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Special Note: This week's entry is early; next week will either be early (Thursday) or late (the following Tuesday) depending on how my travel schedule shakes out.

Administratrivia: Both Spencer AND Ryan's lists now have items with warnings appended. Ryan's for, well, nature (spiders) and Spencer's for possibly triggery images of food. (I can't look at that website, particularly the background image, for longer than about a minute without feeling panicky. The boys sharing pictures of their dinners doesn't bother me at all, though, my usual reaction is MMMM, delicious, gimme that sushi!) I'm going to continue to include warnings as necessary. If there's anything (past, present or future) that NEEDS a warning and I fail/have failed to include it, please advise and I will fix it ASAP.

This week:

Ryan spent a lot of time with Alex Greenwald and various of his/their famous friends (and got chased by paparazzi for his trouble), visited with some seals, shared a picture of tremendously adorable puppy, got trolled by his friend with pictures of a t-shirt that may not actually exist (but should) and a massive spider (the source website is amazing, but, um, be REALLY CAREFUL if you have any kind of bug phobias). He also started (and ended) a minor fan kerfluffle on Twitter. Musically there was only the one Bonnie Raitt song, plus a quote from Nas. There were another couple of quotes that were Greenwald, and some that could be Ryan quoting a movie, or could be Ryan repeating conversations going on around him, I wasn't quite sure.

Brendon, as we all know, was very busy being a tanned hotsauce at Comic Con and helpfully clarifying his lyrics for us. (Extra amusing as I had actually come up with a non-dirty meaning for "go down on me", but oh well.) He's also been listening to the Imogean Heap song Spencer mentioned last week (:DDD!), Lou Reed, and, ah, Huey Lewis and the News. (Some of that was related to promo stuff for Jennifer's Body; there's a link in [ profile] patd to his "soundtrack" for the film, which has some intriguing selections.) The mysterious quote about the still not-pregnant Constitution was from Gore Vidal. Literally the first place it turned up was in the .sig file of a regular commentator on a 2nd Amendment website (, which, I don't think Brendon is that concerned about our right to bear arms, and I'm guessing he must have some kind of Quote-A-Day calendar.

Spencer was also busy being a tanned hotsauce at Comic Con (I ♥ Spencer in all of his shapes and sizes, and I am so, so happy to have pictures in which he doesn't look exhausted and sad and/or dead-eyed; clearly, all that surfing is agreeing with him!). He shared some pictures of Brendon being a hotsauce, teased us with the possibility of Olan Mills-style photoshoots, expressed a desire to go to Awesomecon, metioned that he was excited for Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland and shared the link to That Website Which Gives Me The Howling Fantods, and took note of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. Plus there were bonus references to the X-Files and the Berlin Wall.

In stark contrast, Jon was quiet, and when not sharing pictures of his adorable cat, or an stunning shot of himself and Ryan in the studio -- clearly someone has finally brought in a Real Camera -- he he seemed to once again be wearing his Cranky Pants. There are a lot of songs on the subject of living a lie, but only the Laura Branigan really matched what he posted. (And even that was a tenuous connection; she had the right words and configuration but not the trifold repetition.) Also he has changed his icon again, to a non-distorted picture of his face. He looks sort of unimpressed and I think I see a hint of moustache. Finally, I'm hoping the Dylan reference on the studio shot is a harbinger of things to come, stylistically.
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[Done early this week, for the holiday!]

Everyone but Ryan and Travie changed their profile picture this week. Brendon went with a picture of "demonized" Charlie Brown from Ron English's "Grin"; Spencer selected a stylized portrait of Devendra Banhart and Jon chose a distorted picture of himself, and also changed his background to be completely white.

Jon continues to drop literary references all over us, including Alice in Wonderland, Slaughterhouse Five for the second time, and also a Roethke poem. He's also redesigned his Twitter page with more Alice in Wonderland references (distorted icon, location is "the willow tree"). Travel to fantastical places was something of a theme; he also referenced The Wizard of Oz. Songwise, there were only four; highlights are a repeat of "I'm So Tired" by the Beatles and Billy Joel being the only artist other than the Beatles to appear more than once.

Spencer was quiet this week, save for one exchange with Ryan, though, as noted above, his icon changed to a stylized picture of Devendra Banhart ( Official Website ) The longer I do this the more fascinated I am by Spencer's apparent preferred aesthetic, and increasingly certain that the Circus-era flavor and feel were his ideas that Ryan (& Lucent Dossier) illustrated. For examples, be sure to check out the "pictures" section of Banhart's official website. Note: There's no explicit nudity, but you may not want to look at it at work.

Brendon appears to be busy surfing (with seals!) though as we all know, he took breaks to go out on boat with Spencer, Fall Out Boy, some extras, and some videocameras and also to sing some Sinatra. (I'm hoping for a Sinatra cover on the new tour.) The big development this week was that while trying to parse the "pure stoke" comment, I managed to crack the "Eddie would go" mystery -- it's a reference to Eddie Aiku, a legendary Hawaiin surfer. Like "pure stoke", it could be a catchphrase or a book, I'm not 100% sure.

