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this is in no way a proper update, but I am noting here for the record the Brendon Urie announced his engagement on 9/19/11 with a Princess Bride reference, i.e. the "Mawwaige" speech.

Though I suppose technically Zack announced it the night before with his "he asked, she answered" tweet, which was purported (by him!) to be him trolling us with a movie quote. The source, if there is one, is somewhat drowned by fannish chatter, so if anyone knows what it is, pls holler.

Thus far, JWalk has had no comment (no surprise there; he didn't get or give any birthday greetings this year) and Ryan has only tweeted At a cry fair on the clown farm which . . . uh, okay, Mr. Ross. Right. Swapping the key phrases around, i.e. on a clown farm at the cry fair makes even less sense, so i think it was meant to be read as written.

Incidentally there is such a thing as a Clown Farm. It's in Alberta, Canada and seems to be very fancy clown school. There's also a Baby Huey (cartoon) episode called Clown On The Farm from, er, 1952, so maybe he's just noodling around YouTube.

Baby Huey, incidentally, is a duck in 1) a diaper 2) a bonnet and 3) a belly shirt.

Dallon, Ian and Spencer have also been quiet, but then again they are all in Indonesia.


On the subject of birthday greetings, they were exchanged between camps for both Ryan's birthday and Spencer's. Hilarious note: Ryan apparently still has the picture of Spencer wearing nothing but goggles/a snorkel.

Also, for Ryan's birthday, Keltie posted a picture of a tiny, tiny bb!Ryan in a karate outfit, and everyone teased Ryan gently about being an "old man". (At age 25. If he's old, I think I might be dead.)
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Or perhaps this should be a "technically irregular" Panic!-only edition, as from now on I'll be considering Brendon and Spencer apart from the Young Veins. Probably I should have made that split when the band(s) did, but I guess I couldn't bring myself to do it. But now with TYV having new members, I think it's time.

Also, for those of you as may be wondering, if/when Ian and Dallon are made formally added to the Panic! line-up, I'll start lists for them too.

Brendon: Started off the week bantering with Ian about boobs (he thinks they're fun), then traded Flight of the Conchords and Three Amigos lines with Dallon before and after being in the studio with fun. the band. Also he watched at least one episode of Jersey Shore and was amazed at how seriously everyone took themselves.

Spencer: Is apparently on Twitter-vacation? No posts again this week.
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We can has a band name! And a single!

First impressions: Sounds a lot like The Who, enough that I'm actually kind of making an irritated face at the screen, because that particular kind of guitar is why I get aggravated with the oldies station after a while, but, I like the implied possibilities. I'm keen to see what the rest of their songs sound like now. Also, Ryan sounds gooooood, at at least to me. Heh. I feel like this style of music suits him better than Panic!'s does, in some ways. Also: Some of Ryan, Jon and Alex's Tweets seem to have been their lyrics, especially their collective recent Mark Twain kick. Sneaky sneaky!

On the subject of Panic!, I like New Perspective, too. It does sound fresher, musically, than Change. I've seen a couple of comments about a distinct Third Eye Blind influence, which listening to it again, I can definitely hear (though I might expand that to include a general strong '90s vibe), but it also sounds like they applied the melodic lessons they learned from Pretty. Odd. to the core sound from AFYCSO. Which so far as I'm concerned is a fantastic result, and I'm keen to see what the rest of their songs sound like, too.

Anyway, for a special bonus footnote, I did some low-key poking around to see if The Young Veins was a reference to anything besides the obvious: actual young veins, flexible and full of blood. I found some odds and ends to do with plants, and also this , in Elements of mineralogy, crystallography and blowpipe analysis, by Alfred Joseph Moses and Charles Lathrop Parsons, from 1916. It is doubtless wholly unrelated, but I was amused.


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