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- Jon's animals have fleas. :( poor kitties & puppy.

- Ryan was, it seemed, rolling along pretty well with recording, but he hasn't mentioned anything about it for a while.

- He also seems to have style-shifted to jeans/leather jacket ('80s Lennon?).

- Other picture notes: one of himself wearing a sabretooth skull as a hat; one of him with Kate and some fake blood; a couple of him and Dan Keyes, including two from an oscar party; one of him, Dan Keyes and Ryland in an el camino; and one of him at a carwash. In the last one he's discovered how to use the effects buttons on Instagram, because there's a black bar over his eyes and an ostrich, a knocked over pill bottle, an icecream cone, and a small child pasted into the image.

- Finally, he asked The Internets when spring break was for LA high schools and colleges. The Internets was baffled by this query. He has not elaborated further.

- JJAMZ's record is OFFICIALLY FINISHED! Mastered and everything! Still no word about a release date, though.

- Keltie was informed (by a third party) of more of Ryan's misdeeds and has declared "he's dead to me." Uh. I guess that means they're not sharing the dog anymore? IDK.

- Brendon, Spencer and Dallon seem to back in the studio; Ian may or may not be with them, I'm not sure.
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I should maybe call this Today In: The Sphinx Speaks!

Ryan Ross sparked up last night and got really chatty with fans on Twitter and the following emerged:

- He's in a band! (name not given; "for now call it Something Else")
- With other people! (that he didn't name, but I have a feeling includes Greenwald)
- The kind of music they make is, variously, "Apocalypse Rock" "if LMFAO were bad dressers" and "the soundtrack for the end of the world".
- There will be music soon but not too soon.

He also noted that he needed a new nanny. I am assuming he meant for himself/it was just wry commentary.

In other news:

- Phantom Planet have reunited and are playing two shows in LA in June.
- Panic! has finished their UK tour and will be heading back into the studio.
- The Hush Sound have also gotten back together for at least one show
- JJAMZ is recording an album. (I thought they had done this last summer; Michael Runion mentioned sending something off to be mixed. Maybe they didn't like what they got back? IDK.)
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so . . . possibly shit did get real?


in other news:

* Ryan is apparently committed to replying to people on Twitter; so far he has admired some puppies, indicated he will be touring in his new record when it is finished (yay!!!) and that he doesn't much care for Skrillex.

* He also shared a picture of himself looking unfairly dignified while barefoot, wearing a skeleton print onesie (or else just pajamaas) and cuddling Hobo.

* Spencer does indeed have a new ladyfriend, and they have been together "about two months". (cf. the DecentlyFunny podcast yesterday.)
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- the band twitter ( ILoveTheLike ), which is presumably now under Z's sole control since Tennessee has her own, sparked up briefly this week to both promote Tennessee's personal twitter and also share a picture of a funny dressing room sign (The word "Like" in a circle with a red arrow through it.) Aside from that, however, I have seen no other recent sign of Z.

- Tennessee was busy being fabulous (and ill, poor thing :() with Alexa Chung in an undisclosed tropical location; mentioned she had interviewed someone for Lula magazine (hxxp://; eventually returned to NYC to be fabulous there; and dropped a tantalizing but now deleted hint that she was recording something with a band called The Nectarines. Also she noted that she was "Only interested in making music with surf guitar and/or sixties organ at this point."

- Laena played a bunch of shows, had an entertaining time on the Lost Boys pier in Santa Cruz, and made some home-made CD cases/covers.
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I've arbitrarily decided I'm not recapping his tweets unless something scandalous occurs, but I will note milestones / significant events, just to keep his record updated.

To that end: he's recently given his FB fanpage a good scrubbing. It's understandable, since there was a lot of noise getting in the way of his signal - and by noise I mean teenies haranguing him about going back to Panic - but nonetheless kind it's kind of startling to find it down to just two entries and the most recent one is from the end of May.

He's also updated his picture to a more recent performance shot.


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