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Ryan A certain amount of general tour and promotional chatter (highlights from tour: he and nick m got chucked out of a bar; he mistook a keyboard for a power bar (?!); and apparently he gets dressed in parking lots); grumbled a little bit about comments he must have received on the record about the songs being boring; compared Chuck Berry to Babe Ruth; expressed his appreciation for America's Funniest Home Videos and The Office and his lack of appreciation for Oasis, Nirvana and Lost; attended a The Like show and got kicked in the face in the pit (his response: ?!?!); observed Mother's Day; played in a The Like show when Z Berg's arm was injured (according to him it was injured by him, but he didn't say how it came to happen); was baffled by the Irish section of a karaoke menu; had a nightmare starring Stewie from Family Guy; told a "dad joke"; joined Alex Greenwald in a celebration of Bob Dylan's birthday; and, finally, he was awarded a "Boyfriend of the Year" trophy by Z Berg. Also, when they came back from tour he changed his background from himself smoking to a concert shot of himself playing guitar.

Jon: For a while his icon was Desmond, from Lost, but then he changed it to a surprisingly nice picture of his face. Musical selections included Edwin Starr, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, and then for a refreshing change of pace, MC Hammer. Also he quoted his own lyrics. There were as usual lots of pictures -- of his pets, of Ryan, of his Scrabble games, of a quote from Miss Piggy -- and also he shared a link to a video of a TYV performanc, told two Chuck Norris jokes, and observed Mother's Day. Finally, he trolled Ryan a little bit (I think) by suggesting Joe Jonas would be at one of their shows.

Nick Murray A lot of music (he goes to a LOT of shows), and a lot of video, including a REALLY FUCKING CREEPY clip from a documentary about Tiffany's stalkers. Oh my god, just five minutes seriously gave me the howling fantods. Anyway. Moving on. He also shared links to a bunch of news stories about, variously, California's budget woes, the oil spill, and Arizona threatening to cut off California's power over a proposed boycott of the state over the immigration law. Nick Murray: lives in the real world. It's kind of refreshing. He also kept up steady communications with fans, and answerd a question about presents with "yes! socks, bracelets, drawings, polaroids of landscapes, soul/surf 45s, bananas, pre-stamped blank postcards..." I am now envisioning their merch table piled high with bananas.

Andy Still not particularly chatty, though when he does spark up he talks a lot about food -- hamburgers and tacos -- as well as some general chatter with fans. He also shared a picture of a book about NASA conspiracy theories and, briefly, The Young Veins writing a song. Which he then took down because OOPS, there was his email on the Internet.
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A lot of promotional chatter related to the new single(s) and videos, and also some general tour stuff, though he did mention several movies, including Avatar, Enter Through the Gift Shop, Karate Kid and Iron Man 2. Musical selections included the Deftones, K.Flay, The Beastie Boys, Rich Hil, and a song he did with Ke$ha that leaked. Also, he was distressed by the break-up of Supergrass, who I didn't known were still together. As well as promoting Lazarus, he also seems to be finishing up his Forgetting Katy Perry mixtape. Finally, he shared pictures of his dog, himself with various friends, himself with a metric fuck-ton of weed, himself getting a a new "Lady Lazarus" tattoo which also looks remarkably like Katy Perry in Day of the Dead make-up, himself and a very tired-looking Zack getting food late at night, and a very pretty picture of a lake in upstate New York.
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Brendon: Enjoyed birthday activities that included a Butch Walker concert and meeting Matthew McConaughey, caught only a glimpse of Dragonheart, shared a link to a Funny or Die video written by Diablo Cody, and observed Mother's Day.

Spencer: After weeks of radio silence, posted a picture of Brendon in the studio, and in response to a comment from Zack, shared link to a "self-defense" video on YouTube that stars two dudes and a rolled-up magazine. He also said he was "back" on Twitter, so perhaps he will be more chatty in the future.


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