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Since July 30th:

promoted Z's solo show; promoted GoldBoot's new EP; promoted Brie Larson's new movie.

And that is it, for Twitter.

On Instagram:

Capt. Knots with new toy; Capt. Knots with Jeremy Burke's dog, Lucy (2); Dan Keyes eating a sandwich; puppy getting a bath (not his); photobooth montage (him, Dan Keyes, Z, Vincent Perini); Capt Knots asleep; mysterious bloody finger incident (2); himself reading at Echo Park lake (taken from Z); Jeremy and himself in scary masks, holding their respective pets; Capt Knots and a scary mask; brunch plates with Crime and Punishment; himself looking irritated.

Other news:

- Keltie got married.

- Greenwald has went on a variety show and played Balisong which is allegedly from his solo record, and the performance has been recorded.

- The Troll is with Ryan now in LA for the next several weeks, allegedly to finish his (Ryan's) record. I am cautiously optimistic but will also believe this when I can add the files to my iTunes and not one minute before.
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ETA2: Additional Troll bulletin below.

I find I can't even be mad. If I could have spent my late '20s lolling around the house with my cats, I would have.

And I can see why he wouldn't just say "fuck it" and release the music, because he really would have to tour to promote it, at this point, or else it won't sell, and if it won't sell, then that could fuck things up later.
troll bulletin: ryan likes resting, also, his cat )
ETA: There's no news. The Troll was fucking with us. Again. Now I'm annoyed that I fell for it AND irritated that he's such a tool.
in which I fell for the troll's bait. again. )
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Well. I guess that's that, then, Jon Walker.

I'm still mulling over my reactions to the music. My initial response was hmmmmm, mainly because it was suddenly clear to me how much of TYV sound was his sound - both the parts that I liked and the parts that annoyed me. (Or, okay, was the Beatles sound, as filtered through Jon Walker. Y'all know what I mean.) I definitely do miss whatever leavening influence Ryan may have had, though.

As for the lyrics: mostly they just make me kind of sad, and even more curious about what happened. They're also, I don't know - confirmation? reverse context? - for assumptions I had that were generated by his tweets. Namely that TYV is well and truly done, and that the bonfire picture was a farewell picture (though the picture of the woman in it is still a puzzle). But I don't feel like there's any really new information.

Now to wait and see if this prompts Ryan into making any kind of official statement . . .


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