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i feel like I should award this story some sort of special prize for getting jossed twice, and the first jossing making it more plausible, not less. It's another one I started last winter, showed to [ profile] sinsense, and then put aside, possibly due to school.

Then Panic split. This actually made it make sense, as it was a band-reuniting fic, with some bonus h/c thrown in. (The working title was, for a time, "Highly Unlikely Warped Tour".) So, meanwhile, life goes on, stuff happens, etc etc, and then Bob departs from MCR, jossing me again, and also creating a (possibly minor) problem. In the sense that a Bob + Brendon friendship was supposed to be a key subplot. I gave serious thought to using it for BBB, but then I decided canon was too unsettled and also there was just too much potential for sad.

(re: BBB, for those of you as may be wondering: the detective fairies, along with tentacles, puppies and West Texas, is on my list to write this summer.)

In any case, here's some bits and pieces from what has now been re-titled You Could Always Sell Any Dream To Me:

the beginning )

Bob and Brendon have a conversation )

Ryan and Brendon have a moment in the middle of the night )

a drum circle, a walk back to the bus, scraped knees and sleepy boys )
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Title: A Not-Fairytale
Characters: Featuring Panic!, The Young Veins, MCR and cameos by other bandom people.
Rating: PG-13 for offscreen violence, non-life-threatening injuries to characters, Ryan Ross in a cage, hangovers and an instance of bloody medieval warfare.
Wordcount: 5,071 9,391 words
A/N: Yet more comment fic that got out of hand, lightly edited for continuity. Fake as fake can be!

Once upon a time, in an amorphous medieval era, the countryside is awash in reivers and raiders, and Ryan Ross is a plucky orphan who has been put in charge of the laird's pigs. His friend Jon Walker is in charge of the sheep. )

Part 2


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