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Title: A Not-Fairytale
Characters: Featuring Panic!, The Young Veins, MCR and cameos by other bandom people.
Rating: PG-13 for offscreen violence, non-life-threatening injuries to characters, Ryan Ross in a cage, hangovers and an instance of bloody medieval warfare.
Wordcount: 5,071 9,391 words
A/N: Yet more comment fic that got out of hand, lightly edited for continuity. Fake as fake can be!

Once upon a time, in an amorphous medieval era, the countryside is awash in reivers and raiders, and Ryan Ross is a plucky orphan who has been put in charge of the laird's pigs. His friend Jon Walker is in charge of the sheep. )

Part 2
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Evidently I'm writing things more or less 1500 words at a time. This snippet is a hair short of 700, but that's because the other section I was working on, I am not so sure about. It is Ryan/Greta and the dynamic is . . . kind of weird. I may need to ponder on it some more, or I may need someone to read it and write "WHAT?" in the margins in red ink, I really can't decide. At the moment it's +-800 words of NC-17 with an "edging" theme, possible D/s undertones, and no dialogue. (Consent is clear, though.)

Anyway! To offset the sadness of the earlier snippet, I bring you some sleepy quasi-domestic snuggly kisses. Brendon/Spencer, probably PG-13.

Brendon is drifting off to an episode of Family Guy when he hears Spencer calling him from the hallway. )


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