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- the band twitter ( ILoveTheLike ), which is presumably now under Z's sole control since Tennessee has her own, sparked up briefly this week to both promote Tennessee's personal twitter and also share a picture of a funny dressing room sign (The word "Like" in a circle with a red arrow through it.) Aside from that, however, I have seen no other recent sign of Z.

- Tennessee was busy being fabulous (and ill, poor thing :() with Alexa Chung in an undisclosed tropical location; mentioned she had interviewed someone for Lula magazine (hxxp://; eventually returned to NYC to be fabulous there; and dropped a tantalizing but now deleted hint that she was recording something with a band called The Nectarines. Also she noted that she was "Only interested in making music with surf guitar and/or sixties organ at this point."

- Laena played a bunch of shows, had an entertaining time on the Lost Boys pier in Santa Cruz, and made some home-made CD cases/covers.
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There's been some FB activity:
- Laena left a keysmash-y comment on the hiatus announcement with the account for her new Band (Raw Geronimo)

- Tennessee commented to say "Thank you all for all of your support!!!! Wish this weren't the case!! :-( Xxxx Tennessee"

Other notes:

- Tennessee has her own Twitter now, at tennesseebunny , in which she notes, among other things, that she's been playing with Jenny and Johnny.

- Laena has done an interview about her new band: hxxp://
in which she mentions The Like decided to "take a break" at New Years and she decided to start Raw Geronimo AFTER they made that decision.

- Annie seems to be in London with James D. Kelly being fabulous (and writing music!): hxxp://

- The last thing I've seen from Z is the Altru Apparel video earlier this month. Also, going by the video, Z has style-shifted and now has a more '70s beachy vibe going. I've seen rumblings of a JJAMZ record being on the horizon, so hopefully they'll do some press for that, too.

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Raw Geronimo @Bammybob The Like are on an indefinite hiatus. Whatever that means you decide

Damn it. I was still kind of hoping it was some sort of perfect storm of internet errors. Shit.
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There have been some rumors floating around that they've gone kersplitsky. I'm assembling data here pretty much just as data points, and to try and separate provable items from speculation.


March 29: JJAMZ (Z's side project) show in LA.

April 8: Raw Geronimo, Laena's side project, plays their first real show in LA.

April 13: Their last tweet, about being in a Lil Depressed Boy comic.

April 15: Notice that they will not be Maroon 5's support band in Japan posted to Japanese ticketing website.

April 22: Second Raw Geronimo show in LA.

May 3: I see the first "R.I.P. The Like" comment on Tumblr, at which time I check their MySpace, and find their show calendar is suddenly empty. There's no comment from them there, or on FB, when I checked that next. There are a few people rumbling about a festival that is allegedly telling people they (the band) have split up.

May 4: Some Googling reveals they've been neatly edited out of both the line-up AND the previously released announcement for the Wireless Festival in London in July, but there's no "The Like have dropped out" comment from the organizers. As of today (5/7) The Like is still on the line-up for the Cornbury festival, which was supposed to be that same weekend, also in England, and not far away.

May 6: More FB rumbling, this time noting some of the facts above, and also that their website (run by their UK on-line pr people) has vanished. I checked, and it has, and they are also not on the posted client list for either the US or UK web-based PR or their US or UK booking agents. They ARE still listed as a client by their management (BigLife), both of their print PR people, and their label, though in the latter three cases, the information on the website(s) is only current to last fall and/or last summer.

Synthesis: Something is going on here. They might have pulled out of Japan because of earthquake-related issues, but . . . Maroon 5 is still going. Other things could easily be ascribed to careless editing of websites on the part of other people. The side projects seem to be thriving, but not so much that they'd get in the way of regular band stuff, as far as I can tell.

