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- Panic's new guitarist is: Kenneth Harris (The Films), former bandmate of one of their producers.

- Spencer posted this yesterday:

To which all I have is holy shit, dude and also that I am really, really glad he got help and is still alive. I'm still processing this news and how it may or may not change some of the ways i understand the split and Panic's subsequent trajectory.

It definitely does change the context of Brendon being more in the media eye for this album cycle. I'm sure he really does like all the attention, but I can also see how him taking the brunt of the glare might be to give Spencer some breathing room.
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- Brendon and Dallon have Vines, now, and are both using them to be completely ridiculous.

- Spencer has a Vine as well but hasn't posted anything. Spencer is, generally speaking, Sphinx-like again.

- Panic is recording - still? again? - but there's been no hard news re: new record.

- Ryan has a Vine and is using it to post videos of his cat, and sometimes also his face. He posts the occasional studio picture - he seems to be working with Dan Keyes and Tom Oakes, but IDK if it is on their stuff or his. Again, no hard news re: record.

- I have no idea what JWalk is doing when he isn't nostalgia-trolling us because I've unsubscribed from his Twitter. (I fished the images in the previous post out of Tumblr in order to make a note for the record.)

I'm going to try and do weekly updates on everyone that isn't Jon now that I have free time again. (Kind of.) Are any of y'all still interested? Should I make a Tumblr and cross-post?
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So today JWalk tweeted this:
picture )
That is a line from TYV's song Defiance; my reaction was mostly "oh, they were talking about a REAL BRIDGE?" followed by "ok, but where IS that real bridge?"

And then the TYV FB account (which I am presuming is . . . also Jon Walker, because it has been promoting Jon Walker's solo career lately) sprang to life after four months dormant and posted this:
second picture )
That is a line from TYV's song Dangerous Blues.

The dates, as presented, suggest the pictures were taken during the last Panic! tour before the split.

WTF, Jon Walker??

I mean I know the obvious answer is JWalk had a burst of nostalgia but . . . IDK the lyric choices seem especially pointed.
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Ryan Ross: Supergrover

Z Berg: Sailor Moon

Brendon Urie & Spencer Smith: Hipster zombies or maybe something to do with Breaking Bad? A combination of Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead? I really couldn't tell.

Sarah O and Linda I (their ladyfriends): nurse!Joker and Harvey Dent

Jon Walker didn't post a Halloween costume picture this year as far as I know.
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- Jon's animals have fleas. :( poor kitties & puppy.

- Ryan was, it seemed, rolling along pretty well with recording, but he hasn't mentioned anything about it for a while.

- He also seems to have style-shifted to jeans/leather jacket ('80s Lennon?).

- Other picture notes: one of himself wearing a sabretooth skull as a hat; one of him with Kate and some fake blood; a couple of him and Dan Keyes, including two from an oscar party; one of him, Dan Keyes and Ryland in an el camino; and one of him at a carwash. In the last one he's discovered how to use the effects buttons on Instagram, because there's a black bar over his eyes and an ostrich, a knocked over pill bottle, an icecream cone, and a small child pasted into the image.

- Finally, he asked The Internets when spring break was for LA high schools and colleges. The Internets was baffled by this query. He has not elaborated further.

- JJAMZ's record is OFFICIALLY FINISHED! Mastered and everything! Still no word about a release date, though.

- Keltie was informed (by a third party) of more of Ryan's misdeeds and has declared "he's dead to me." Uh. I guess that means they're not sharing the dog anymore? IDK.

- Brendon, Spencer and Dallon seem to back in the studio; Ian may or may not be with them, I'm not sure.

quick notes

Jan. 4th, 2012 10:30 pm
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- JWalk - still in Costa Rica! Judging by their Tumblr, he and his wife seem to be having a good time there.

- Ryan Rossy - has suddenly sparked up in a way that is startling - in addition to his usual ebb and flow of general chatter, he's started actually replying to fans. (he's also confirmed he's currently making new music. WHEEEEEE!) I feel a bit like the Sphinx has stood up on its four paws, stretched its great back, and asked me for a cup of tea.

