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[ profile] psuedo_catalyst asked for: In the Pool, Late at Night 'verse "first time insecure-about-having-tentacles sex."

1,847 words later, here it is. (side note: Oh man, do I ever fail at drabbles.)

Rating: NC-17, because there is sex.

Warnings: Tentacles. Lots and LOTS of tentacles, and other alien features. Mention of tentacle injuries and Ryan being mistreated/bullied because of the tentacles. (It is a TENTACLEPALOOZA, is what I'm saying here.) Teenage sex, though everyone is over 18.

What Spencer is less sure of is at what point things got weird. )
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Title: Naptime
Author: [ profile] sailorstkwrning
Characters: P@TD (Brent-era), various others.
Length: 377 words
Rating: G for Gen!
Prompt: tentacles (comforting)
Warnings: Tentacles, people being photographed while asleep.
A/N: Because it had to be done. Also, this is what happens when I try to write drabbles. Unbeta'd, all mistakes definitely mine.
Summary: A scene from the tentacles 'verse, in which Panic! at the Disco have finished their first video, and they are very sleepy.

click for fic! )
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"Spencer," Zack says. "Twenty hours."

Spencer lowers the video controller to his lap and twists around to look at Zack. His expression is both set and wary.

"Twenty hours," Spencer repeats, trying to absorb the idea of being on a plane for almost an entire day. "No breaks?"

"One layover, but it's only two hours."

Two hours is barely enough to replenish their snacks and get them all through the airport bookstore, never mind rehydrating Ryan. Spencer turns back to the tv, traces the raised designs on the game controller and listens to Zack flip pages. Twenty hours.

"Also, for both Continental and BA, he'd have to travel in the hold," Zack says. "Virgin we could negotiate the cabin, I think."

"The -- what -- fuck that," Spencer says, dropping the controller and standing up. "We just -"

He stops, cutting himself off, suddenly unwilling to look at Zack. It's not like it's really a surprise; it had come up back when they were first asked about touring overseas. But back then they'd hardly gone anywhere at all. They had had no idea what Ryan's limits were.

"It's eight months away," Zack says softly.

"I'll talk to him," Spencer says. "All of the guys, I'll talk to them. We'll figure something out."

"All right," Zack says, and bends over his paperwork.

Spencer goes in the back lounge to think, but gets distracted when he finds Brendon already there, and watching Die Hard again. Brendon pats the couch next to him and Spencer sits down.

"Twenty hours," he says, and Brendon gives him a blank look. "On the plane, to Australia."

"Shit," Brendon says, his fingers hovering over the pause button.

"Yeah," Spencer says, and curls up against Brendon's shoulder.

They watch the rest of the movie.


Two days later, Spencer comes off the bus to find Ryan dozing in his kiddie pool and Brendon standing over him, wearing his underpants and a thoughtful expression. Jon Walker is loitering nearby with a tape-measure and a pad of paper. Brendon's clothes are in a heap on Zack's chair.

"The fuck are you doing?" Spencer says, but quietly; Ryan get so little sleep, they never want to wake him.

Brendon ignores him, leans down so that his arms are bracketing the edges of the tangle of Ryan's tentacles, his hands hovering carefully above the water, then stands up without moving his arms. Jon walks over, measures the space between his fingertips, and makes a note on the pad of paper.

"Brendon," Spencer hisses, and Brendon steps out of the pool.

Ryan bubbles softly and rolls over, rubbing his nose in his sleep.

"It's an experiment," Brendon whispers, pulling his jeans on.

Spencer turns to look at Jon, who gives him an innocent expression.

"Dude, we're not experimenting on Ryan," Brendon says, his voice further muffled while he wriggles his t-shirt on. "We're just -- Jon had an idea, about the airplane problem."

Spencer arches an eyebrow at Jon, who smiles back at him.

"We'll let you know if it works out," Brendon says, stepping into his flip-flops. "Can you sit with him for a minute? Zack went to get sandwiches."

Spencer narrows his eyes, but nods, and then they're gone, headed for the Academy bus. Spencer sits down in the chair and watches Ryan's tentacles shift and twist until Zack shows up with their food.

WiP update

Sep. 27th, 2009 08:26 pm
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okay, so, finishing any of these before the end of September: so not going to happen. Sometime this fall, though, now that's a possibility! Meanwhile, this is sort of a notes-to-self/milemarker post for these stories.

1. Tentacles!Ryan -- word count: 5,378, including the comment-fic that started it all and a couple of paragraphs of bracket-y chatficcing-with-self. I actually had a major breakthrough on this one recently, which was exciting. I think at this point I have shared all of it, but here's the last part I wrote, in case anyone missed it. NOTE: Cuts off suddenly, but I left in the bracket-y parts, for now.

in which they meet Amanda Palmer )

2. West Texas: word count - 3886, again including some bracket-y bits and chat-ficcing with self. Some extraordinarily gracious ladies have been helping me think through aspects of this one, so it's rolling faster than the word-count might suggest. I think the last thing I shared was from the Brendon/Spencer storyline; this is a scene from the Ryan/Greta, which is total, total porn. And yet still possibly ridiculous. Notes: orgasm denial/edging, and (I think) subtle (but SSC!) d/S themes. Also, have I mentioned, PORN. Right. Hiding now.

this may end up as a deleted scene. )

3. Puppies - word count: 2937, a significant chunk of which is bracket-y notes. This will probably end up being split into two stories. (Because apparently I can't write anything without creating a massive universe. Damn it.) This scene may or may not end up in the final product; I like it, but I'm not sure it takes the story (either of them) where I want it to go.

playtime on a rainy afternoon )

4. Random (terribly neglected) Brendon/Greta -- word count: 464; this poor little story is so neglected I don't even have bracket-y bits for it. So far it's just the two of them hanging out in Ryan's backyard, talking.

the entire story as it currently stands )
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i broke off a tiny bit of my block, and 1564 words came out. This bit takes place post-funeral, and so is somewhat sad. But there are brighter things coming! (Very bright. Shiny. Fiery, even.)

tentacles snippet; g, but angsty )


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