Meanwhile, Ryan was busy getting into trouble hanging out with Alex Greenwald, teasing us with puzzling scribbled-upon leaves, and being ill. There were far fewer songs this week, but they were less melancholy; The Kinks were mentioned twice (once was a link to the actual song) and also Ryan appears to be listening to the same Zombies record Jon referenced a week or so ago. Finally, there was another mention of the mysterious Thromby, which is either a) Alex Greenwald's phone (most likely) or b) Alex Greenwald himself, I still am not sure.

Travie went to the MJ memorial at the Apollo Theater, in Harlem, then got a tattoo, accompanied by some friends, one of whom had a medium-sized lizard with him. Then it appears he decamped to Miami, possibly to record. He also appears to have had cause to go to the ER :( Feel better soon, Travie!
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Well. This was kind of a hell of a week, current-events wise. Only Travie weighed in on the v. Perez Hilton fracas (followed closely by the Pete Wentz/Ashlee Simpson v. Perez Hilton Twitter-fracas, though that was more inferred than stated) and the death of Farrah Fawcett; both Ryan and Travie commented on the death of Michael Jackson. Travie also mentioned participating in an impromptu memorial in New York City.

Ryan continues to be the chattiest member of Panic. Lots of melancholy song lyrics this week, and Harry Nilsson showed up for a second time. He seems to be holding steady in the late 1960s-early 1970s, with some excursions to the '80s and early '90s. Also he would appear to be the resident Early Adopter, technology wise, which I am concluding based on the fact that he seems to read a lot of BoingBoing. (And he did get Twitter first!) Finally, I'm not sure if the scorpion bed protectors were an allusion to actual or metaphorical scorpions, or if by "cane-fu" he was talking about learning t o use a literal cane.

Brendon communicated almost entirely in somewhat sad/wistful song lyrics, and, in mirror opposition to Ryan, appears to have settled down in the early-mid 1990s, with the occasional foray into the 1960s-70s. [ETA:] Okay, okay, brace yourselves for some LOL Overinvested, however: Lovefool. Oh, Brendon. Really it only makes me -- well, sad may be overstating the case -- bummed? -- because I associate that song with a disasterous relationship of my own. It makes me think of walking back from frat parties in the cold, a little drunk and humming under my breath. [end ETA]

Spencer is the least chatty member of Panic this week, and apparently likes to read horror movie blogs.

Jon was the most diverse this week, first dropping some science (literally! Stephen Hawking and black hole theory!), then invoking Oscar Wilde, and then referencing god-awful 1990s tv (Married with Children). In addition he shared a bunch of pictures, and both his face and his pets are still precious and adorable.

Travie has come back from his MTV trip. He has written/videoed about it somewhat extensively, but not on Twitter. Aside from current events discussed above, he seems to be generally busy going out to shows, hanging out with musicians and making art.
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If I had to sum up this week in a word, that word would be: OUCH.

-- Ryan is either continuing his late '60s - early '70s trend, or expanding his country trend. It Ain't Me, Babe was a Dylan song originally (and that was how I filed it), but Johnny and June Carter Cash, among other people, had a wildly successful cover. I like the Cash cover better, personally, because I ♥ Johnny Cash always, but thought the Dylan original is more likely to be what he's actually listening to. Also: style shift ahoy! Fedoras and tweed: Out, Military: In? We shall see!

-- Spencer surprised me a little with the Stone Temple Pilots song (at least I think he was referencing STP), but it was a pleasant surprise. It starts slow but once it gets moving it's got solid, steady rolling drums and bass, plus Scott Weiland in fine vocal form.

-- Brendon is still eating well. (And causing the internet to explode. Oh, Brendon.)

-- Jon seemed to have abandoned Twitter altogether, but has come back to us now!

-- Brendon and Spencer are participating in current events, in the sense that their icons are green in support of Iranian democracy.

-- What the devil is "Thromby" when it's at home? Alex Greenwald's car? A thrombone?

-- Travie has done most of his discussion of his trip so far either on his blog or other news sites, but he seems to be having a good time so far, outside of some ferocious jetlag.
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-- I kind of want to put the Animal Collective song Spencer rec'd on repeat from now until the end of time. They have found a way to record the sound of summer and a summer crush and I love it.

-- Ryan has (maybe) added poetry to the literary mix. I know the Bukowski is most likely, but I'm still voting for the Willie Nelson song. Because I ♥ Willie Nelson always, and I've been wondering why Ryan's country-soaked childhood hasn't come through more often. Also, bands appearing more than once so far on his music list: The Beatles, separately and together; Marc Bolan/T. Rex.

-- Cranky Jon continues to be cranky, and also possibly not terribly excited about the upcoming Summer of All Blink-182 All The Time. Also, I'm intrigued by his choice of literature.

-- Brendon is still contentedly surfing, snuggling with his puppy, and watching random crap on YouTube.

-- Travie can be added to the list of bandmembers with no sense of self-preservation, but, that said, he definitely does have an eye for interesting visual detail. Also, one of the videos he linked to features him being all SRS BSNS about his upcoming trip for AIDS awareness while wearing an oversized pink rabbit-face hat, which was very distracting. On the other hand, he was hot like fire in a suit at the suicide awareness foundation dinner thing, so: we'll call that one a draw.

-- Everyone who has seen The Hangover seems to have liked it.


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