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[ profile] psuedo_catalyst asked for: In the Pool, Late at Night 'verse "first time insecure-about-having-tentacles sex."

1,847 words later, here it is. (side note: Oh man, do I ever fail at drabbles.)

Rating: NC-17, because there is sex.

Warnings: Tentacles. Lots and LOTS of tentacles, and other alien features. Mention of tentacle injuries and Ryan being mistreated/bullied because of the tentacles. (It is a TENTACLEPALOOZA, is what I'm saying here.) Teenage sex, though everyone is over 18.

What Spencer is less sure of is at what point things got weird. )

WiP update

Sep. 27th, 2009 08:26 pm
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okay, so, finishing any of these before the end of September: so not going to happen. Sometime this fall, though, now that's a possibility! Meanwhile, this is sort of a notes-to-self/milemarker post for these stories.

1. Tentacles!Ryan -- word count: 5,378, including the comment-fic that started it all and a couple of paragraphs of bracket-y chatficcing-with-self. I actually had a major breakthrough on this one recently, which was exciting. I think at this point I have shared all of it, but here's the last part I wrote, in case anyone missed it. NOTE: Cuts off suddenly, but I left in the bracket-y parts, for now.

in which they meet Amanda Palmer )

2. West Texas: word count - 3886, again including some bracket-y bits and chat-ficcing with self. Some extraordinarily gracious ladies have been helping me think through aspects of this one, so it's rolling faster than the word-count might suggest. I think the last thing I shared was from the Brendon/Spencer storyline; this is a scene from the Ryan/Greta, which is total, total porn. And yet still possibly ridiculous. Notes: orgasm denial/edging, and (I think) subtle (but SSC!) d/S themes. Also, have I mentioned, PORN. Right. Hiding now.

this may end up as a deleted scene. )

3. Puppies - word count: 2937, a significant chunk of which is bracket-y notes. This will probably end up being split into two stories. (Because apparently I can't write anything without creating a massive universe. Damn it.) This scene may or may not end up in the final product; I like it, but I'm not sure it takes the story (either of them) where I want it to go.

playtime on a rainy afternoon )

4. Random (terribly neglected) Brendon/Greta -- word count: 464; this poor little story is so neglected I don't even have bracket-y bits for it. So far it's just the two of them hanging out in Ryan's backyard, talking.

the entire story as it currently stands )


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