- Other canonical data points:

* Ryan seems to have spent most of this Christmas with Greenwald, Vicky-T, and, hilariously, Zooey Deschanel, though he did also pop up in the background of pictures taken at the JJAMZ Christmas show. He shared a bunch of pictures that were of himself, alone, or himself with Greenwald.

* Z seems to be the main user of the JJAMZ twitter; the second-to-last picture she shared was of herself "vibing with a dingo," in which she also seems to have brown hair. People do have pet dingos (yes, really, and the dog is on a leash) and the hair could be a trick of the light, but I've stuck a "did shit get real? did she dye her hair and fuck off to Australia?" pin in that situation just the same. (That said I'm presuming pet dingo and/or tricks of light until it is conclusively proved otherwise.) The last pictures she linked to were Cobrasnake pictures. (Her hair is blonde in those shots.)

* This is the period which we shall remember as That Time Brendon Was A Dick On Twitter. Here is hoping that it will be over soon.

* Sarah O., Brendon's fiancee', was mistaken for Katy Perry and thus her NYE with Brendon (& friends) was reported as being KP's NYE, much to Sarah O.'s rueful entertainment. (Context: KP announced her impending divorce not long before the holidays, and so there was some pearl-clutching in the press about her going out and having fun with a mystery man, etc etc, only, KP was actually Sarah O. and the "mystery man" was Brendon. KP herself was in Hawaii for the night. WHOOPS!)

Also, will there be a pop cultural singularity if somehow Sarah O., KP and Zooey Deschanel all end up in the same room at the same time? I feel like they could have some fun with that situation. I know I would. In fact my response would be DUDES! LET'S ALL SWITCH CLOTHES AND HAIRSTYLES AND SEE WHOSE PUBLICIST CRACKS FIRST!

(This is also known as, Why It's a Good Thing I'm Not Famous.)

(Also, they if they could wrangle Brendon, Darren Criss (or Rachel Maddow!), and Blake Harnage from VersaEmerge in there with them, they could attempt a six-way fake-out!)

* In other news, Keltie got engaged shortly before Christmas. Her ring is enormous.

* This is also the period we shall know as That Time Spencer Started Tweeting All of His Favorite Hip-Hop Lyrics Whenever He Felt Like It. Also, a friend of his who is a lady (who may or may not be his ladyfriend) gave him a full set of California Raisins (as in, Heard It Through The Grapevine) for Christmas. I am MAD JEALOUS, you guys. That is an epically awesome present.

* Brendon got his tattoos touched up, so his flowers really pop now.
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maybe i should just do a monthly "notes for the record" post? idk.


so, Panic! is headed home from tour. This is the era we shall look back on as "that time Brendon was bizarrely over-sharing about his Mom at every opportunity", "the time Dallon trolled someone in the airport into thinking he was a member of Kings of Leon" and, last but not least, "the time Spencer played a show in his underpants and it was glorious."

They are now (according to their show calendar on their website) home until after the holidays, when they will do a lightening-fast UK tour before, allegedly and per Zack talking to fans, be heading back into the studio for Album #4.

other things that have happened:

- Didier Wampas' solo record (aka Ryan's French musical adventure) ALSO came out, and it is DELICIOUS. Ryan sings on a couple of songs, mostly background woah-woahs and similar, but he does sing a word (only one, but still!) in French on one song (Eternellement). Songs he is on: Eternellement, Chanteur de droite and Les framboises dorées.

- Jon Walker put out a record and on the whole it honestly made me want to claw my face off. I am, therefore, not going to say anything else, as everything I have to say is catty, mean, or both. That said: a close reading of his lyrics may be illuminating re: the collapse of TYV. Since releasing the record, he RT'd a bunch of (positive) fan commentary and then seems to have settled down to non-sequitours and monosyllables. He may or may not have been a hesher / Wayne Campbell for Halloween, I couldn't really tell from the picture he tweeted.

- Ryan was the Fantastic Mr. Fox, evidently a last-minute choice enabled by how, I quote, "I dress like that already anyway."

- Z was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. She did tweet a picture of herself planting a kiss on an un-named, masked Jack Skellington, followed (the next day) by one of herself standing next to Ryan. A random Jack and spontaneous pose? A new gentleman friend? I don't know. (People Jack is not: Greenwald (he went as a pot plant); Runion (he's too scruffy right now, and Jack was cleanshaven under his mask); or Jason Boesel (also bearded at the moment).) I am, for right now, chalking it up to a random Jack and moving on.

