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[ profile] prettykitty_aya made me an amazing mix to go with Drowning Lessons . It's called Landlocked, and the tracklisting is as follows:

1. a body goes down (duncan sheik)
2. put there by the land (great lake swimmers)
3. flames (VAST)
4. vivaldi's the four seasons (autumn) - 2. adagio molto (orpheus chamber orchestra)
5. where the fearless hide (evaline)
6. nightingale (norah jones)
7. a minor incident (badly drawn boy)
8. timshel (mumford & sons)
9. are we afraid (toad the wet sprocket)
10. a camera lens and careful days (lydia)
11. weapon (matthew good band)
12. beethoven's symphony no. 9 (seattle symphony)
13. hard earned smile (david lamotte)

A lot of the music was new to me, and it fits perfectly. Thank you so much!!
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Title: Drowning Lessons

Author: [ profile] sailorstkwrning

Length: 33,060

Characters: MCR (incl Bob), P@TD/TYV, Korse, extended cameos by Maja Ivarsson, Travie McCoy, Cobra Starship, Lyn-Z and Chantal Euringer, mention of various others.

Warnings: Indentured servants; physical restraint (boys briefly in a bridle and also a cage); mention of past physical abuse; implied past sexual trauma; an attempt to exchange sex for protection/favors; voluntary cross-dressing; and a non-fatal duel.

Beta: [ profile] egelantier, [ profile] arsenicjade , [ profile] corvide, and also my sister. Any remaining mistakes, gross historical inaccuracies, or flagrant ridiculousness are entirely my fault.

Author's notes: This story would not exist without [ profile] egelantier and [ profile] arsenicjade; it began life as chat-fic passed between us in email over the course of a year, which they have graciously allowed me to expand and contract, prune and flesh out, to make what you are about to read today. This story also owes a considerable and significant debt to the work of Patrick O'Brian; most notably, the trope of house-as-ship originates with him.


Bonus Material: FANMIX by [ profile] prettykitty_aya

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I am working on something that would not exist without the help of my usual hand-holders ([ profile] arsenicjade and [ profile] egelantier) and I'm feeling like I need a neutral third party to skim the first 20 pages (!) or so and tell me it is not dreadful.

it's over 20K historical AU, PATD/TYV + MCR + more, h/c w offscreen imprisonment and abuse.

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As I suspected, finishing BBB this year is just not going to happen for me. The 2nd wave deadline is a month away and, well, there is just no way I'm going to make it. I'm posting what I've written so far to essentially forcibly DQ myself, for the sake of my sanity and GPA.

It's just a hair under 4K, and includes some unsexy painful (but not bloody) vampire biting, and a good deal of bad language. Also a werewolf!Spencer, for those of you who are into that kind of thing. Final note: also contains Bob Bryar, and when (if) I ever do finish it, recent canonical events will be politely ignored.

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