Dept. of Wholly Unsubstantiated Rumors

I did also see a couple of comments about an article allegedly appearing in the March 2011 issue of Kerrang! wherein Ryan Ross said he and Z were expecting. So far, when pressed for proof, Anons have not come though. Still, I checked the Kerrang! website for the issue for that month, and saw no interviews with Ryan Ross. (Also, it just seems sort of ridiculous on its face - Kerrang seems like such a random choice of outlet for that kind of announcement, in the middle of his total media-related radio silence of the last couple of months.)
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They: Noted the passing of Ari Up (The Slits); announced they were appearing on 90210; were apparently recording in London for a week; shared more Kate Spade pop-up links and also a picture of Z at the Haunted Hayride; Z hurt herself making her Halloween costume and Tennessee was distressed to learn of it over Twitter; Z was the Childlike Empress (Neverending Story; Ryan was Atreyu) for Halloween; shared a link to a picture of someone else dressed as Z for Halloween, including the guitar and also some fan-art, in which they were rendered Sims-style; organized their YouTube channel (i.e. favorited a lot of fan videos of performances); shared a link to something called Club Da Doo Ron Ron (it's in England) and a picture of what might have been Martha Reeves and the Vandellas in a car in Detroit; were excited to jam on each others instruments and said the next record may sound like The Shaggs II; appreciated Keith Richards' book; had two songs in The Next Three Days (movie); appeared on DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show; played a Part Time Punks show; and wished us a Happy Thanksgiving with a clip from an Addams Family movie.
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Panic! at the Disco

Spencer remains a sexy sphinx; Brendon noted his 100,000+ followers (a huge jump from where he was earlier this summer!); may possibly have had to look up "incorrigible" (he didn't quite use it properly in context); seemed to be pleased it was raining; and his best girl beat him at Wii bowling, which he attributed to her wearing bowling shoes while playing. (They are so ridiculous and adorable. ♥Brendon & Sarah♥)

The Like

Went out on their West Coast mini-tour - in addition to various show announcements, there was some wordplay with fans and also Hunter Burgan of AFI (!), a note about listening to the Beach Boys, a comment about being able to fry an egg in the van, and finally a tweet about Annie learning French and Z sleeping while the others drove/DJ'd that later got deleted. They also shared a picture of some fans; asked for shopping advice in Portland; shared three videos from their ICA (London) performance; wished both John Lennon and Alex Greenwald a happy birthday; shared a picture from a Kate Spade party they apparently went to/played at; departed on their mini-European tour; shared a blog post full of pictures from the Paris show; rode in a water taxi in Rotterdam & have video to prove it (Z's expression at the end is really funny); hung out with an elephant in Hamburg; someone's (Z's?) inner 12 yr old was ecstatic to be at at Nickleodeon with slime and later playing a show with Jamiroquai; shared a Kate Spade video; and finally noted the passing of Ari Up (The Slits) with sadness.

NB: There was also tweet with a link to blog post I think from Brussels, that was in French, which they seem to have since deleted. When I read it, the review was positive towards them but - and this is based on a somewhat fractured Google translation - did seem to have a kind of strange, gross undertone of "if you don't like them you must be gay" which may or may not be why they deleted it.

The Young Veins )
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Brendon: Would love to believe in life on Mars, and so maybe he will; also he is looking forward to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Spencer: Has no thoughts that he wishes to share with the Internets at this time.

The Young Veins:

Jon goes first this week, since he has the most exciting news! I (and the rest of the Internet) am taking that "engaged!" to mean "to be married." Woooo! Congratulations, Mr. Walker. He also noted the 5 year anniversary of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, though, strangely, not the release of the video for Take a Vacation. Further Twitter-related data points: both MTV Buzzworthy and OneHaven tweeted video-related news solely to Ryan and the band twitter; I have a suspicion that the band twitter is run by Nick Murray.