- Panic! costumes: Brendon - Jesus; Spencer - Ron Burgundy (complete with brandy!); Dallon - Eric Nally; Ian - Hit Girl.

- Post- Halloween, Ryan shared a song: Val Stoecklein- French Girl Affair, and also appreciated Tom Waits' new record. He also RT'd JWalk's album announcement; shared a weird video that involved someone vacuuming up a snake; and continues to be really, REALLY into hockey.

- Z is apparently tweeting for JJAMZ at @jjamzmusic. Latest comment: ""Ruth's Chris" is the opposite of "cellar door"" All I can tell you is Ruth's Chris is a fancy-ass steakhouse with multiple locations, and so is indeed quite unlike a cellar, just in general. IDK if she had a specific cellar in mind or what.

- Ryan has apparently been working in music with both Greenwald and another friend, called Trucifer. It is not clear if said music is Greenwald's, Ryan's, or for another project entirely.
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Since 2/24:

Brendon: Had dinner at a fancy cafe in advance of shooting another video (movie?) with Shane Drake; was excited about lobster ravioli; was pleasantly sore post-show (not going to lie, I made an undignified noise when I saw the video of him stage-diving); went to Vegas and quoted a random dude the subject of gambling ("luck is the residue of design"); promoted The Overture; was worn out from too much flying; various radio-show related tweets;

got new specially labeled in-ears ("this is your left ear" " this is your right ear" - Brendon, do you need your mittens on a string as well??); was irritated by someone standing too close to him at the urinal in an otherwise empty bathroom (seriously the arrangements in men's rooms sound so odd - who wants to pee in public? like, ever??); gently teased a fan who had equally gently scolded him for TMI regarding the urinal tweet; and noted that his thoughts were with Japan but rather than praying he was donating to the Red Cross.

Retweets: their Roxy support band burbling about the show; band twitter sharing JMonts review of the record; fun. in the studio (picture); his friend's Tumblr post with New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle; one of the radio stations sharing pictures from the show.

Spencer: Noted that "Hail in Burbank" sounded like the name of the next big AP band; various filming-related tweets, including a picture from on-set and a shot of a celebratory drink from In-and-Out afterwards; various show and radio-show related tweets; went to Bakersfield with a Field of Dreams allusion, saw Never Say Never (Justin Bieber movie) in 3-D, followed by The Kings Speech; reminisced with Thomas Durden about playing shows at Jerry's Pizza; shared a picture of their SXSW poster and a shot of a sign at Mandalay Bay;

discussed SXSW with Regan and seeing The Strokes/checking out a new venue with another friend; promoted The Overturel enjoyed some Hefeweizen beer; encouraged everyone to vote for them in MTV March Madness again this year (it starts on Monday); shared a picture of his new in-ears which feature a cameo of Edgar Allen Poe with a raven on his head; asked the internet if he was sitting near Robert Duvall at the airport; and finally was hilariously foiled by a 140 character limit in promoting a show, i.e. "If your gonna be there then prepare to get blown" followed hastily by "Away. Damn this 140 character bull$!**"

Retweets: band twitter sharing JMonts review of the record and a limited poster and a radio station sharing pictures.

Other Notes: March Madness, OH GOD THIS IS GOING TO BE AWKWARD ISN'T IT? Though maybe not, since TYV doesn't seem to be in it as of right now. Though I can't wait to see how JMont glosses over THAT when he's setting up the brackets.,
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Brendon: Saw and appreciated Black Swan; wore himself out eating Indian food in London; annoyed Londoners by parroting their accent back at them (badly, according to him); various video promotional tweets; was excited to play the show at Bush Hall; had a good show in Germany; wished his ladyfriend a Happy Valentine's Day/anniversary (SRSLY BRENDON URIE WHAT OH MY GOD. Also: There is not enough AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW in the world.); was pleased that Arcade Fire won a Grammy; approved box sets, etc, with Spencer; announced the release date for the record has been moved up a week; one promo tweet for merch (t-shirt); shared that he likes only a little bit of coffee with his cream; contemplated the purchase of a flaming hot cheetos super pack; RT'd Aziz Ansari talking about keeping a photo file of sandwiches he wants to try and finally, promoted Steel Train's new video for Bullet.

