. Nick Murray posted to his personal Tumblr confirming the hiatus (I keep wanting to type "split" there) on Friday night, but so far no comments has appeared on any offical TYV spaces, and Ryan has not yet directly acknowledged anything unusual is going on. He did go to a hockey game, though, and also mentioned Blood Ninja, who it turns out was an old-school IRC prankster who used to have epically faily cyber-sex with people and then share the transcripts. Also, at some point in the last week or two, Ryan broke one of his fingers, which may or may not have anything to do with his relative Twitter silence.

2. And because I got a question about this one this morning - Ryan said: "Jesus I'm gonna next some People I follow real soon this is bullshit lately."

It looks like gibberish, but it isn't. "Next"-ing people comes from speed-dating, wherein you meet with prospective partners for 3 minutes each. The implied "joke" is about someone hollering "NEXT!" when they encounter someone they know they don't like in the first 30 seconds. It's also a Chat Roulette reference.

3. Jon's comment about going to a mountain is probably about skiing, which is something he's tweeted about before. Also he's changed his icon again, and is now using the same one as is on his Facebook page.
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Jon Walker has returned! Kind of. He's monosyllabically thanked everyone for their birthday wishes, changed his picture (to one of himself, sitting on a bench, a packed bag nearby, in what could be a backstage area) and adjusted his location to Chicago. He's still following no-one, however.
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not a full report, just a note of puzzle -- the picture Jon Walker tweeted today, of a piece of fine art on a bonfire, accompanied by the phrase "moving on". In addition to the idea of burning art being kind of sad and disturbing and weird, I feel like I should recognize the gracious lady in the picture. Wily girl detectives, who is that?

for quick reference )

Other quick updates: The Like may have adopted the most adorable puppy ever (name: Candy Darling; type: some kind of dachshund mix, maybe?) and Nick Murray has many unlabled keys and is in search of a copy of Horses.
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. . . yeah, that nickel is long gone. I don't even know where I'd put it now, calendar-wise. Maybe a back-to-school thing? "What We Did on our (Endless) Summer Vacation"?

Or not.

Anyway. I'm going to sit down later this weekend and gather up the highlights, but basically the only big notes for right now are that Jon has unfollowed everyone (again), is/will be moving, and was apparenty attacked outside his house; and Ryan spent at least two weeks at Greenwald's house (with Greenwald's housemate) while Greenwald was away. (For those of you as care: Greenwald: still in London; has a chest cough; was at one time the voice of a recycling dinosaur which was evidently something of a touchstone of a CA childhood but that I had never heard of, and also, wow, when his voice broke it broke, goodness.) Also Nick Murray locked his Twitter down for a couple of days towards the end of July/early August, but has since unlocked it again, so maybe that was a mis-click.

Tangentially, there's some interesting The Like canon filtering up via non-Twitter sources, i.e. press interviews with the band. For example: He's Not A Boy is about Johnny Borrell, the lead singer of Razorlight?? And also: Narcissus in a Red Dress is NOT about Charlotte? In fact she was in the band when it was written?? THE PLOT, IT THICKENS!
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9:30 on the east coast and no video update yet. am tempted to give it until midnight PST, but am also assuming my nickel is lost.

seventeen songs, though! that is good news!

also, the lack of updates (sorry!) is going to continue for another week or two as I am running around the countryside. though really what is most notable is the number of times i have said "Ryan Rossy, there's this thing called the Internet, you may have heard of it?" to my phone. Also, "eurgh, shrimp daquiri" and "what the fuck, Jon Walker, what happened?"

icon note

Mar. 10th, 2010 07:07 am
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Jon's is now a picture of himself in sunglasses, most likely from the photoshoot they did recently.
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Brendon's icon is now the devil/angel manip shane made; Jon's icon is a default Twitter bird.

Will catch up with everything else on Sunday.
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Jon changed his profile picture again, and now looks vaguely like Prince Valiant. (It's the light and the knitted cap he's wearing, which is hard to see against his dark hair.)
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- ETA2 1/7: Brendon has changed his icon from a Twitter default-bird to a Family Guy/Star Wars one.

- jon walker has changed his icon to megaman. (noting in case he changes it again before Saturday) ETA 1/6: Well, that was quick. He's back to a picture of his actual face now, undistorted (or not very distorted, anyway), complete with beard.

- Primary source heap: I finally got around to watching Amadeus again. I'm pretty sure I saw it when it came out, too, but that was a long time ago. Anyway: the plot of the film is more of the "inspired by the life of . . ." than "faithful biography" but the costumes were beautiful and the acting was good. The movie won 8 academy awards and has been around for 25 years (!), so I'm not going to dwell too long on it. My observations were, basically:

1) Tom Hulce and Elizabeth Berridge were SO CUTE, oh my god. Their precious little faces! I have to say I did like that Berridge got to be steely and practical about money (and Mozart getting paid for his work) as opposed to shrewish.

2) In one of the early scenes, Hulce appears wearing the 18th c. equivalent of a lilac hoodie and tight jeans (his outfit is literally lilac) and I was amused.

3) The emporer and his distress at "too many notes":: modern studio suits who Don't Get It. Some things are universal/never change.

4) old!Salieri looked uncannily like decrepit!Dracula from Bram Stoker's Dracula, which was kind of distracting.
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jfc, brendon urie. you get both nerdier AND more beautiful every day. this latest clark kent impersonation you're doing is especially hot. though i will confess i spent at least a minute wishing you were not standing so far from the posters so that I could read them better. The only one I can see for sure is Rushmore.
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jon totally did change his icon again. now it is all fugly and distorted. jon walker, >:(. though the pictures of cute animals are mitigating factors.

anyway: real catch-up coming in the next couple of days. I think.
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in case he's changed it again by next week: Jon Walker's Twitter icon is a picture of himself done Andy Warhol style - 4 images in four different color washes. It's a new(ish) picture as well; I don't recognize it from anything else.

also, tangent on the subject of band dynamics: Panic (2.0) was 3BFFs from Vegas + Jon. The new TYV dudes seem to know each other (inferred from "Gruesome Twosome" tweet) and to possibly be part of Jon's extended Chicago posse, which makes TYV 1.5 as 3 friends from Chicago + Ryan. Kind of. I realize that ignores Ryan + Jon's shared Panic history, in a way, but even with that considered, I think there's a shift in the dynamics, even if it might be a tiny one.
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. . . do we know, yet, what happened to Pete's face?????

also, tangentially, am tremendously amused by Ryan's outrage when confronted with Ed Hardy baby clothes.


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