Ryan on the other hand, made no mention of Fever at all, but did RT the band twitter and MTV's tweets about the video and (as it turned out) his solo appearance on Subterranean. Also noted that having an immortal enemy was way worse than having a mortal enemy; complained about the long lasting effects of Tylenol PM; recommended Who is Harry Nilsson? (movie); noted that the B-52s sang the theme song for Rocko's Modern Life (Nickelodean cartoon, 1993-1996); asked the internet what constituted a "floppy appearance", but didn't specify what it was that was supposed to appear floppy; RT'd a comment from Ponytail Groovin' about them both being from the same part of the wrong side of the tracks (so maybe PG isn't Greenwald?); shared that his iPhone corrects "bonehead" to "vinegars" and was possibly puzzled that it was vinegars, plural;

shared a picture of the beach followed by a RT of CNN's story about LA's record high temperature; was puzzled by the popularity of the martini glass on the grounds that it looks like a plate (what martini glasses have you been drinking out of, Ryan??); bit a baby on the head (the following exchange with a friend suggests baby = puppy, in this case, which may or may not be related to the "floppy appearance" query); wished people only had 140 characters in real life; wasn't sure if he'd rather go to a The Like show or watch a new episode of Tosh.0 (he later showed up in the picture TL shared from the casino); had some beef jerky in Baker; and narrowly missed rescuing Shane Valdes from waiting by the side of the road for a towtruck. The tow truck discussion included a reference to Adventures in Babysitting by Shane and the hook-hand killer urban legend by Ryan.

Andy: Went out Trick or Treating (already?) and asked the internet what curfew was supposed to be while noting that he knew he had to be home by the time the street lights were on.

Nick: Wished another fan a happy birthday; offered to trade a present to whoever could get him into Knott's Scary Farm for free; was possibly mildly annoyed that he's been into alien disclosures lately; saw Pavement and Sonic Youth and remembered why he grew out of Pavement at 17 but felt Sonic Youth's set was too short; rt'd his other band's (Black Apples) appearance in a Pepsi commercial though he had to work the morning it was shot; and finally wanted to beat the heat by sitting in a nice cold air conditioned theater and watching horror movies.

The Like: Took in a Daria (cartoon, MTV, 1997-2002) marathon on the Logo network; Z got her stitches out at her pediatrician's office; various West Coast tour related announcements; shared a link to their interview with Nemone at BBC6; also rt'd the CNN headline about the heatwave; RT'd comic Jordan Rubin's comment about Mad Men, 1980s-style; drove through the Mojave listening to Bowie; Annie got 21 at blackjack her first time in Vegas, ; Wishing He Was Dead appeared in the 9/30 episode of Gray's Anatomy; and finally RT'd two pieces of fan art which were renditions of themselves as The Beatles.
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Panic!: Brendon was very excited about football; Spencer continues his Silent Bob impression.

Related news: Per Zack's twitter, the three of them apparently had dinner with Ryan!! We were not, however, granted a reprise of The Picture (Now With Spencer). The picture we did get was of a horribly tacky novelty item involving a pun on the name of Martin Luther King Jr. I am unsure what, if any, information should be inferred from it. I'm currently leaning towards "none, also, ew."

the young veins )

The Like: Played the Inverted World and the the Old Queen's Head, and then Z concluded the tour by falling down some stairs and cutting her chin open, needing seven (!) stitches. She shared pictures of the stitching process AND the final closed cut which, YIKES, and also wryly noted her eye make-up had survived the escapade intact. Someone heard "Walk of Shame" in TopShop; they shared a before-fall picture of Z with a stylized cartoon of, I think, Twiggy, and Z rt'd a fan drawing of a stylized "baby" Z with a big bow on her head, noting that it was awesome but the artist had forgotten to include her injured chin.
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Brendon: Thanked Polish fans for their video "thank you" to the band for playing at Coke Fest and rt'd Dallon sharing a link to an Inception-themed cat video. I haven't seen the movie so I have no idea what any of it is supposed to mean. But there's a comically wide-eyed cat and dramatic music, so it's not a painful two minutes, or whatever.