Spencer: Saw Black Swan, then went in search of jalfrezi (curry); shared pictures of the view from his window in London and also his new toy, a Lomo Sprocketrocket (I thought it was "pocketrocket", until, uh, now, which made me giggle, because I'm LOL twelve); told us all to look up; was excited to play the show in Germany; was also excited to be home to eat a lot of Mexican food and, er, possibly visit with a ladyfriend?; asked the internet where in LA he can get his Lomo film developed, approved merch, etc; appreciated an iced grade triple soy latte; one promo tweet for a shirt; was awakened by his dog (Boba Fett) having an intense dream, he theorized it was about jackrabbits; then finally shared a picture of Boba with a comment about having bought extra lenses and film for his Hipstamatic app. Spencer Smith: not-so-secret camera geek?
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Since Jan. 16:

Brendon Shared a link to the video of the tripping housewife; rt'd his ladyfriend's tweet of a picture of their dog; officially announced the release of their new record on March 29; thanked Argentina for an amazing show and an overall good time; various promotional tweets, i.e. bananas music club, the clip of the video for the Ballad of Mona Lisa, and shout-outs to various radio shows; shared a Hulu link to The Seminar episode of The Office; rt'd Butch Walker's twitpic of The Ballad of Mona Lisa playing on his car stereo; linked to the video of Today show hosts trying to explain the internet in 1994; was amazed by wifi on planes and planes in general;

was a little bit snarky to a fan who missed the Argentina show; declared that words couldn't convey how he felt about the New York show because it was too sacred; told JMont that he would take "baroquetronica" as a descriptor of their sound; traded lines of Frank Sinatra's They Can't Take That Away From Me with his ladyfriend; had a mango tango smoothie to balance out jaeger shots bought for them by a fan (or maybe bar employee? not sure); and finally rt'd a link to a fan cover of The Ballad of Mona Lisa on YouTube.

Also, he's changed his background to the album art for Mona Lisa.

Spencer HE'S ALIVE! Since he sparked back up, he's made various promotional tweets - radio stations and the pre-order - and also thanked people for coming out to shows in New York and Philadelpia; noted he was feeling pretty good, post-Jaeger shots in Virginia; shared a picture of Brendon looking unimpressed in the snow in what appeared to be a graveyard with above-ground masoleums; and finally quoted someone as saying the mac and cheese they were eating should be rated NC-17.
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Since Dec. 1, 2010:

Brendon: Wished Shane a happy birthday (Dec. 1); had a sleepless layover in Zurich and appreciated Berlin (In German, even!); quoted A Christmas Story; mentioned he needed a haircut, suggested he might go for something in the style of Richard Marx in the '80s, supplied a link to Right Here Waiting (You Tube) as an illustration (causing me to snicker and sigh at the same time, because that song, oh man, pretty sure I wore that tape out); watched Rachel Maddow and was distressed that the Ugandan "kill the gays" politician was for real; RT'd Janelle Monae's tweet about the guy who was cured of HIV via stem cell research; appreciated his ladyfriend's peanut butter cookies; inflicted that terrible Christmas Shoes (by: Newsong) on us via YouTube; was supportive of Jacob Givens (writer) who announced his (Jacob's) switch to athiesm via a link to an article by Ricky Gervais on the subject (athiesm, not Jacob's own switch);

noted that Steel Train's latest record had him in the Christmas Spirit, possibly because of the bells; was aggravated by LAX during Christmas; saw Butch Walker's face on an ad outside a guitar center in Michigan and tweeted him (Butch) Season's Greetings as a result; watched a cute puppy video that may have made him cry; wished us a happy new year and also RT'd Seth McFarlane's post-Christmas comment about "hoping all of you Jesus-people got that out of your system"; appreciated his ladyfriend's zombie-killing talents; joked with Zack about a camera's weed-producing abilities; and finally promoted Steel Train's new record and appearance on Conan.

