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- For those of you not subscribed to his/his wife's Tumblr, I think they are about halfway through their Costa Rican adventure.

- I currently have a nickel on them either a) never coming home or b) coming home for the summer and then going right back, possibly for good.

- He tweeted the following Thursday night: "and I'm not in panic at the disco anymore. and the young veins didn't work out. and climate change is a serious problem." Well. I guess that clears up any possible ambiguity on the TYV front.

- He is working on a record while in Costa Rica. He also made a video for Here for You which I suggest you watch with the sound off; the pictures are from their Costa Rican adventure and are very pretty.
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There's been some FB activity:
- Laena left a keysmash-y comment on the hiatus announcement with the account for her new Band (Raw Geronimo)

- Tennessee commented to say "Thank you all for all of your support!!!! Wish this weren't the case!! :-( Xxxx Tennessee"

Other notes:

- Tennessee has her own Twitter now, at tennesseebunny , in which she notes, among other things, that she's been playing with Jenny and Johnny.

- Laena has done an interview about her new band: hxxp://
in which she mentions The Like decided to "take a break" at New Years and she decided to start Raw Geronimo AFTER they made that decision.

- Annie seems to be in London with James D. Kelly being fabulous (and writing music!): hxxp://

- The last thing I've seen from Z is the Altru Apparel video earlier this month. Also, going by the video, Z has style-shifted and now has a more '70s beachy vibe going. I've seen rumblings of a JJAMZ record being on the horizon, so hopefully they'll do some press for that, too.

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Raw Geronimo @Bammybob The Like are on an indefinite hiatus. Whatever that means you decide

Damn it. I was still kind of hoping it was some sort of perfect storm of internet errors. Shit.
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So. Looks like a solo project is in the works, while the band is on hiatus?

I've been watching everything unfold, slowly, for the last 10 days. It's been . . . interesting?

As in, after asking who owns the domain that's his name, he proceeded to do a mixture of burbling about science; posting various pictures of adorable animals and random houseplants; appreciating the weather of warm places that are not Chicago (and yet also posted a snowy picture); and also a whole bunch of tweets that may as well have been big neon signs that said I'M GOING SOLO, like asking our opinion of pictures for album covers and pictures of his computer titled "in the lab." Also notable: (illegally) downloaded Pretty. Odd. because he wanted to listen to it (is he not talking to ANYONE he used to be in a band with?? I mean, wouldn't you ASK A BANDMATE for the files before DL'ing a record YOU MADE?) and various attempts to scrub his digital record -- by asking people to change old pictures places like Wikipedia (his page is locked now) and the avatar used by his Twitter "team".

The point where I first was like "OH SHIT, HERE WE GO FOR REAL" was the "album cover" tweet, and the feeling crystallized into certainty last night when he mentioned trying to get an interview with Guy Ripley. I actually have a lot of thoughts on the meaning of Guy Ripley in that context - yes, I know, he's really Ryland - but as a persona, he has a certain meaning, to us, fannishly and collectively, as a kind of "news outlet" with a very specific, fannish, and pan-fanbase audience. Basically, if he wanted to let the FBR "family" know he was leaving, invoking Guy Ripley is a tremendous signifier.

Doubtless James Montgomery will be on it soon, too, but I'm more interested in what, if anything, he says to Guy Ripley.

And,finally, he shared the address of his new Facebook page.

So far, the rest of TYV has remained silent.


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