Spencer: Completed two full months of radio silence.

the young veins )

The Like: Assorted promotional and show related chatter, including a reminder that the Birmingham show was cancelled; shared links to their Reading/Leeds interview and live conversation on BBC 6Music (today). The biggest news was probably that the opener for their Brighton show was Johnny Borrell of Razorlight's new band. They didn't give a name, and the one show report I read said 1) the name isn't known, 2) the new band sounds like "Americana with Beck influences" and finally 3) the band members who were not Johnny Borrell came out in vests and cowboy hats. All I can wonder is if "He's Not a Boy" is actually about Borrell and if so, if it was at all awkward playing it with him right there.
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ETA: Re: latest LJ shenanigans, please don't cross-post anything here (content or comments) to Twitter or Facebook. Thanks! - sailor

Okay, so the last update was only five days ago, but I'm trying to get everyone (or rather, me) back on a regular schedule. or something. I think going forward update day will be either Sunday or Wednesday, depending on how much school is eating my head on any given week.

Panic: Brendon rt'd the link to the page with the song he did with Dallon and Ian, Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors; Spencer continues radio silence.

The Young Veins: Ryan encountered a "smiling" jalapeno and had a good "sadurday" [sic]; Nick thought being in the studio with Art Garfunkel must have been a pain and offered between-take studio chatter video as evidence, watched Into The Wormhole and joked about learning time travel to go back and get their gear, was amused by "hungover" owls, warned us all about DUI checkpoints, was sad to miss Davilla 666 (band, not girl!) but glad to see San Francisco just the same, and was generally in favor of having a good time all the time; and Jon and Andy continued radio silence.

The Like: Note: As far as I know there are two of them actually tweeting: Z and Tennessee. A very long time ago they told us tweets with "oh my lord" or "OML" were Tennessee, but either they've abandoned that one or she isn't tweeting at all. At the moment I'm operating under the assumption that anything ending in one or more "x's" is Tennessee and everything else is Z. And that at the moment Tennessee is doing the bulk of the tweeting.

Onwards to the notes: Played shows in Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham; noted that the New York Dolls were in the audience in Newcastle with what I am choosing to read as a "HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE??" tone despite the implied eyeroll of "whatever"; were sad to cancel three shows due to a family emergency on the part of one of them (:(); rt'd some fan chatter, one about going to a show, one sharing a picture of their single being featured in the paper in the UK; quoted Z a possibly hungover Z asking how old Edie Sedgwick was when she died (28); posted a picture of the front of a TGI Fridays with the slogan misspelled to say "in her . . . it's always Friday" and were apparently also glad to see the TGI Fridays (caption was "thank you universe"); and also posted a picture of Z posing with an "&" symbol.
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Not a lot to start with, as they are on tour in the UK. The played some warm-up shows in London before heading north to Reading and Leeds, and then even further north to Glasgow. Up next: east to Newcastle. Also of note: misc promo chatter for Wishing He Was Dead UK single; picture of selves as cardboard cut-outs (maybe? wasn't sure if that was a joke); and a link to an article with a London web-news source that referred to "Jon Ronson" in the headline. They also apparently gave an interview at either Reading or Leeds that was all about biscuits (cookies).
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Ryan: Has been quiet these last few weeks but wow, he was chatty on tour. I've put in some line breaks in what would otherwise be a LOL WALL OF TEXT: )

Jon: As previously noted, but also as of right now: Has totally unfollowed everyone, and following the tweet of a burning painting, it's been a week of radio silence. I saw a comment that he had been deleting tweets, as well, but I don't know which ones he removed. The following is an accounting of what remains )

Ok. I'll catch up with Andy and Nick later this week.
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not a full report, just a note of puzzle -- the picture Jon Walker tweeted today, of a piece of fine art on a bonfire, accompanied by the phrase "moving on". In addition to the idea of burning art being kind of sad and disturbing and weird, I feel like I should recognize the gracious lady in the picture. Wily girl detectives, who is that?

for quick reference )

Other quick updates: The Like may have adopted the most adorable puppy ever (name: Candy Darling; type: some kind of dachshund mix, maybe?) and Nick Murray has many unlabled keys and is in search of a copy of Horses.
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. . . yeah, that nickel is long gone. I don't even know where I'd put it now, calendar-wise. Maybe a back-to-school thing? "What We Did on our (Endless) Summer Vacation"?