Spencer: Continues to have nothing to share with the internet at this time. Though it's likely he's sharing the band twitter duties with Zack.
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Brendon: Had a couple of conversations with Ryan Ross (!) about freaky weekends and funkadelic grooves; worked on some "backgrounds" with Butch Walker; went out for Halloween (in Vegas) as "Guitar Hero" (you are the most ridiculous, Brendon Urie, and I love your stupid face) (side note: the group costume theme seemed to be "heroes"; Shane went as Kick-Ass, Sarah as Storm, and Regan as Lady Gaga, which, that could be an interesting cultural conversation about what qualifies as a "hero"); got the chorus of "Only Girl (In the World)" (Rihanna) stuck in his head (and asked if that was "gay"); asked the Internet for their favorite Sinatra song and recommended The Divine Comedy (band, not Dante);

appreciated some eggs under the guise of a tweet for Jesus (?!); was possibly disappointed by a line about guns in Avatar; recommended What's Up, Tiger Lily (Woody Allen movie); had a 48-hour flu and was stir-crazy; promised us new music soon; shared a picture of his dog taking a sun-bath; asked the internet what the new record should be called; shared a link to a video complilation of 5 ridiculous Sarah Palin moments from her new reality show, as compiled by Gawker; RT'd the link for Shane and Dallon's commercial several times; ate a lot of food for Thanksgiving; noted the passing of Leslie Nielsen; was apologetic about the Argentina show being postponed and vowed to fix it; and RT'd Zack talking about a marijuana documentary.

Spencer: Has no thoughts to share with the internet at this time.
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Panic! at the Disco

Spencer remains a sexy sphinx; Brendon noted his 100,000+ followers (a huge jump from where he was earlier this summer!); may possibly have had to look up "incorrigible" (he didn't quite use it properly in context); seemed to be pleased it was raining; and his best girl beat him at Wii bowling, which he attributed to her wearing bowling shoes while playing. (They are so ridiculous and adorable. ♥Brendon & Sarah♥)

The Like

Went out on their West Coast mini-tour - in addition to various show announcements, there was some wordplay with fans and also Hunter Burgan of AFI (!), a note about listening to the Beach Boys, a comment about being able to fry an egg in the van, and finally a tweet about Annie learning French and Z sleeping while the others drove/DJ'd that later got deleted. They also shared a picture of some fans; asked for shopping advice in Portland; shared three videos from their ICA (London) performance; wished both John Lennon and Alex Greenwald a happy birthday; shared a picture from a Kate Spade party they apparently went to/played at; departed on their mini-European tour; shared a blog post full of pictures from the Paris show; rode in a water taxi in Rotterdam & have video to prove it (Z's expression at the end is really funny); hung out with an elephant in Hamburg; someone's (Z's?) inner 12 yr old was ecstatic to be at at Nickleodeon with slime and later playing a show with Jamiroquai; shared a Kate Spade video; and finally noted the passing of Ari Up (The Slits) with sadness.

NB: There was also tweet with a link to blog post I think from Brussels, that was in French, which they seem to have since deleted. When I read it, the review was positive towards them but - and this is based on a somewhat fractured Google translation - did seem to have a kind of strange, gross undertone of "if you don't like them you must be gay" which may or may not be why they deleted it.

The Young Veins )
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Brendon: Would love to believe in life on Mars, and so maybe he will; also he is looking forward to the Rally to Restore Sanity.

Spencer: Has no thoughts that he wishes to share with the Internets at this time.

The Young Veins:

Jon goes first this week, since he has the most exciting news! I (and the rest of the Internet) am taking that "engaged!" to mean "to be married." Woooo! Congratulations, Mr. Walker. He also noted the 5 year anniversary of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, though, strangely, not the release of the video for Take a Vacation. Further Twitter-related data points: both MTV Buzzworthy and OneHaven tweeted video-related news solely to Ryan and the band twitter; I have a suspicion that the band twitter is run by Nick Murray.

Ryan on the other hand, made no mention of Fever at all, but did RT the band twitter and MTV's tweets about the video and (as it turned out) his solo appearance on Subterranean. Also noted that having an immortal enemy was way worse than having a mortal enemy; complained about the long lasting effects of Tylenol PM; recommended Who is Harry Nilsson? (movie); noted that the B-52s sang the theme song for Rocko's Modern Life (Nickelodean cartoon, 1993-1996); asked the internet what constituted a "floppy appearance", but didn't specify what it was that was supposed to appear floppy; RT'd a comment from Ponytail Groovin' about them both being from the same part of the wrong side of the tracks (so maybe PG isn't Greenwald?); shared that his iPhone corrects "bonehead" to "vinegars" and was possibly puzzled that it was vinegars, plural;

shared a picture of the beach followed by a RT of CNN's story about LA's record high temperature; was puzzled by the popularity of the martini glass on the grounds that it looks like a plate (what martini glasses have you been drinking out of, Ryan??); bit a baby on the head (the following exchange with a friend suggests baby = puppy, in this case, which may or may not be related to the "floppy appearance" query); wished people only had 140 characters in real life; wasn't sure if he'd rather go to a The Like show or watch a new episode of Tosh.0 (he later showed up in the picture TL shared from the casino); had some beef jerky in Baker; and narrowly missed rescuing Shane Valdes from waiting by the side of the road for a towtruck. The tow truck discussion included a reference to Adventures in Babysitting by Shane and the hook-hand killer urban legend by Ryan.

Andy: Went out Trick or Treating (already?) and asked the internet what curfew was supposed to be while noting that he knew he had to be home by the time the street lights were on.

Nick: Wished another fan a happy birthday; offered to trade a present to whoever could get him into Knott's Scary Farm for free; was possibly mildly annoyed that he's been into alien disclosures lately; saw Pavement and Sonic Youth and remembered why he grew out of Pavement at 17 but felt Sonic Youth's set was too short; rt'd his other band's (Black Apples) appearance in a Pepsi commercial though he had to work the morning it was shot; and finally wanted to beat the heat by sitting in a nice cold air conditioned theater and watching horror movies.

The Like: Took in a Daria (cartoon, MTV, 1997-2002) marathon on the Logo network; Z got her stitches out at her pediatrician's office; various West Coast tour related announcements; shared a link to their interview with Nemone at BBC6; also rt'd the CNN headline about the heatwave; RT'd comic Jordan Rubin's comment about Mad Men, 1980s-style; drove through the Mojave listening to Bowie; Annie got 21 at blackjack her first time in Vegas, ; Wishing He Was Dead appeared in the 9/30 episode of Gray's Anatomy; and finally RT'd two pieces of fan art which were renditions of themselves as The Beatles.
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Panic!: Brendon was very excited about football; Spencer continues his Silent Bob impression.

Related news: Per Zack's twitter, the three of them apparently had dinner with Ryan!! We were not, however, granted a reprise of The Picture (Now With Spencer). The picture we did get was of a horribly tacky novelty item involving a pun on the name of Martin Luther King Jr. I am unsure what, if any, information should be inferred from it. I'm currently leaning towards "none, also, ew."

the young veins )

The Like: Played the Inverted World and the the Old Queen's Head, and then Z concluded the tour by falling down some stairs and cutting her chin open, needing seven (!) stitches. She shared pictures of the stitching process AND the final closed cut which, YIKES, and also wryly noted her eye make-up had survived the escapade intact. Someone heard "Walk of Shame" in TopShop; they shared a before-fall picture of Z with a stylized cartoon of, I think, Twiggy, and Z rt'd a fan drawing of a stylized "baby" Z with a big bow on her head, noting that it was awesome but the artist had forgotten to include her injured chin.
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Brendon: Thanked Polish fans for their video "thank you" to the band for playing at Coke Fest and rt'd Dallon sharing a link to an Inception-themed cat video. I haven't seen the movie so I have no idea what any of it is supposed to mean. But there's a comically wide-eyed cat and dramatic music, so it's not a painful two minutes, or whatever.

Spencer: Completed two full months of radio silence.

the young veins )

The Like: Assorted promotional and show related chatter, including a reminder that the Birmingham show was cancelled; shared links to their Reading/Leeds interview and live conversation on BBC 6Music (today). The biggest news was probably that the opener for their Brighton show was Johnny Borrell of Razorlight's new band. They didn't give a name, and the one show report I read said 1) the name isn't known, 2) the new band sounds like "Americana with Beck influences" and finally 3) the band members who were not Johnny Borrell came out in vests and cowboy hats. All I can wonder is if "He's Not a Boy" is actually about Borrell and if so, if it was at all awkward playing it with him right there.
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ETA: Re: latest LJ shenanigans, please don't cross-post anything here (content or comments) to Twitter or Facebook. Thanks! - sailor

Okay, so the last update was only five days ago, but I'm trying to get everyone (or rather, me) back on a regular schedule. or something. I think going forward update day will be either Sunday or Wednesday, depending on how much school is eating my head on any given week.