Or not.

Anyway. I'm going to sit down later this weekend and gather up the highlights, but basically the only big notes for right now are that Jon has unfollowed everyone (again), is/will be moving, and was apparenty attacked outside his house; and Ryan spent at least two weeks at Greenwald's house (with Greenwald's housemate) while Greenwald was away. (For those of you as care: Greenwald: still in London; has a chest cough; was at one time the voice of a recycling dinosaur which was evidently something of a touchstone of a CA childhood but that I had never heard of, and also, wow, when his voice broke it broke, goodness.) Also Nick Murray locked his Twitter down for a couple of days towards the end of July/early August, but has since unlocked it again, so maybe that was a mis-click.

Tangentially, there's some interesting The Like canon filtering up via non-Twitter sources, i.e. press interviews with the band. For example: He's Not A Boy is about Johnny Borrell, the lead singer of Razorlight?? And also: Narcissus in a Red Dress is NOT about Charlotte? In fact she was in the band when it was written?? THE PLOT, IT THICKENS!
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The Like - He's Not A Boy from Downtown Music on Vimeo.


Or: here is the doubtless unpopular fannish opinion that has been gnawing at my brainmeats for some time now. In this opinion, I will be discussing past things that have happened to me that may be triggery for assault for others.

this video gives me the howling fantods like nothing else. )
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Ryan: A fairly musical week, between promoting shows for friends (Michael Runion, The Like, Gold Motel/Greta, The Black Apples), song mentions (Jumper, Third Eye Blind; two Metallica songs; and then at the end of the week he conflated CS&N's "Our House" with Madness' "Our House"), sharing Jon's joke about Ricky Martin, and concluding with something about a Dylan/Beatles show that I concluded had an implied "and then I woke up" at the end. There was also some discussion with Greenwald about some mysterious missing tapes that may hold TYV back from a record deal. He also noticed the Olympics were on, in the sense that he congratulated Team USA on beating Canada at hockey and made a crack about The Office being more interesting than ice dancing.

Other highlights: went to Universal Studios (I think? I don't know where else a replica of Whoville would be); threatened to cut his hair; shared an outtake from the first TYV photoshoot (I seriously am not sure if that was Andy or Jon in the picture) and also posted a picture of the tour poster. The tour poster featured a drawing of the lead singer of Foxy Shazam striking a "King Kong" pose on the top of the Empire State Building and catching a plane in his hand.

Jon: Another image heavy week, featuring a pictures of Ryan bowling and someone (probably Ryan) playing the guitar, one of a bonfire, one of a rain LA afternoon, and one of a dog. He also shared a picture of the tour poster, as described above; mentioned that Craig Ferguson is a genius; shared a link to a Jimi Hendrix song on YouTube; and quoted Ryan's end of their conversation about what various '90s pop stars are doing now.

Nick: Mentioned being excited to record new songs to Ryan (MORE new music??); went to a dinner party with some soul music; got stuck in traffic; shared a picture of a stuffed bear (as in taxidermy) wearing a Smokey The Bear hat, with a cigar in its mouth; referenced the CS&N "Our House", promoted the Gold Motel/Black Apples show; shared a link to a news story about a chimp who had to go to rehab; and noticed there are always a lot of expensive cars in the Taco Bell drive-in.

Andy: No substantive updates; tweeted once, to ask "you put that on twitski?" with no further context. I decided he was referring to the (possibly) lost tapes.


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