Panic: Brendon rt'd the link to the page with the song he did with Dallon and Ian, Skid Row from Little Shop of Horrors; Spencer continues radio silence.

The Young Veins: Ryan encountered a "smiling" jalapeno and had a good "sadurday" [sic]; Nick thought being in the studio with Art Garfunkel must have been a pain and offered between-take studio chatter video as evidence, watched Into The Wormhole and joked about learning time travel to go back and get their gear, was amused by "hungover" owls, warned us all about DUI checkpoints, was sad to miss Davilla 666 (band, not girl!) but glad to see San Francisco just the same, and was generally in favor of having a good time all the time; and Jon and Andy continued radio silence.

The Like: Note: As far as I know there are two of them actually tweeting: Z and Tennessee. A very long time ago they told us tweets with "oh my lord" or "OML" were Tennessee, but either they've abandoned that one or she isn't tweeting at all. At the moment I'm operating under the assumption that anything ending in one or more "x's" is Tennessee and everything else is Z. And that at the moment Tennessee is doing the bulk of the tweeting.

Onwards to the notes: Played shows in Newcastle, Manchester, Sheffield and Nottingham; noted that the New York Dolls were in the audience in Newcastle with what I am choosing to read as a "HOLY SHIT HOW IS THIS OUR LIFE??" tone despite the implied eyeroll of "whatever"; were sad to cancel three shows due to a family emergency on the part of one of them (:(); rt'd some fan chatter, one about going to a show, one sharing a picture of their single being featured in the paper in the UK; quoted Z a possibly hungover Z asking how old Edie Sedgwick was when she died (28); posted a picture of the front of a TGI Fridays with the slogan misspelled to say "in her . . . it's always Friday" and were apparently also glad to see the TGI Fridays (caption was "thank you universe"); and also posted a picture of Z posing with an "&" symbol.
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Brendon: Only comment was to retweet Shane's comment and the link to The Picture.

Spencer: Radio silence continues.

Also Zack got married this past weekend!
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Brendon Oh, hey, I'd forgotten all about the Oatmeal Cream Pie song he did with Jacob Givens. Other things: Wished John Feldman a happy birthday with a picture of an iPhone and iPad; told the fans they (we) are loved (twice); told Spencer to back off his Wheat Thins; appreciated an amp; various updates on parts of the album being complete; shipped a package somewhere and had the pen marks on his hand to prove it; possibly experienced on of CA's rolling blackouts; was hungry and I guess, maybe, by himself? I don't know how to parse the zombie apocalypse/2nd coming connection; went to China and also the DMV; and appreciated a Gawker video about real-life superheroes.

Spencer: Shared a picture of a bunch of tambourines and referenced Mr. Tambourine Man (Dylan); went on a "mandate" (his word!) with Brendon for sandwiches; also wished John Feldman a happy birthday; various updates about parts of the album being complete; stayed up late watching Wimbledon and reading the Wheat Thins website (cable tv and the internet: solace of insomniacs everywhere?); also appreciated an amp; got a cowbell, referenced Don't Fear the Reaper (Blue Oyster Cult); went on a long bike ride due to car being fixed and felt like Gumby; and rt'd Pete Wentz's tweet about the Invisible Children worker who was killed by terrorists.
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Brendon: Enjoyed birthday activities that included a Butch Walker concert and meeting Matthew McConaughey, caught only a glimpse of Dragonheart, shared a link to a Funny or Die video written by Diablo Cody, and observed Mother's Day.

Spencer: After weeks of radio silence, posted a picture of Brendon in the studio, and in response to a comment from Zack, shared link to a "self-defense" video on YouTube that stars two dudes and a rolled-up magazine. He also said he was "back" on Twitter, so perhaps he will be more chatty in the future.


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